Monday, August 1, 2016

August Has Arrived

Last week had it ups and downs as far as running goes, but fun was still happening in other ways! 
More about running to come later this week. 

Monday, conditions were sticky and humid as usual, and I pushed through it for my morning run.  My foot started throbbing toward the end and I knew I was going to need some time off.
I developed a very tender spot on my left foot. Crap. 

I took to my bike...but it didn't all go smoothly. Thursday I took my bike for a two mile walk when I got a flat tire.
I tried to go the gas station and get air and it cost .75 - I didn't have any money ...oh, well. 

Sweltering 10K 6.22 mi
0.23 mi
Nothing Fancy Just Pedaling - 8.13 mi
2.72 mi
Pushing My Bike
2.16 mi
Quick Two
2.01 mi
0.25 mi
Front Royal Hiking w/Megan
6.04 mi
Huntly Hiking w/Megan
2.00 mi
2.01 mi
1.50 mi
Treadmill Three
3.01 mi
Leg Lifts/Stretching  0:24:03
Cave Day
Play Day
w/my Honey

Friday I got up and tested my foot with a quick two miles, all seemed well. I was excited I was headed to meet Megan from Meg Go Run 

We met in Shenandoah National Park.

Look how flipping pretty Megan is. We talked and hiked for a long time! 

Meeting a blogger friend is a little strange, you are meeting someone new that you already know really well. Chatting felt very easy and natural, like we'd been at it for years. 
We got a little "lost" on the trail,  and saw some wildlife, and I fell on my butt. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Yep, I made a fool of myself as soon I as met her, I hit a mossy rock and went down right on my bum, but my tush felt fine the whole time we were hiking.  It wasn't until I came home and plopped on the sofa after I showered, that I realized I had seriously bruised my tail bone. It is Monday and it hurts to sit on it!  I am so clumsy. 

Three hours went by in a blink. I enjoyed Megan's company so much, and I could rattle on all day about how sweet she is. I realized on the way home how much I miss having an active buddy. I love walking and talking more than anything, and I could done it all day! 

Sunday, Kenny and I  decided to check off two more VA caverns. I blew off working out, and we spent the day doing cave tours. It is about 55 degrees in the caves, it felt so delightful :) I could stayed under all day! 

The rock formations are really awesome and we took tons of pictures, but I don't have my phone wire with me so I can't add more to this post. Blogger fail...

What can I say... it is Monday, and I can not believe it is August. 

How are you feeling today?!

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  1. Yes, Megan is so pretty and so nice! I met her earlier last week for coffee!

    A flat tire? Ouch! did you have to walk your bike back home?

    That looks like a beautiful hike!! and those caves are breathtaking!

    1. I had to push my bike all the way home lol Two miles.
      I heard you met! It is fun to have a new active buddy so close.
      The hike and the caves were great, both provided a much needed break from the heat.

    2. I almost asked her to take me with her to go to Shenandoah Park... but I had to be at work... boo!! We have had Shenandoah park on our "must hike" list for a while.

      I'm also sorry to hear you fell, ouch! Are you sitting on ice?

    3. I wish you would have come! Maybe one day I will make it to PA for a race.
      I am sitting side kind of leaning, no ice. LOL I am surprised at how bad my tail bone hurts, it has increased each day. I should have come with a pillow.

  2. That looks like a beautiful hike! And the cave tour looks really cool. Which caves? That looks like something I might want to check out :)

    1. We have covered Shenandoah caverns, Skyline Caverns,Luray caverns and Endless caverns, and Grand caverns. All are nice and they are all a little different. Endless is really the muddiest one we visited most are pretty easy walk in rooms and take about an hour. We really like rocks and how cool it is :) They have a bunch in West VA too :)

  3. Oh, Karen I hope your feet are doing OK. I am so happy you and Megan got to meet and hike. Looks amazing! I am super clumsy--it's so bad. One reason why I won't trail run. I can barely trail walk...sheesh.

    1. I am little bummed with my feet right now, but that is nothing new, right.
      ha! I am challenged walking too, we'd be a perfect pair. Did you have a nice weekend? I haven't looked at FB since last week. My phone service is spotty outside the Richmond area.

