Monday, August 8, 2016

Gear Will Cheer You Up :)

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Last week wasn't easy. I felt exhausted, the tissue in my foot is taking oh so-long to heal up, the constant mugginess outside, my smarting tail bone, and I just started unraveling a bit.  After Monday and Tuesday, I just couldn't face two more 10 hour days at work, partly life crap, and partly because my rear end hurt and sitting 10 hours a day is not ideal when your bum hurts. 
So, I took off work two days, yet I accomplished freaking nothing...except sleep! I slept like a pro - probably about 60+hours from Wednesday to Sunday. 

All that said, I did my best to rally, adjust my attitude, and work out when I was off, because ya know, that is what makes me happy. 

Sore Seven
7.01 mi

0.12 mi
Warm Up  

Leg Day
12.50 mi
11.40 mi
Charlottesville Hiking
4.01 mi

Cool Down
0.35 mi
2.48 mi

1.70 mi

4 x 1 for 4.5
4.52 mi

0.53 mi
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Upper Body Work
A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of road/trail hybrids. They have tread, but not deep lugs, have a very wide toe box, no seams inside, and a supportive sole. 

I am sad these aren't turning out be great running shoes for me 

I tested out my Montrails Monday morning, but my feet were still hurting from my spiral last week, so it was hard to judge them off this run.
I knew my foot was screaming for a few more days off, but I wanted to run...I know...that is not right, but it is what I did.
I hurt the last few miles, but I didn't want to stop. I really picked up the pace. I finally decided at 7 miles I better call it quits. The endorphins were good though. I really needed them!
I honestly didn't think I could run that fast anymore. 

I also got to log a few more miles on my new Merrell trail shoes. These do have lugs and are amazingly comfy. I wish I could find a road shoe just like this. Light, no seams to hit my toes, nice and wide, and flexible. At least I will be super happy on the trails now. They are already covered in dirt and after a few uses they are a fantastic hiking and trail running shoe. Score :) 
Merrell Siren Edge

I also got a lot of toe tape!

I have to keep toes two and three taped all the time now and it is hard to find the 1 inch tender tape. Well, I have plenty in fun colors now! 

Leg day was Wednesday :) You should have seen me trying to get up from this!  My tailbone was not happy LOL 
Wednesday my wireless headphones died. I was so sad, but they have survived a lot of sweat for the past year and half, I guess they couldn't hold on any longer...
I tried to ride my bike on Thursday.  Tis taking forever for my rear end to not hurt...

Friday I said screw it, I am going hiking. As soon as I arrived at my destination (far from home) the deluge started...
I tried to hike anyway, but the trail got flooded out in bunch of spots and it was soooo slick, and I didn't need to fall on my sore tush, so I just logged a few miles and came home.

You can't really appreciate how drenched I am in this pic. It stopped raining about the time I made it to my car. LOL of course, SIGH...but I couldn't deal with all the mud anymore, so I was done. My foot was finally feeling better though!
I confess all I wanted do was quit while it was pouring rain! 

Saturday when I headed out to run the humidity was oppressive, it is wearing on me for sure. My feet started with a funky burn sensation very early into my run, which I thought was strange because one day earlier my feet were feeling pretty good. I went home and changed out of my new Montrail's for my Reebok's. My feet felt better, so I went back out to run a few miles and my foot felt completely different. Apparently, the the pink Montrails are not going to be the answer. I think it is super weird the shoes feels comfortable to walk in, but something  isn't working with my orthotics once I start running.

Saturday after I ran my foot was mmmph. I still don't have it as healthy as it felt a month ago, so I am still talking it one day at a time, still hoping I can get back to some consistent running soon.

My new Merrell trail shoes and toe tape cheered me up last week. It is nice how new gear puts a zip in your step. 

I had a fun night out at the Comedy Club with my Honey over the weekend and the laughter much needed and very much appreciated. 

Have you purchased any gear you needed or loved the past few weeks?
Favorite comic? 


