Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Purple, Pink, and Orange...oh my!

Scant Six  
6.51 mi

Cool Down
0.21 mi
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Leg Work 0:51:59
Loopy Seven 7.51 mi

0.29 mi

I hope this isn't bad mojo for the month.
2.60 mi
Upper Body Work
Warm up
0.46 mi 0:08:01

1/4 Mile Pick Ups for 8
8.00 mi 1:24:19

3 x 1 for the Rebel Toe
2.63 mi

1.63 mi
27.46 mi
It was a drop back week, but it didn't really feel like it lol 

At a glance that was my week :) I keep trying to shrink my chart and can't figure out how lol 
I don't want this to be a monster post but I have so many little issues popping up, concerns, things I am questioning...I had a hard time getting focused. 

Last week started with me getting up in plenty of time to run, but I couldn't get my headphones to pair. I fiddled about 10 minutes, (there are no extra minutes before 5 a.m.) got out the door late, and five minutes into my run my watch started beeping into power save mode. I forgot to start my Garmin. I was sneezing and feeling kind of blah, but I did it. Ugh! I was supposed to run 7 miles, but had to stop at 6.5 to make it to work. I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise because I was running SOOOOOO late LOL
mostly in the orange zone :) 

Tuesday, I went to the gym after work to give my legs some love.

Wednesday when I woke up I could feel all kind of muscle soreness and fatigue in my legs, but I was determined to run. It was so humid and I finally found a sprinkler about half way I could dip in. Struggle fest but I did get 7.5 miles before work. That's a snoozy button win!!

Thursday I could feel all kind of muscles soreness every time I ran up and down the steps at work. I did not feel like I worked my legs that hard, but wooowza were my legs messed up.

Friday, my legs still feeling sore, and it was so hot, but I decided to squeeze out a short run because the hurricane was supposed to wash out Saturday. I thought just a few miles would loosen up my legs and hold me over until I could run Sunday. My watch wouldn't connect for the first time ever and I turned GPS off and started running.
I did it again...five minutes into my run power save mode beeping...ugh, I started my watch after I had been running about a half mile. Crazy.
I varied the intensity, and really tried to push the pace and when I looked, it was my same old "easy pace". What?!! I was 100% in the red zone. How can you feel like you are pushing and have zero results lol - ugh!! Anyone feel this joy ever? 
The beauty of darker mornings - I can sports bra run again. There is really too much of me to do this but I am so frickin' tired of being hot - I don't care.

Friday's run 
If you are my IG buddy - you saw my Friday sunset pic - it was a lovely night. Send me a request if you want to connect! I do have my account private due to spammers, but I want to connect with my real run buds. IG is what keeps me going when I don't have time to blog.

Saturday at the gym during my warm up on the bike I realized I forgot to start my watch! What is wrong with me. Do you think this is a sign of early dementia?
Anyway, I had slept in, had coffeee, and thought I will be ready to rock.

My legs felt fatigued the entire time...so weird. I stretched between sets. How did one freaking leg session impact my whole week?

Sunday - long run day! I took extra time to warm up. At different times during my run I felt some tightness in my left calf, and overall my legs felt a bit heavy. Heavy legs is becoming a theme in my life!
I actually felt better when I picked the pace up, as far as my stride and feeling a little lighter on my feet, but I don't have much stamina, I can't hold a faster pace for very long. My right foot, toe two to be specific, was screaming during the last mile of my pick ups, so I switched to 3 x1 intervals for a few miles to finish up. I thought I was going to get away with skipping intervals this week, but what the feet want, the feet get. I'll be back to intervals for my long run next week.

This is how my .25 miles pick ups went...
I can't find much consistency but I hope it will come. I felt pretty wiped out when I as done, but this is really my favorite work out right now.

I felt like I was treading trying to keep my head above the water the entire week. I hope to feel like I have it together more this week, but it is the first week with kids at school!! SO probably not LOL

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I hope you have a wonderful week! Did you enjoy a long weekend? It was my hubby's birthday - we went bowling and shot pool :) 

Do you ever feel you are letting the feet hit the ground too hard? But can't muster the energy to fix it? 


  1. When my legs feel like I'm wearing cement shoes it's hard to push through! That usually happens when I'm fatigued. Thinking that's how I'm going to feel this morning since I did a double workout yesterday. Having tech issues just makes it that much harder!