  4. Perfect pair! Very nice weekend, thank you for asking. Despite quite a bit of wine (and some other cocktails) I did get out and run 3.2 miles on Saturday. Rick and my BIL had gone golfing and my SIL was not up, yet and I could not resist getting out to enjoy the views!

    1. Susan what kind of cocktails do you like????

    2. That is good you could take a little "me" time :)
      I like all kind of cocktails and wine lol

    3. Well, what don't I like. My favorite is beer, then wine. Cocktails I enjoy are anything w/ vodka (vodka cranberry or vodka with soda are always great go to drinks). This weekend we drank these drinks called BBCs. We had them after we had wine with dinner. They were very sweet and basically tasted like a chocolate/banana shake. Very yummy, very dangerous....very fun!

    4. I like vodka too and BBC do sound dangerous LOL
      I am so nosy! I need to know you are not supposed to do the hammie stretch...did you have an injury?

  5. I am still blown away that they wanted you to pay for air! Bummer! Like your bike tire was going to take so much air.
    Looks like a beautiful hike with great company, hope your bruised tail bone feels better soon!
    We have a cool cave called Lewis and Clark Caverns that is about three hours away from us here in Montana, we took the kids to it two years ago and it was so neat!

    1. As I sit on my side lol I am googling the caverns in MT! Maybe on my next visit :) I hope this bum feels better soon.

  6. I am so sorry your tailbone started to hurt!! I didn't even ask you about it because like you said at the time it was totally fine. That has happened to me though, when I fall and all is good but then I realize something hurts, or I find a bad bruise! I really hope it goes away quickly. Have Kenny give you a gentle butt massage while you drink wine.

    I laughed out loud at your shrugging emoticon!!!

    I did have so much fun talking with you. If we lived closer, we would definitely be active buddies that actually got to be active together, but for now, we will just have to settle for active buddies who read about each other's active adventures!

    1. I really thought the tail bone was fine! It is smarting right now. Crazy, that is is getting more sore lol it's okay walking and upright. Sitting and actually getting up is killing me.
      LOL I thought the shrug would make you smile.
      I do wish we could go that more often but blogging is great for that reason :-)

  7. Cave tours in the summer - what a great idea.

    I love to hike too but I am really clumsy!!!

    And can't wait to meet some more buddies in December.

    1. The caves are a great break from the heat :)
      I am looking forward to our Dec. meeting.

  8. You know what? I'm so done with this foot thing! The flat tire had to be the last straw for you. Glad you got to hike and meeting Meg had to be good for the soul.

    1. I want to hear about the new orthotic - helping or no?? I just need to take a step back, but yes, I am very over always having to adjust what I am doing because of foot pain. Walking and talking was very good for the soul.

  9. You are both fantastic! That hike looks great and you've got me sold on caving - 50s sounds heavenly!

  10. You totally got it right when you said (meeting blogger friends) is like meeting for the first time someone you already know well. I have been lucky to meet some of my "virtual running buddies" and I'd compare it to being reunited with a long-ago childhood best friend ;-)

    1. It is funny! It is nice to meet and oh yeah we already know lots of stuff about each other lol

  11. Oh no! You do NOT need a bruised tailbone. But how cool to meet Meg. I would totally hike with you if I lived down there (but of course it would have to be a short hike because we don't like to have to put Bandit in his crate for more than 2 hours at a time).

    1. My tailbone is on fire stillllll! Ugh. I need to get on my bike and I haven't been able to.
      I could hike anytime:)

  12. How fun to get to spend time with Megan out on the trails! I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your tailbone is better by now! We've toured quite a few caves, especially when the kids were little. It's amazing what you get to see. Have you ever been to one with a lake? It's pretty freaky to get in a boat and ride around under the earth. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. My tailbone is pretty bad, stillll hurts. I can not get on the bike and that is giving me the urge to run when I shouldn't.
      I have not been to a cave with a lake, but I am intrigued. We need to do that!!
      Poor Megan I kept her going for hours. I am serious when I say I would walk and talk all day lol


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