Sunday, August 14, 2016

Klutzy and Hot

I got a new bike on Friday. I wasn't planning on it, but it was on sale and she just felt so nice when I sat on her! 

Hold on, lets roll the week in order so it makes sense. I was super lazy Monday. I hate not working out on a Monday, I felt off most of the week. 

Tuesday, my coolest run in a few months. I do not win at getting out the door before 5 a.m. every week, but this day I did! 

 Wednesday I turned 50. 
My office was decorated when I got to work :)
I appreciated it. 

Thursday morning was a quiet ride on my bike 

Friday was big! 

I ran 

I made a yummy pineapple shake.  
I love this Ninja - it works great. 
My old blender was my Mom's from who knows how long ago, it was leaking, and didn't crush stuff anymore. 
It needed to be replaced.

I got my bike! 
Went to a movie with my Honey. 
Ate a yummy lunch too :) Eggs and feta. 

Stayed in my compression socks all day. I was taking recovery serious because I planned to run two days in a row, I have not run back to back days in a few months. 

Had a second protein shake....
mmmmm, chocolate Vega  with strawberry this time. 

Saturday it was even hotter, but I survived. 

8 miles at a 11:28 average 

My chart shows 7.26 because I started walking and stopped my watch. I did recover and start running again - I promise! Part of my walk was actually a run:) 

Ravenous Eight 8.00 mi

Cool Down
0.11 mi
Morning Ride 7.29 mi
Warm Up
0.52 mi

Soaked Six
6.06 mi

2.29 mi
Warm Up
0.76 mi

Buddy Seven  7.26 mi

2.71 mi
Search and Rescue Ride 12.15 mi 1:14:18

Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Upper Body Work
Sunday I got up and rode my bike to search for run buddy's missing water bottle. It came out of her belt sometime during our run, but I never found it. 
too sunny - you can't see my booboo

I usually walk my bike through this area, but now I can ride it :) 

I tried to hop this curb below and I didn't make it. 
Guess, I got too brave with my new springs. 

 I am not destined to be a bad @s$ trail rider I guesss,  I was laid out faster than I can blink. 
I got first fall on my new bike out of the way. 
I had no idea how dirt covered I was until I got home
nothing to serious - I have to be careful about falling at my age though. 

Loose Ends...
  • No matter how hard I tried this week, I just couldn't get out of the red zone. I can not seem to get my heart rate down in this heat no matter what speed I am moving. 

  • Run buddy skipped her training team and asked me to run 8 miles with her. 
  • I was excited to have company in the heat for a change, but it did cause me to skip my interval run this week. 
  • My feet held up okay, but I cannot do this often, I can feel the fatigue. 
  • 3 steady runs for 21 miles. 
  • My tailbone is still tender, it hurts to sit. It's taking a long time to go away. 
  • I am so over being hot! 
  • At least when I fell off my bike I didn't hit my tailbone. 
  • Mentally, the heat is wearing me down. 
  • My nemesis left hamstring stopped hurting after months of working on it. I have a new tight area right above it now LOL -ahhhh!
I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

Anyone have a Ninja blender? 
Do you like Vega protein? 
Do you have a favorite recovery meal? 
Eggs with feta? 
How was your week? 


  1. Wow, we have a lot in common! I'm about to turn 50,I too have a purple mountain bike that I've taken a tumble from and I posted that i love eggs and feta in my weekly wrap as well! Great (50 year old) minds think alike!

  2. Nice bike! Looks like you are already breaking it it. Hope that fall wasn't too painful. How nice your ladies at work decorated your office for your birthday!

    1. Thank you, I am good from the fall lol I am just so darn klutzy.
      It was a fun work day we had a pizza party too :)

  3. Yay for the pretty new bike but ouchie on the fall! Glad you're ok. Looks like a fun birthday week overall. Welcome to the next, fabulous decade!

    1. Thanks Marcia! I feel fine from the fall lol maybe it'll help temper my braveness.
      I have a wishlist for this decade :) I hope i can check some stuff off.

  4. Always has to be something with a niggle in it doesn't it. I am glad your hamstring is better though and you ran two days in a row! BIG TIMES!!

    this cracked me up
    "I wasn't planning on it, but it was on sale and she just felt so nice when I sat on her!"

    sounds like something I would say


    1. YES!!! My hamstring was a slow work and it feels so much better now, I don't feel it, which is what I hoped for. I can not believe the last few runs the tightness started in just a little higher up. I am trying to figure out how to bust that area loose.
      Two days felt fun! LOL
      Yea, sometimes you just have to get it right :)
      Thank you!!

