Monday, August 22, 2016

No Crying Over a Few Missed Miles

Before I jump into running stuff, I have to tell you I was so entertained by my 13 year old toothless cat. The neighbors dog came to visit and Tweek was the only cat in sight. He bucked up and hissed. I have no idea what his plan was...maybe gumming a paw... but he stood his ground and didn't run. LOL Diesel lives with cats, he was not phased.

Made my day. I couldn't stop chuckling, who knew my orange butterball was so tough. 

On to running. This shirt says it all. I love running. I love it not. 

I had mentioned my notoriously achy left hammie finally got to a happy place after dealing with it for months on and off.  I stopped feeling tight and achy in the area after diligence for weeks stretching it. 

Anatomy for Runners helped me in many ways, but most of all taught me to not give up. Flexibility progress and results are pretty slow. 

The persistently deep ache, turned to tightness, then would morph from one phase to the next. I could feel it was going in the right direction, but it took almost four months before I started to have days where I didn't even notice it. 

 After a few really good weeks of feeling pretty strong, an area between my glute and hammie started getting tight. It was tight on runs, a very odd sensation because it is a strange area, and sometimes I would feel it later in the day the next day... sometimes the next day. You know the drill that niggle that just keeps popping up. I hate when I start feeling anything reoccurring like that! 

So, I started rolling it on my ball a bit trying to break loose whatever it was. 

The week before, when I ran back to back days, I noticed the feeling almost disappeared. I was excited! I mean who wants a niggle right? So I ran back to back again last week. 

Week before  - I ran 6 on Friday and 8 on Saturday 
Last week -  6 on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday

Both times the second run, although slower paced, felt so much better. My legs felt looser, that tightness let up, and it is a good feeling when you start a run not sure how it will go and you come out better for it, right!

It takes awhile to figure out if things are truly a pattern because there are so many factors impacting you while you run. 

I am tempted to run back to back days this week, so I can figure out if there is really a benefit to be reaped, as opposed to Mon. Wednes. Sat. or Tues. Thurs. Sat.  Think it was just a fluke? 

I do have moments of pain in my feet when I do this, but it passes and so far my recovery has been fairly typical for me. 

Running 3 days a week does feel a little limiting at times, but honestly it has been so hot, most days I am okay with it!
Every so often I really miss being able to get out for a short quick run.

Typically, if I am getting dressed to get sweaty I always think I may as well get at least 5 miles.  I am trying to not get too greedy with my runs, but I do get the urge to sneak in that 4th little short run. I miss 5K's. SO far I have resisted, but I am sure one of these days I will cave. (probably when it is cooler!)

For now, I am focused on building some distance endurance, so I try to make my runs count. I need to win over the snooze button. 
Biking - 13.38 mi 1:02:28
Sticky Six
6.01 mi

Cool Down 0:07:06
Foggy Five
5.10 mi

Cool Down
0.32 mi
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Upper Body Work

Walking Diesel  2.12 mi
4 x 1 for 10
10.01 mi

0.67 mi
Hit the Wrong Button
2.44 mi (biking)

10.32 mi

Start time, 5:00 a.m. I was excited to see a temperature drop after so many runs in the 78 - 80+ degrees. I had HOPED it would feel better. It didn't. It was super sticky, I struggled, and my left leg was so so tight.
I did do better keeping my heart rate down, so that was a win :) but overall a pretty tough run.

Start time, 5:17 a.m. The hot was back for this one and seeing the temp made my motivation waiver and I hit the snooze button and screwed up my chance to do 7 miles.  It was 76 degrees. I tried to go easy and keep that heart rate down. My leg tightness started to feel a whole lot better a short time into this run, and by the end, I felt great. The next two days my leg felt back to normal. I have to keep reminding myself those two missed miles are not more important than what I did accomplish...but you know how the suck monkeys work. (Marcia's term) is that a TM violation?

Start time, 7:40 a.m. Saturday I hit the snooze button and thought about bailing on the long run, I am just so tired of being hot. I thought about how I would feel if I didn't do it and got up.  I started this run very late, it was 78 degrees and very sunny. I did 4 x 1 and ran very easy, but still couldn't get my heart down much even with intervals.

A few times I wanted to quit, just because I was uncomfortable. Nothing was awful, I wasn't nauseous or light headed, but there wasn't much joy, or shade. When I hit a shady street, I ran it twice and it helped. I passed a little lady walking and she commented to me it was nice the humidity broke a little. At that point, it was probably over 80 degrees, I was not amused. The last few miles that super tight area in leg returned, my feet hurt, and my back started hurting. Oy back never hurts, it was such an odd feeling, a spasm maybe? It was hard to breath deep even after my shower. I had to lay down after my shower for about an hour and it passed, BUT I did get to enjoy watching Gwen Jorgensen rock the triathlon. Her run was amazing!!