    1. Ohhhhh.... the tech issues make me crazy LOL
      I feel like i have been pulling cement all summer, the heat weighs me down and with heavy legs on top of it - OOOOOieeeee

  2. You caught some beautiful skies last week! I saw more pretty sunsets than sunrises since it's dark during my runs now. LOL on there not being any extra minutes at 5:00 am - I agree@

  3. Beautiful sunset and sunrise photos! I've definitely had that experience where I think I'm really pushing it but the pace is the same. Not a fun experience but there are so many exterior factors that affect it, weather, fatigue, etc. I guess it makes sense but it's still a little disappointing.

    1. It does makes sense! heat and humidity are huge factors for me,... One day it'll click and I will be excited to tell you all about it! LOL

  4. I have definitely felt like I worked really hard on a run and then looked at my stats in disappointment, lol. It happens! You still did a really great job on your runs and workouts! I've had issues with getting my Bluetooth headphones synced up, which can be so frustrating when you just want to get out there! Love the sky photos!

    1. Thanks Janelle :) Some days I just have to shake my head when I see my pace lol but i keep thinking this too shall passss...
      Omg, when tech stuff doesn't work it makes me crazy!

  5. Great week Karen! What beautiful sunrises and sunsets! I felt like I was working a lot on my long run this weekend and the time doesn't really show for it. I'm not too disappointed because I know days like that just happen and there's always another long run.

    1. I am with you! I keep waiting for something magical happen LOL I never stop thinking a good is coming!

  6. My favorite thing of the fall is to see the bright red skies at sunset! Beautiful shots!

    I'm sorry the legs are not feeling the runs! I started out on Sunday not wanting to get out of bed to run too! and was tired the entire time!

    But you went out there and did it!

    This morning as I got up for my run, I did "a Karen" I ran 1 more mile and "run" late for work.

    1. haha! A mile is a god reason to run late. Some days you just have to do it!
      That is true, i have willing my self to keep going, so there's that! beats quitting right.

  7. You got a lot of miles in this week! If I don't lift a certain body part for awhile, I can get really sore! I haaaate when my technology is not working because like you, I do not have extra minutes in the morning. I should wake up earlier to account for things that go wrong, but of course I don't!

    1. You are right, I skipped legs a few weeks and that was probably why I hurt all week!
      I can not wake up any earlier LOL and getting out of the house before 5 a.m. is killing me- I can melt down when things don't go right LOL or just cut my mileage :) Maybe soon I will be able to run after work. If it would get cool enough I will try!

  8. I hope your legs don't feel dead this week! I know what you mean about feeling like you are pushing it, but your pace is like, "Nah, lol, girl." Ha. Keep at it (except when your feet needs break) and that consistency WILL pay off!!! Especially when it gets cooler!

    1. I am hoping my legs get to feeling a little zippy this week! No cooler coming this week :( I will be running in the heat.
      I hope it gets cool before November lol

  9. As far as I'm concerned, those are some impressive 'pick ups'! Go get 'em!!

  10. Awwwww Karen!!!! I know that mug! :) You're the best!

    "How did one freaking leg session impact my whole week?" I hear ya! I was so sore last week after hitting leg day on Wednesday! Today was honestly the first day that they felt back to normal! I can only imagine that we made MAJOR GAINS last week! :D

    1. I love my mug friend :)
      I am glad it isn't just me with the legs lol I worked legs again last night and I kept it super light! I have a long run to do and I don't want to die this weekend lol

  11. Beautiful pictures!!! Happy birthday to your husband and cheers to many more!!! I know that feeling of hitting the ground too hard very well. I think that on average for me, about one in every five runs feels unexplicably challenging. The body is a complex piece of machinery!!! But then we also have the unexplicably good runs to balance them out. So this means you've got some great runs right around the corner to make up for the tough ones. =)

    1. Thank you!!
      The body is complex. I have felt most runs are now challenging just as you described - I need some good ones!!