  5. Yay for the new bike! Eggs and cheese (usually on a sandwich) are my favorite post run food :) It was so nice of your co-workers to decorate for your birthday.

  6. What style of Specialized bike did you get? I love it. I think I am getting a new one next year (I keep hinting to Rick in order to prepare him). Sorry for the fall. Falling is just the story of my life, sadly. How are your feet feeling after your back to back runs?!? Hoping OK. Sorry the tailbone is still sore. Those take FOREVER to heal. My favorite post run meal (besides food in general) is my oatmeal bowl with apple, nuts, flax and cinnamon. Never.gets.old.

    1. Thanks, a Myka and I forgot the number. It has nice springs and takes bumps well, but not curbs LOL I guess it would if I learned how to pull up right. It is funny, I think i am even slower on it than my other bike, but it feels better. I wanted to mountain bike so I could take some of the fire roads and trails at the park this fall. After the pool closes it should be pretty dead in there again, but now I am worried about the big tree roots on our trails, it may be too much for me.
      Do you have a road bike? Do you trail bike?
      They had some very pricey models, but I just got the entry level bike.
      I have been told all trail runners and bikers fall lol but i fall on ordinary days too.
      I am very clumsy in my old age, not the time to be falling a lot!
      My feet felt okay today, but my left one will get a tender spot, so I try not to push it. I decided to wait until tomorrow to run and it was 80 this morning LOL not motivating!
      I can not believe how long this tailbone is taking. I am still on a soft chair with a blanket today.
      Your oatmeal bowl sounds very healthy! I wished I liked oatmeal, I just like oatmeal raisin cookies lol my fave.

    2. You make me laugh. I like oatmeal cookies, too. No raisins though--that is just wrong IMO (LOL). I have a hybrid. I mostly ride on the road and bike path. Going off road is not wise for me and as much as I love cycling I will never forget a very bad fall I took in 2000 that pretty much changed the course of my running "career" (got me into x-training so I guess there was a silver lining after the pain and misery). I will start bike shopping after the holidays, I am sure. I won't get top of the line but maybe something mid level.

    3. okay, no raisins :) LOL
      Falls scare me, that must have been pretty bad. Biking around here on the roads scare me too, it seems like I am constantly seeing where someone biking got hit or killed. I try to stay off high traffic roads, just neighborhoods.

  7. Goodness lady - not another fall. You are going to make me start worrying about you every day!!!
    I've not tried the Ninja blender - I'll have to check those out.

    1. I know I have been very accident prone! I don't know what is wrong with me.
      The Ninja is a powerful easy clean machine :)

  8. oh no! not another fall! I'm sorry to hear you fell again! that blows!

    But that bike is pretty slick!

    I hope you had an awesome birthday celebration! did your office do cake for you too? I love the colors they used to decorate!

    1. I am so klutzy! I don't know why I can't stay upright lol My bike didn't get hurt in the fall just me LOL
      I love pink and black together ;) No cake...but we did have pizza which made my day. I didn't have a birthday cake. I did get a yummy fruit arrangement though :)

  9. I am so sorry for your fall but I am happy you feel good. I also have a bike but i don't ride anymore. I am too scared.

    1. No, you can not afford any falls right now! I am really am sad to see your current plight.

  10. Great week! And congrats on your new bike! I cannot jump curbs at all, so I don't even try anymore. I feel the same way about Mondays. I know some people like to take them as rest days, but I feel like I need to do something to start the week off right! I love my Ninja blender! Same thing here--my old one didn't work at all.

    1. Thanks Jennifer :)
      Monday sets the tone for the week right?! I may do something later just so I feel better :)
      The Ninja is so cool! I wish I would have done this a long time ago. We had a good deal with coupons and a $10 Khols gift. The containers it came with are awesome too.

  11. Nice road rash! You did get that fall out of the way right away! LOL! Hope you aren't too sore from it today!

    Yay for two days of running in a row! I hear ya on being over the heat. Blah. At least we made it this far?

    I love that your coworkers decorated your desk! :)

    1. I need to stay away from curbs LOL I feel fine luckily! SO I was careful tonight and just rode the neighborhood :)
      I felt pretty crazy running 2 days in a row, kind of like being up after midnight LOL

  12. Great job this week! Happy birthday! Congrats on the new bike but sorry about the fall!

  13. I'm glad you got that first spill out of the way. Darn that stupid curb. I adore the fact that you name your runs on the Garmin app. It would definitely help me remember what the run felt like if I did that. The way my week lays out, Monday is usually a REQUIRED rest day. But, I do think it would help me cope to do something on that day. You had a great running week. I hope those toes are feeling OK! Thanks for linking, Karen! PS...don't try a bike selfie. :)

    1. I really thought that curb would not be an issue LOL I feel fine today but it did make me more cautious.
      I am a little whacky with my run notes, I have temps and dew points and all kind of foot notes - it is funny when I flip back through. Some runs are so uneventful I don't name them. I use to keep a log and than I realized I could just put it all in Connect :) You should name one - it is addictive.
      I feel ready to run in the morning, so I will be getting to bed soon.
      LOL You know I would wipe out trying a selfie for sure.

