Monday, October 3, 2016

That is a Wrap

 Ba de ya - say do you remember 
    Ba de ya - dancing in September
 Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day  

ha! I wish that were so, but actually September was a very hot sticky cloudy month! I never really felt like dancing, but I did manage 105 miles, just a few miles up from August, but it is enough to keep me on track with my training.  

After a few weeks of  increasing foot pain, it is finally coming back down to a manageable level.  I am celebrating! I was becoming very anxious, thinking I would need an extended break, but I am feeling much more confident about moving forward now.

Last week was all about rain, storms, and very humid weather.
I runfess I have struggled with motivation to do any of my workouts and to engage in life in general, but I did better last week!  I got a lot more done :) I can handle lack of sun, the rain and the clouds, but the heat is pushing me over the edge.
These were my views the past few weeks...don't be jealous lol

Biking Round the Hood - 13.19 mi 1:02:14
Pedal and Stretch - 1.91 mi 0:15:45
Cutting the Sludge - 7.26 mi 1:25:15
Cool Down - 0.14 mi 0:05:35
Arc/Leg Lifts - 1.30 mi 0:33:13
Upper Body Work - 0.38 mi 0:36:30
Warm Up - 0.32 mi 0:04:49
Eight Made Me Late :) - 8.00 mi 1:23:36
Cool Down - 0.21 mi 0:05:47
Warm Up - 0.34 mi 0:05:05
Morning 5K - 3.11 mi 0:33:27
Cool Down - 0.25 mi 0:07:45
14 More :) - 14.01 mi 2:35:41
Cool Down - 0.45 mi 0:14:39

My Tuesday run in the rainy sludge was one of the slowest I've had all summer. Start in the dark and finish in the dark...

Being so slow on Tuesday, motivated me to give my favorite 1/4 mile pick ups a try on my next run. I need to get a little speed back!
Thursday when I got up to run it was lightning. That is a deal breaker. I looked at the radar and realized the storm cell was almost gone.

I texted my office manager and told her I would be taking a personal hour and be in for my bus duty. I was determined to get my run done! I ran in a light spitting rain, but the thunder and lightning had passed.  I got to sleep another 45 minutes, ran without a light and finished in the bright, well the gray! It is a very different, busy feel in the neighborhood almost two hours later! My vampire runs are much more relaxing.  lol

I made a resolution awhile back to try to get a little speed work done on any days I get under 70 degrees. SO far, I've only been able to do this workout three times...
I usually start out nervous and take the recovery parts of the run really easy,  but my confidence builds as the run goes on and I try to close the gap between the pickups and my recovery pace just a little.

My eight was a little hilly! It rained so much, the path to the flatter neighborhood was ankle deep, so I had to run the hilly loops. My legs were pretty tired after this one. I am hoping I can get this done several more times in October. I am really struggling with pace. On average, I am running almost two minutes a mile slower than this time last year. Some days it bugs me, some days I can shrug it off. I just need to work on it, that is all I can do.

Friday, I wanted to test out my new knuckle lights since I really didn't need them on my Thursday run. I squeezed out a 5K, which felt like a treat.

I really like how bright they are. These are rechargeable ( Yay- no batteries!) and I made the strap very small and it slipped right on running belt.  I just carried one in my right hand, so I could carry my handheld in the other.

Saturday when I woke up at 6 a.m. it was over 70 degrees, humid, and rainy. I went back to sleep...I just couldn't start October like that, I was afraid it would bring bad mojo.

Sunday morning it was 65 and humid. I was so thankful the sun was not out! I am trying to do my weekend runs a bit later in the day. I started at 7 a.m. marathon race start is 7:45a.m.... that seems so crazy late to me! I am use to starting at 4:50 a.m. on weekdays, so I figured I better get use to the later times a little.
I did the best I could, but I am still  having a hard time maintaining an 11 min. mile...I am beginning to wonder if that is a reasonable goal. Still too far away from race day to really worry about it I guess.

September felt like a walk through quick sand for me. I am sooooooo glad to close the door and have the chance for better things.
I have big hopes October will be a lot better all around...motivation wise, weather wise, and pain wise. 

Anyone have the rechargeable knuckle lights? 
How was last week for you?
Have you experienced this elusive thing called Fall??!
Who loves Halloween?! 
I saw a few fun houses while I was running yesterday and the decorations always makes me smile! 

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  1. Fall is retreating here, and that might actually be a good thing for me. Humidity sucks, plain & simple. Glad to hear those tootsies are starting to cooperate with you again!

    I have real trouble with grayness. It's one of the things I HATE about the northeast, and why I left as soon as I could, but of course here we are, sucked up here again. :(

    1. Last week was our second week of the gray and rain. It is hard to try to get runs in the storms, but luckily it seems to be clearing today! I look forward to a normal week :)
      I can handle the gray if it isn't raining! The gray is actually good for running lol but it does get old after a few weeks of it.

  2. I love October! I have high hopes for it too :) I'm glad the foot pain is better and things are looking more optimistic.

  3. So glad your pain is subsiding. I'm so jealous of the rain. I thought I was getting some on the trail yesterday but I just missed it.