  1. Ugh..hang in there with your feet. Sorry the new shoes didn't work out. Bummer. I just bought 2 pair of my Saucony Guides cuz they were on sale so now I have a stash and won't need to buy til next year. YIPPPEE.

    1. Thanks. I am so tired of these feet...too bad they are attached. It is nice to have a shoe stash. I have a bunch of shoes I can not run in now, makes me crazy.
      The only Saucony I have tried is the Hurricane 3 - they were $160 so I didn't get them...

    2. Does your podiatrist or PT have a good recommendation? Before the guides I was in the omni and my podiatrist was like "absolutely not--you are too small to be running in those". He suggested the guide and then years later my PT suggested it was time to break up w/ my orthotics. So, now it's just me and my guides.

    3. My podiatrists has seen all my shoe choices, plus a bunch I returned (he didn't like). We have a list of characteristics that we know work. If Merrell made that shoe in a road shoe I would be in heaven. The shoe search has been exhausting for real...
      I will be in orthotics forever probably. It feels like bone scraping the pavement when I go without. That tissue isn't really improving much now. It is good you could work your way out of them!
      I feel a little crazy right now, feeling like working out may be taken away from me, I really have no idea how I would survive.

    4. Ugh, that sounds awful! If things aren't getting better, are they getting worse? Working out won't be taken away from you--there are many, many activities that don't require pounding on your feet! Hang in there...

    5. but pounding my feet is what I like LOL
      My feet felt better today. I hope I can get back to 3 days now! All these rest days are making me crazy.

  2. That is a bummer about the new shoes not working out. It is good that you have a shoe stash, though! I read somewhere that it is healthy to rotate shoes because it reduces the strain on certain pressure points of your feet. I am glad you enjoyed a night at the comedy club with your husband! Laughter is the cure for everything!!!

    1. I am bummed the shoes weren't better. I can only find one model for now, so I guess I will have it stick with it. I would love to be able to rotate, but the search is still on.
      I am going to need a comedy club outing every night soon LOL laughter is the best cure.

  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the toe tape for?

    I'm sorry to hear that you were in pain ! Those new shoes look pretty snazzy!

    1. Oh..LOL Such a long story with my toes. My initial "injury" was a tear in my plantar plate and I have a toe on my left foot that dislodged a bit.
      Both feet have a capsulitis issue - toes two and three on both feet are becoming hammered they are twisted and out of aligned which causes strange pains. When I tape them together it helps. The ball of my feet is where I have a thinning tissue issue and it seems to be what is making all my ligaments so weak.
      If I go without tape I hurt a lot more and they toes swell. The tape keeps them from swelling - it acts like compression.
      I need a feet transplant for real! My Merrell's are fantastic shoes :)

  4. Ugh, sounds like a tough week :( I'm glad the merrells are working well though. The comedy club sounds like a fun night out to end the week and I hope that rools into this week.

    1. It wasn't my best week but yes the night out was good!
      I am getting tired of feeling bad. It wears on me.

  5. I'm always excited to try my new running gear, too! I found a new jacket and running capris on sale today at Kohl's and used a $10 off coupon. I'm sweating now, but I know it's got to cool down someday!

    1. It is always hard to wait to try out new gear!! That colder weather gear is hard right now LOL Yes, you will need need it someday...probably not this month though ;)

  6. I've definitely had days/weekends where all I've done is SLEEP. I really think if you *can* sleep that much it means you *need* to sleep that much. Sleeping helps heal up the body and mind!

    I haven't been to a comedy club in forever! I love comedy shows, I really need to look and see who's coming to town! I just hate how most clubs have a drink minimum because I don't really like to drink so it feels like an annoying expense!

    1. I guess I did need all the sleep, but I keep expecting to feel rested at some point, but that is slow to happen lol
      We don't have a drink minimum at the club here but it is pricey. I had a few frozen drinks and boom...$50 the guy was fun though. We go a handful of times a year, and we have only seen a few duds ever, mostly everyone has something fun to offer.