The tightness was still eating up my leg the next day. It didn't improve with a good nights sleep, as I hoped. I rolled it, and went out on my bike and that made a huge difference. We had a strange hot wind and I was having a very hard time breathing in it, so no epic ride, just enough to make my legs feel better :)

I vacillate between feeling proud about my long run,  and feeling discouraged that is taking me two hours to cover 10 miles. There was a time I could cover, 12 almost 13 miles in that time frame, but that is not where I am at right now. The high spot of my long run was after. My hubby made me a super yummy breakfast and cleaned up. I was able to eat as soon as I took a shower, it was a wonderful treat after such a tough run. Feeling supported is a gift. I have a lot of anxiety as I think about the next month, and days like that do a lot to ease my worries. I am trying to just take it one run at a time and not look too far ahead. I am trying to repeat my mantra, "I get to run!" as I feel apprehensive. Sweet Holly gave me this wonderful little treasure to help keep me focused.

The weather man PROMISED the weather is going to break a little this week, I hope he is right! I am in a fragile state LOL
I need that dew point to get under 68! I am hanging on by a string and I am supposed to run 12 miles this week.

How about a cute cat picture to end!? :)

All borrowed phrases are meant as a compliment:)

Those reoccurring aches? Do they make your anxiety level rise?
Has your back ever hurt during a run? 
Any thoughts on back to back days vs every other day?
Will you run repeat loops for shade? 
Do you enjoy/look forward to shorter runs?

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I hope you have a wonderful week. I will catch up with you all soon! I have meetings and training today, but I'll be around later this week :) 


  1. I hate those recurring aches! You never know if they are going to just blow up, stay the way they are, or just go away. I had hammie issues for a long time a couple years ago, I just couldn't get rid of it. It seems like though since I started doing yoga I havent had that issue, come to think of it, I haven't had as much tightness in my hips either. They used to be so sore I had problems sleeping on my side.
    Glad that yours is better too, I have my fingers crossed for you that it stays away!

    1. Thanks Christy!! All that yoga is good for you :) I should really make an effort to try more.

  2. You are unstoppable lady. Even through all the recurrences.
    That shirt... I love all the Gone for a Run shirts!

    1. Thank you Rebecca Jo :)
      I love Gone for a Run too - cute stuff!

  3. I've had a nagging pain in my right shin after long runs that I've been rolling and trying not to worry about! So frustrating! The heat and humidity have really slowed my paces down drastically, but I have to remember that it's only temporary and we're building strength for the fall! Love the cats!

    1. I agree, very frustrating when we are working so hard and stuff keeps popping up trying to slow us down.
      I am so crazy slow now, I am kind of awed by it LOL

  4. It feels so much easier running in the shade! I absolutely try to maximize shade whenever possible :) My back hurts sometimes when I run on the treadmill and I think it's because I have a harder time maintaining my form on there. I love that little gift from Holly!

    1. I am going to start repeating all shady spots until the next temp break comes :)
      TM running does feel so different.
      I love my charms :) I appreciated them!

  5. Karen, I took two days off running and my ITB hurt SO BAD. Then I ran and it felt good. Ran the next day it felt good. Ran the next day it felt good. It's like when I take a day off it aches so much! So my point is I think the possibility of running back to back days is worth pursuing. Bodies are weird so do whatever makes YOUR body feel good.

    1. Isn't that crazy how the aches work.
      My feet are not loving me this week, I may have to go back to every other day next week and hope for the best.

  6. I feel like there is no rhyme or reason to my body's aches/pains. After last Monday's run, my foot felt funny so I took the rest of the week week to walk, cycle and swim. Tested the water today with a short/slow run so I guess I will truly know tomorrow. Normally I have one back to back run during the week but I won't this week. If I can, I will run M,W,F but not having too many expectations cuz, well, ya know if it doesn't happen I don't want to get the sads. Really trying to let my body decide and keeping my mind out of it!

    1. I hope your foot is on the happy path now??
      I find it hard to see much rhyme or reason either with the aches...minus my feet. They loudly protest LOL no guessing game there.
      I know all about the head just feels blah with no runs.

  7. OUch! I'm sorry to hear about the pains! I think the heat is starting to break... we had a cooler morning here today for the first day of school.

    I do a lot of runs back to back, because it's what my schedule allows. But I also take back to back rest days, also because of my schedule.

    1. That is good you had a break from the heat! I hope it continues for you :)
      I use to love back to back days, but since I have come back from this injury I have been avoiding it.
      back to back rest days are nice too!

  8. oooooh, your necklace from Holly is adorable!!!!! YOur achy hammy sounds a lot like my achy hammy. I've had this on and off for several years, though, and have just accepted it's probably not gonna go away. Usually, when it's really cranky, I know it will calm down and feel less cranky after I've gone 3-4 miles. Usually. I try to do warm-ups, but they never do much until after I've run a few miles. Ironically, the two times I've battled the PF stiff with my feet, the hammy felt quite fine (????)

    1. Thank you - I loved my charms :)
      Your hammy does sound like mine. Sometimes it gets loose when I run, sometimes it is the opposite! I can never tell when it will pop up. SO far it still has felt better, so I have hope I my never feel it again LOL I know...
      That is crazy it felt fine when your PF acted up, go figure, right.

    2. Oh warm ups! when I do a more intense warm up and actually take a break for a minute before I start I feel better, but usually don't have time for it.

