Saturday, September 3, 2016


August 1st...
I ran seven hazy miles at the butt crack of dawn. I was in pain by the end of the run, but I wanted to start the month on a high note. I had to run.
My foot had been sore for an entire week, and I was worried I was headed for a long term break.
I had tested out a new pair of shoes for a few runs trying to find something a little more supportive. I realized they weren't the shoes for me and went back to my old shoes. My foot improved after several days off. 

August 9th I finally got rolling and was able to get back to running three days a week.
I clicked off hot mile after hot mile. Basically, I looked dead and sweaty like this all month. 

My long runs were 8, 10, and 13.1
I missed my first long run of the month, but I feel like I finished pretty strong. 
I turned 50 and my favorite thing from last month was the extra motivation I received
My favorite card - the wonder years LOL 

I did not get enough weight training done in August, well all summer really, but I will get back to it more regularly (I hope)  now that my 10 hour days have ended. 

I closed the month with a humid seven and a half mile run, at the butt crack of dawn. 

This month challenged me in many ways, but overall I feel like it was a success. I did have some pain after my long runs, but so far my feet have bounced back with a few days off each time.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how August shook out.

I am feeling some fatigue right now, my legs are not feeling as zippy as I'd like, but some of it is work related. This is a very hectic time, it will calm down soon, but I think the hustle and bustle all day at work drains me as much, or more, than the physical at times. 

Running three days a week seems to be working, so I will stick with it for September and see how things shake out. I confess, I get nervous when I think about 14 and 16 miles for my long runs, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. 
I am trying to dig deep, and take it one day at a time. 

How did August go for you?! 


  1. You ended up having a great August! 97 miles is some great mileage! So glad your feet are cooperating a bit better and bouncing back. I would stick with three days a week for running too.

    1. Thanks Christy! I squeezed a fourth short run in this week and I could tell, so back to three days for now:)

  2. I am so happy for you this dumb foot thing won't end up stopping you. I know you were worried about if you couldn't run anymore but you are doing it and proving them all wrong. Way to go. August ended up being my month to have a running related issue. A compensation caused my peroneal tendon to get cranky so stepped back for a week from running. Came back the following week only to get greedy last Friday (known to happen, right?!) so decided to cross train another few days. Once I could power walk w/ Macy and have it feel OK, I decided to run (yesterday) and all is well. Still need to take next week cautiously because I am really ready to get back to my normal schedule in September! Have a wonderful long weekend!

    1. Thanks Susan, I am still not sure of my feet will give me much more, but I sure hope so.
      Yep, I've been known to get greedy and I bet all of us have at some point, because we get tired of "waiting" . Glad you felt better yesterday! That is a good sign.
      I am ready to do some short runs lol but that needs to wait until Nov. or my feet protest too loudly...which ever comes first.

    2. How come you have to wait until November for short runs? Are you doing a marathon before that?

    3. Yes if I get to see this through Nov. 12th is race day, then I can relax :)

  3. I am happy you had a great month! And the weather is going to get nothing but better. I love how you think you look dead in your pictures where you look better than I do in a fresh face of makeup.

    1. I hope the weather gets better!
      I wish I could look as good you :)

  4. I think it seems like August went really well for you!!

  5. You are doing great. I can't believe you can do long runs with foot pain. I can barely do double digits with no pain. Are you planning to run a marathon???

    My August was fine - some races and some long runs. Looking forward to 2 halfs - Sept 18 and Oct 9.

    1. The pain bugs me - I can deal with some but I just don't want to more damage.
      I am going to try my next long run and see what happens with the pain level - I do want to try for the Nov. marathon. If I make it to 16 miles I will probably try to run it race day and see what happens.
      Your races are just around he corner!
      If it would cool off just a little it would help me tremendously!


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