  14. Happy birthday, Karen!!! SO sweet of your coworkers to decorate your office for you! Congratulations on the new bike, that is one of the best birthday presents anyone could ever ask for. =) She looks beautiful! Sorry that you took a tumble and I have definitely done the same thing where I tried to go over a curb and overestimated my ability to do so. Likewise - I love how you name your runs! I need to try doing that, too, to mix things up. All of my runs are just named "3 miles on the treadmill" or something super boring. =) I also dislike resting on Mondays, too!

    1. Thank you so much :) My bike was a nice surprise - I really thought it would be next year. I took her for spin last night and managed to stay upright LOL I will try a smaller jump next time.
      Some runs have no name because some are uneventful but it seems easier tp name the hard runs lol that says something about me.:/ Just name one of yours and see what you think! I need my Monday action LOL even if it isn't a run.

  15. Isn't if funny how Monday sets the stage for the rest of the week! Monday sure does have a lot of power! Happy late birthday and how sweet to see this coming to work!
    I do like that Ninja! I see two shakes here, have you found some new protein powder or something? My trainer is getting onto my a$$ bad about my protein.
    About the HR Zone. Are you taking what the watch says is your Max HR Zone? I mean I recently adjusted mine cause using the 220-age my max should be 175 but it's more like 194. I think this would paint an unrealistic picture on my charts. Maybe yours is that way too???

    1. Yes, Monday does set the tone. I really like to run but my feet have felt challenged the last few weeks, so i try to give them another day.
      I use Vega protein :) It is delicious with just a little fruit. SO easy to make and clean the Ninja - totally worth it.
      If you are going to weight train you need the protein to build the muscle :)
      I am going to check my zones now!! I think mine are set by what my PT recommended a long time ago, but i need to make sure.

  16. Oh please, your "age". I'm 4 years older; Darlene is 13 years older! You're young. But it does sound like you're klutzy, although I'd blame the bike -- it's why I don't bike. Just call me scaredy cat.

    I didn't need recovery from my little 3 miles today, but trader joes has this fantastic cinnamon roll bread that makes truly awesome french toast and that's what I had.

    I do love pancakes after a run, but lately I've been going with eggs more often (no doubt much healthier). It usually just comes down to what sounds good to me.

    1. My age was in jest lol but seriously, stuff doesn't heal now like it use too and I have fallen a lot this year! I hope I am still going like Darlene in 13 years :)
      I try to stick with protein after every work out, but even that isn't keeping my weight in check. If you love pancakes you should enjoy them :)

  17. Your smiling face after falling off the bike made ME smile! I remember as a kid when I finally learned to stop being scared of falling off my bike and to just take chances and do all kinds of crazy tricks. Today I am terrible at riding my bike because I am scared of everything. I get nervous just thinking about riding which is probably why I'm a mess when I am riding. I need to start taking it to the park where I can get familiar with it again on nice wide open lanes where I'm not afraid of crashing into everyone and everything!

    I have two Ninja blenders and love them both so much. I'm glad you like yours! I really think Ninja is the best blender brand. I never end up with any chunks which is great since I like my smoothies totally smooth!

    1. You have two?? How did I miss that! I am loving how it pulverizes everything :)
      You should take the bike to the park and go easy. It sure helps to get comfortable somewhere without cars.
      When i was biking the other night a little kid cut into me and we almost wrecked lol I was noooooo- I can not fall again LOL but luckily my brakes are good.

  18. Ooh, a run in the 60s!! I am so jealous!! I guess fall is just around the corner now!

    It's so sweet that your colleagues decorated your office for you. Little things like that make work feel more like a family.

    I hope your knee feels okay! I love the new bike. I actually personally hate biking because it hurts my butt SO much, but I'm glad you found a bike you really love!

    1. ha! No need to be jealous :) That was the only in almost 3 months that "cool" and honestly 68 is too hot. I am back to dealing with almost 80 degrees in the morning. I need Fall.
      Finding the right seat for a bike is not easy! I have been through a few lol I still get saddle sore but its worth it. Biking helps keep my hips strong :)

  19. Glad you didn't hurt yourself on your wipeout! Enjoy your new bike!


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