  12. You had an amazing week for working out. Tech issues--ugh, the struggle is real. One time I didn't look at my Garmin until I was 5 minutes from being done and it WASN'T ON! I was thinking "how does this even count?!". So dumb, I realize this. But thankfully I do use an interval timer so I could totally know how much longer I needed to hit my desired time and I pretty much just guessed at how much I ran vs. how much I walked (it's quite consistent with me so not that big of a deal). Love that sunrise picture! I get to see the sunrise a lot but not really anymore since it's later in the season. Happy belated b-day to your husband. Sounds super fun to me. I love to bowl even though I am not very good at it. And sore...YES. With all the lifting I do I am sore just about every single morning when I get out of bed. I hit some new PRs on Monday so yesterday I felt like a truck had run me over when I first opened my eyes. I just told myself "deep breath" then took a super hot shower and had a nice, decent run (still holding myself back with my pace to make sure ankle isn't going to scream at me again. Must respect that bitchy ankle. LOL.) Have a most fabulous day, friend.

    1. Thank you :) Tech issues are the worst! but I can't blame the watch if I don't start it lol I feel like I missed mileage goals even though I know I made it! What we would do if we just had to run with no tracking?!
      Bowling was very fun, but I am really bad at it LOL
      Are you lifting heavy?? I lost so much on the bench now :( I guess I will get it back down the road, right now I am using too much energy trying to run.
      A hot shower always feel good :) Your ankle is like my feet- I get tired of them screaming at me lol have a great day :)

  13. No, I don't lift heavy--you have seen me, right?!? I have hardly any muscle to lift and am desperately trying to build but I guess it might not be in my genetics. Thankfully my ankle only screamed at me once in 2 weeks. I laid off right away (I am paranoid) and the week I came back was when I got a little greedy and pushed too far and then my ankle was like "um, excuse me...remember you are trying to baby me?!" So far so good since Saturday. I am giving myself 2 days between running for this week and next week would like to get back to 3 or 4 runs! Fingers crossed.

    1. You look very slender and fit to me in your pics - I told you - you and Rick are really a good looking couple! It's hard to tell in pics if someone is really muscular. I do believe very much the ability to lean down and build muscles is in the genes. I get jealous sometimes lol I just hold a layer of fat no matter what I do. When I use to take step aerobics there were some girls in my class that really bulked up - we do 15 minutes of bar work after class - me, I never really bulk the muscle lol
      Just go easy pace next week I bet you will be fine :)

    2. You are too kind. I have really long, lean muscles even though I am average height. I struggle to build up my upper body (even with all my swimming). Honestly, I have been lifting for a few years but just got "serious" in the last year and I am still just waiting for someone to notice--LOL. My legs naturally have more muscle but I still can only lift "heavy" for me :) But you know, as in running, I have to do what my body wants and not compare myself to others. I am just grateful I get to do everything I want. And yes, taking things easy peasy. I am 99% there so I won't mess up that final 1% like I did before :)

  14. Is it possible you had sore legs all week because they didn't have enough recovery time from the workout session? And all the running (though it may have felt great) was still working them in their fatigued state? (just a thought) ;-)

    1. I guess - I run most miles so easy now I feel like I am doing recovery runs lol I wore compression almost everyday and take in protein and Nuun - I guess as I get older I just need a lot more time.

  15. Seeing you went to the gym in the afternoon and ran the next morning reminds me, this is what I do. Now if I had to wait until the afternoon most times there is no way I could do this. I think the morning after is working for me. Today (Thurs) is my hubs birthday. We celebrated this past weekend in Orlando. I hope he's not expecting another gift.... :)

    1. Those back to back work outs are tough lol but it is hard to fit it all in!
      I would say a trip is always a good present :)

  16. It has been crazy humid here, and I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I feel like our bodies work so much harder when it is like this that it takes longer to recover, so sometimes I need to take an extra day.
    Every time I forgot something I fear I am losing my mind!! UGH

    1. I know it has amazed me how much slower I have become trying to train this summer and it still feels hard. Run over is a good description.
      I know right - I am always worried lol because I forget so much!!

  17. I can't tell you how many times I think I'm crushing it...and then check the ol' Garmin. No, no HoHo -- snail pace for you. I always think IT'S wrong. HAHAHA. Denial. Those were pretty pics of the sky. I've realized it's the clouds that do that. Without them, you get a gold ball -- which is good too. Surely the heat and humidity won't last too much longer? Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. The clouds do make or break the glow for me - I guess since I Sm st z lower elevation I rarely see the ball - just the cast on the clouds.
      I am wondering if I will ever run a 10 min. mike again lol it's crazy how I am getting slower and slower.
      I need a break this week for real - I just barely crawled through last week!


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