  7. I just never stray from my Asics Gel Nimbus. For my feet, new shoes are not the answer. But new gear? Always. Thinking I may need to buy a new yoga mat... :p

    1. I keep searching hoping to have some spectacular break through with the
      Hopefully you can find a quiet one :)

  8. Oooh, I'm jealous of the sleep you got!! Sometimes I want to take some days off work just to catch up on sleep, too.

    Could you wear those trail shoes on road if you wanted to, or do you think they wouldn't translate well? They seem like they're perfect for you!

    1. I always want to be productive when i am off, but the reality is I need sleep! Sleep is good :)
      I did try my trail shoes on pavement and they feel just a little clunky - it is funny that they feel so much lighter on the trails and hiking...but I may try some miles in them to see if I can adjust. They are amazingly comfy for sure.

  9. Running combine with cycling, me too. They are actually a great combination, along with the crossfits. So good! ^^

  10. I think the rest did you good! If we don't pay attention when our bodies tell us we need rest it will throw situations at us that takes away the option!
    Sometimes I run and feel great then I finish and think....wth, now I hurt like h3ll! Those endorphin's are awesome aren't they!
    Thanks for your support for our WW link up! It would not be what it is without YOU!

    1. Endorphins are very awesome and addictive!

      I have met some wonderful people due to link up! Very inspiring each week :)

  11. Lemme just tell you, life here hasn't been a bowl of cherries lately either. Just put in a skirtsports order . . .

    10 hrs a day is just too many. I used to have to work like that, but it was a long time ago. Although gotta admit, just today I was almost wishing I had a job to escape to! Almost!

    1. Shopping therapy helps!
      I understand - animals love them, but they can wear you out. I am there right now. Just so many...
      I am not a fan of my summer schedule. I do like the longer weekend though and of course I will miss that in a few weeks when they switch me back to five days a week. Ill be whining them too LOL I just want to be part time ;) I know you need somewhere to escape to though!

  12. I don't have orthotics, nor do I know much about them....but I can't help but wonder if maybe (?) they are raising your foot too high in the trail shoes....making the tops of your feet press against the top of the shoe? Anyways, YAY for gear/shopping therapy!!

    1. My orthotics are tricky, they do raise my foot and stiff soles don't work with them. OS I guess the search continues...
      Gear shopping is good therapy though :)

  13. I'm glad you were able to rest up a bit. I can totally relate to the struggle of finding shoes that work. I hope that you are feeling better!

    1. Shoes are very challenging! I do feel like you really get it, you have been through the search too. Thanks, I am feeling better this week :)

  14. I hope that tailbone is feeling better. You'll finally find THE perfect shoe...and they'll go and change it. Argh! I like your sassy colorful toe tape. I still occasionally tape mine in the middle of the night when my 2nd toe twitches so violently it wakes me up. My new gadget is Lock Laces. Love them. They seem to take the pressure off my "bad" foot. Score! Thanks for linking, Karen.

    1. I have to look up lock laces!
      That is crazy your twitches! I get stabbing pains, but they are better this week. I have tape to share :)
      That is so true, they better not mess with the shoes I am running now, I will be up the creek! My tush is making progress LOL

  15. Is your tush getting better at least??? What I pain. :( KITTIESSSSS! Your feet are so pretty. How do you keep them so nice?

    1. My tush is making progress, no more burning sensation, just sore a bit. I am on a pad at work LOL
      My feet - I feel like they look rough now LOL I painted them myself and I do try to oil and lotion them a few times a week, but reality is once a week. Really, I have tough heels and they are so dry, but thanks :)

  16. Hi Karen. Nice blog, thanks. I was googling 'plantar plate tear' (PPT) - recent - and come across your site. I am about 6 months into no running due to a PPT, taking forever to heal. I get the feel i will give a 5km run in a month. I seen some run shoes with a 'rocker' toe & pretty rigid forefoot section so I think i will try them out. Will see. I was impressed to see that you keep up a bit of running with your injury. Quite upbeat compared with the doom & gloom online when searching for PPT. Anyway, best of luck with it all. Cheers from Angus in Indonesia.

    1. It does take along time but it will heal! I did run - walk for along time to get my foot stronger - best wishes to you.


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