Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blazing ON

I opened the door and the wall of sticky heat permeated my soul.

LOL reads like a bad novel right?! I have probably read that line at one time or another in a cheesy romance novel.

However, run after run that has been the truth. The sticky muggy conditions here persist.

I had a break from the Hades like conditions for one run last week, and then Hell rolled back in full force. Thursday's weather was so bad I wanted to cry.
I made a vow I wouldn't whine about the heat this summer, and I have done really far! I keep trying to adjust my attitude and my expectations each time I go out for a run, and really all I want to do is survive and not get sick.

I scanned my Garmin notes to see when I actually had my first happy run last year. I needed a realistic picture of how much longer I have to wait to feel some cooler air.
I remember feeling very worn down last year, and I am feeling that way for sure right now, but I will say, I am doing much better this year.
Last year the longest run I did all summer was 7 miles and I got very ill after one run in August. I was pushing the pace too much last year. The run I got sick on I did run a few 11 minute miles, but the average of the run was still 10:48. It was just too much in the heat. This year I am running 11:45's on a regular basis and feeling much better.  Finding that second gear was a learning experience for me.

When did that first happy run happen?! 

Well, September 2015 all my runs were titled Over The Heat . Hmmmm....LOL
My first happy run - October 3rd!
Flipping through last year notes scared me though, the heat returned mid-November and hung around for all of December.
                                          This was our Christmas Day run 2015! We were roasting LOL

I want my winter this year, I earned it!  I hope I don't have to wait until January to feel it.

I am trying to psych myself up to hold on and keep going, but it is not easy!  I need to get my long run back up to 12 miles before this month ends.  Facing 6 or 8 miles is one thing, but when I think about 12 I get nervous.

This morning (Saturday) on my run, my feet started pinging and burning about mile 6. I ran two days in a row, it was very hot in the 80 degree range, the sun was full force and the last mile of our route had a big hill. My Garmin beeped as I started mile 7. I got to the hill and told run buddy I was walking up, loop back and meet me at the top. I walked, my feet were throbbing, a few cars irritated me, I felt done, so I stopped my watch. I didn't really care for a few minutes if I hit my 8 mile goal, but after I walked a minute, the feet calmed down and I thought I can do when run buddy looped back, I started running again and ran it out till we hit 8.
I feel good I was able to recover, and that my feet calmed down so quick, but the struggle was real.

The blazing sun, the muggy hot conditions, the physical symptoms,  the hill, and than a driver/car that wants to buzz to close to me, put me in overload for a few minutes.
I am so much more irritable in summer conditions.

That last 3/4 of a mile I was getting cold chills even though I was very hot. It is a strange sensation...I knew I was right on the edge. I was relieved when we got to 8 and I could walk. Walking brought immediate relief...

I am trying to stay positive and psych myself up and face the next seven weeks or so.
Mind over matter right.

The truth is though, some of it is physical, and I do think when conditions are this tough you have to listen to your body and sometimes that will mean, stop running.  If I was having chills and had to face 3 or 4 more miles, I wouldn't have done it. That could have been detrimental to my health, and of course I don't want to give up, but sometimes you just have to be smart and tell your runner brain - no.

I am trying to gear up for this final stretch of summer. I am feeling a bit worn down, but I am trying to start each run with a smile, no matter what.

I've made this far into summer, doing longer runs in the heat than I ever thought I was capable of, and I want to finish strong because that is what we do right!

Tell me how you dealt with the heat this summer. If you have been trying to not "whine" or discuss the heat in your blog feel free to unload in the comments. Get it off your chest! 

I will gladly lend you my ear. 
I am ginger that freckles and burns so easily
I've had lots of basal cell carcinoma removed 
I had some serious bouts with heat sickness and heat stroke like symptoms over the years
I promise I will empathize and not judge... 

Summer is tough for me, but I do want to finish strong.

If you have any remedies please share!

So fire away :) and keep blazing on.


  1. I am impressed with all you runners who run in the heat & humidity. I ran on vacation these past 2 weeks in temps that were in the high 80s (some humidity). OMG, so hot. I did 4 to 7 miles a couple times but boy was it tough and I thought of all of my blogging friends in the US... you run for months in those kinds of temps and conditions.
    So, it is 100% normal how you feel !