  9. I definitely run loops as soon as there is shade. Anything to make runs more comfortable. As for niggles, I find it so hard to explain what helps, what doesn't. My right shin tightens up very very easily and add a tiny bit of speed an it immediately becomes a knot. I have to do a run/walk warm up for a full 30 minutes before my legs feel good. Yes, 25 to 30 minutes for I have just accepted it because if I force it, it gets tight then takes a long time to go away. But it took me a while to figure it out.

    And niggles popping up out of the blue ? Yeah, happened after my long run yesterday. All of a sudden my LEFT knee hurts. Like I could hardly bend it last night. Seriously ? That never happens.... or so I thought.

    Sounds to me like you are doing great. You toughed it out all summer in the heat, you should be proud.

    1. Thank you Karen :) I am trying to hang in there and keep going.
      That is a long time before your legs feel warmed up. At least with run/walk you can really vary the run intervals if you choose. I find the walk break gives me the energy to do that - running steady I don't vary much.
      Shins are a tough area when they get tight - so sensitive.
      No new niggles right. I guess when you are distance training stuff is bound to happen.

  10. Cute necklace! Luckily I do not get reacuring pains. But it always seems like right before a race I get little aches and pains and makes me feel like something is gonna happen. I think it is just race jitters though. Wow! You have been getting up super early to try to best the heat. I got up by six the other morning to do 11 miles and it was still so hot and humid.

    1. Thank You :) I love my charms.
      ha! I think it natural right before a race to be hyper sensitive to any little thing you feel.
      I do my best to get going early - at least I can avoid too much sunshine that way. That is good you are getting your long runs in :)

  11. Running 4 x week does have me running back to back days, obviously. But for me, those are the shorter runs.

    Recurrent aches? Please just go away already. God, how I hate them.

    I rarely loop; well, not on m own if I can plan the route.

    Giz is a runner. He's the proverbial scaredy cat, which is sort of a problem. It's better when

    1. Sometimes I miss those shorter runs.
      I rarely plan my routes. I can go several different ways so, I just wing it depending on the moment.
      I wish we would never get aches again. I now that ain't happening though.

  12. I have been running every other day while coming back from my foot injury and I think that has helped to keep things feeling good. Sometimes I notice my SI joint when Im running, but usually it bother me after i have been sitting (with bad posture) for a long time

    1. Every other is probably the safest and I think I need it next week. I have been cramming and I can feel it.
      Sitting is so bad...I feel achy sitting all day.

  13. I feel the same about my long runs - proud for completing them, sad that they take me so long. But then I remember that there was a time when I couldn't even run a full mile. So I guess I have to remember that even slow, covering 8 or 10 miles is a BIG freaking deal!

    I hope your recurrent aches let up. It sounds like they're coming and going. I hope they just GO.

    1. Yes, just GO to the aches!
      This is the slowest summer I've ever had. It messes with me after while, but you are right there was a time when I couldn't even do it, so there's that :)

  14. I am procrastinating going out on a long run right now. Lately, they seem to weigh heavily on me. I am liking the shorter runs more and more! I will definitely run loops for shade!!

    1. It is hard to get out the door for me too when it is so humid.
      I will be looping for shade too :)

  15. Our weatherman flat out lied. It's worse this week so far! I'd definitely try back to back running days. Those runs sometimes work out the little kinks we are feeling. Just don't overdo on the mileage. Are you liking your new bike? Tried jumping any curbs lately? LOL. You know I'm teasing. I absolutely repeat loops for shade...numerous times over on long runs. I'm so glad you are getting back to a more normal schedule of running. I know it's been a long road. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. I am sorry the weather man lied to you. I may have went to get mine if he told me that and was wrong! The heat is back to oppressive this a.m. so I need to get geared up for it. I should get on my bike but I am sitting here trying to blog catch up. It was quite a week!
      I have been very tame on my bike LOL I need to stop banging my self up.
      I am going to start looping for shade. I guess I thought it would mess with my head to repeat but I actually like it.

  16. Nice shirt! Wishing you will get the better results in the future. I like this post. ^^

  17. You are such a trooper lady!
    I think a few more weeks and we'll be done with this heat and humidity as we know it now. That's what I keep telling myself!!
    Let's keep marching on and plowing through the peanut butter!
    How very thoughtful of Holly I love that and the sayings!
    I and really enjoyed my runstreak and only having to do one mile if I choose. It sure is going to be tough to up those miles into the double digits soon for training.
    I repeat flat shady stretches so I don't have to run hills in the sun too! :)

    1. Thank you Tricia :) I don't feel like a trooper, I just feel worn out right now, but I hope the heat and humidity break again soon. It feels like it is Hades forever...
      Hills and heat do not mix for me LOL I have been looking for the flattest routes I can go. Keep marching on! Those first few longs runs may feel tough, but you will bounce back fast!

  18. I'm finding my body needs time to warm up to. Usually later miles my legs feel amazing.

    Just dropped my next race plans on the old blog...I'm excited lol

    1. When I get a good warm up I feel better! In the mornings I don't have time so those later miles usually feel better too.
      I will be by the read your plans soon :) Playing catch up today!!


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