    1. That is great you live where you don't deal with the humidity! I value those cooler months for sure and I appreciate the compassion lol I do get tired of 6 months of humidity and heat, I am not sure how FL folks survive! I am trying to get my smile ready for my next run :)

  2. It has been a tough summer to get longer runs in! On hot/humid days I don't even look at pace but run by heart rate. It goes SO high as the body works to cool itself and I know that's all I can do. If I really want a certain pace, I have to run on the mill. It wears on me for sure. Hang in there!

    1. This has been a very tough stretch! I have been working on the heart rate and I can't get it down unless I walk. I should try the mill, but I can't seem to stay on for more than 3 or 4 miles Trying to recharge for the final stretch of summer :)

  3. Oh girl I am going out today and the real feel is going to be over 100!! That's what I get for sleeping in!

    1. UGH! running after 9 a.m. couldn't happen for me, I hope you survive. I am trying to get my lazy butt to the gym right now LOL I am slacking...

  4. Hm, maybe I should go back and see when my first "cooler temps!" run happened last year. I think October does tend to be it, although I seem to recall a random run or two in September that were cool in comparison to summer. I think we didn't get a REAL break until February this past year, and I was angry that we had hot weather even in December when my marathon was. I'm beginning to be scared that we'll never have cool weather and I'll just have to get used to running in summer heat...We haven't had a legitimately cold winter in years.

    1. Heat would be so discouraging for a marathon, that is a long time to be running and feel hot.
      Last year was odd, we went from hot to below zero here lol
      That is a scary thought, I am so hot just sitting here right now, I can't stand the thought I would have get to use to this.
      Fingers crossed we get a little winter, a little sooner this year :)

  5. This is definitely the worst summer since we moved up here (although nowhere near as bad as our summers in TX!). The humidity yesterday was pretty unbearable -- my glasses fogged up when I went out of our nice air conditioned house.

    The heat didn't make me sick, but of course, now I've lost all my nice heat acclimation. :(

    This too shall pass, this too shall pass. . . .

    1. On my, the fogging glasses are the worst. That happens to me every morning going to work.
      I am so hot sitting at this moment, I just can not take it. Our a/c is making me nervous, it is getting warmer and warmer in the house :(
      I hope it passes sooooon

  6. How you sound about your summer running is me in the winter. Not the cold--I actually can run when it's as low as 5 degrees F; but when the snow/ice get on the roads and I can't safely run I get very down. Yes, I have an indoor track but it's only 1/14 of a mile so can you imagine?!? I am banned from the T-mill so I am stuck with few options. Each year, I think "this time I will be positive and won't get down". Then boom, the winter hits and I am literally counting down to spring. I have no advice about heat running because we have beautiful 50-60 degree overnight temps all summer long. A few times it was 65 and I would come home drenched. I can't imagine how you do it but are doing it and it's only a few more weeks til relief is in sight. Then as you get happy running, I get challenging running. I expect you to be my cheerleader this winter, OK? xo

    1. Your weather sounds so lovely, it is hard for me to imagine cooler temps anywhere at this moment.
      I can see getting down over the snow and ice, I hate when I can not get outside. We usually don't have a lot of snow here but the last few years nothing has been normal. We had long stretches of snow. I don't mind cold ever but snow isn't fun.
      I guess we will have to cheer-lead each other through indoor cardio on the Arc or elliptical this winter??LOL I was thinking today at the gym I should give it a try. I rarely do it. I can not seem to stay on the mill and the break would be good for my feet.
      I have only been on a track like that once and I thought it was nuts LOL I ran the long stretches and walked the corners because it hurt my ankles.
      I do the same thing - I have tried to be positive, but right now I can hardly stand how hot it is. I needed to whine just a little.
      I will try for you this winter :)

  7. I had a wave of chills near the end of my run - luckily it was near the end. I've had heat exhaustion before and it's no joke. Being smart is more important than following any training plan or burning any amount of calories!

    1. Yes ma'am :) Those chills are an eerie feeling. That is good you didn't feel till near the end, that how i was on my last run.
      I hope i can get my long run done this weekend.
      You are so right, being sick for hours like that is terrible. Last summer my symptoms took over a day to clear up and it happened twice.


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