    Fall is upon us, it was 68 this morning and I almost brought a jacket with me. Running weather is here lol

    1. I guess you don't see a ton of rain in AZ lol I don't mind it all when it is cool rain, but this has been been sticky stuff...
      A jacket LOL you are like Kristina :) I will be in tank top when it is 50 degrees lol

  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday of them all - so fun!
    Look at you so dedicated to running calling in for a personal hour. I'm impressed.

    1. I may have to take time off work to get some of my daily runs in the next few weeks! It is too hard trying to get 8-10 before work. Crazy lol If it would get cooler I could try to run after work, we'll see...
      Halloween is so fun! I love it!!!!

  5. Way to go, Karen! I hope you can reach your goal of running your race and that your feet hold up! It's fall here for sure. I do love it and the colors are gorgeous and the weather is perfect so I want it to last forever! I am 5 days with my ankle brace and turning the corner. Last week I did get 3 runs in before my doctor "locked me down" but I don't imagine running will make an appearance for awhile. Thankful to have my other sports and walking has been quite nice (my dog is loving the extra time together). Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you :) It looked very beautiful in your area from all the pics yesterday. I would want it last forever too!
      Hopefully the ankle/tendon will cooperate soon, but it is good you can enjoy other things. Sometimes I lose it when I can't run or when the pain goes up and I struggle to do the past few weeks.
      I need to get to the mountains later this month and enjoy the color change :)

    2. It is absolutely perfect! I think things are coming along. I am not feeling anything as far as pain or discomfort (I never really had "pain" but I knew something wasn't right) at this point but I don't see the doctor until the 12th so will be patient. I hope he sees better images with his ultrasound! I really don't want to do anything long term or permanent. I love running too much. When you get up to your mountains, please post pictures! I bet it is lovely.

    3. That is good you are not in pain. The 12th will be a pretty good break, hopefully you will be back on the road :)
      if i time it right the leaves should be lovely and yes, I will post!

  6. You had great mileage and with your foot problems. You are amazing!

    Slower pace is better than being injured and not running at all.

    My training runs are painfully slow. it used to bother me but now I just worry about getting it over with.

    1. Thanks Darlene. I don't feel amazing lol but I am usually stubborn.
      I try to tell myself that about my paces. Moving is better than not moving, but I do wonder what has changed - it is a big change. I worry about getting it over with too lol it takes longer when I go so slow and i am like - it'll never end LOL

  7. I can't believe you still don't have fall weather!! Friday was cool and rainy here! almost too cold for me!

    I think you did great this week! keep up the great work!

    I think it's a good idea to start doing later runs, so you can be ready for the weather on the marathon. We try to do at least one training run that will be our "test run" for weather conditions, but of course, weather is so unpredictable that we are hardly ever ready.

    1. I am worried we will have a repeat of last year, it was warm until December, Christmas last year was 75 and humid, and two days it was 11 degrees, it was quite a shock! We did have a few random colder days but the majority of days was warm...crazy!
      Thanks, Ana. I am very scared of running in the sun! I am hoping it is cool but you are so right, you never know. I am going to keep trying to run later and get used to it :)

    2. I will do some sort of "move the cold air from PA to VA" dance at home. I can't stand the cold weather, but it has been crisp here.

      Last year we had the Hershey Half Marathon on the first real cold day of the fall, we woke up to 38 degrees and light wind!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain will stay away.

    3. Oh my gosh! That is what happened to me for the 2015 half here - woke up to a random cold day- now for me it was great - I was over come with joy and I PR'd my half time. The next day it was 15 degrees warmer.
      I hope you don't get frozen out this year since you don't enjoy it! I would take 38 over 68 any day lol but that's me lol

  8. You got some good miles in this week! Knuckle lights- what a great idea! My hood does a lot of decorating for Halloween. One yard has a GIGANTIC spider in it and our next door neighbor has their house decorated with lights. I think the weather can only get better from here. We may have another week of humid mornings but hopefully that shit will be GONE soon.

    1. Thanks, I was happy with my mileage :)
      I saw a bunch of cute decorations when I took my walk tonight lol I like the giant spiders.
      I hope the weather stays manageable, but who scares me when I think about last year. It was very warm until Christmas.

  9. Nice miles, especially for such a tough weather month! The darkness is killing me. Then when I wait until it's light, it's too hot. Ugh. I love Halloween! I've done my share of standing the candy aisle but so far I've stayed strong.

    1. Thanks! If it would cool down I would try to switch to after work runs, but so far it has been too hot.
      haha, I stare at the candy too! It is hard to resist it forever...but I am trying!

  10. I have that song on my running playlist, just so you know. The problem is that I want to stop running and dancing when it comes on. Or at least sing along... Yikes...

    Great month of miles! Holy moley, girl!

    1. Sing!! I can't sing at all LOL but on a good morning, I've been known to belt a tune out.
      Thanks! It is my best mileage month in ages :)

  11. We had rain for three days but I think its out of our system now! We are back to sun and blue skies. The days are still nice here and we haven't experienced the crispness of fall yet but i am okay with that.

    Glad your foot is feeling better. I do have those knuckle lights but haven't used them yet.

    1. Today was the first pretty day here since lat week. It isn't crisp here ether, but at least it isn't feeling tropical for now :) We have another storm brewing apparently...but I hope it tracks back out to sea!
      If you have the rechargeable knuckles they are really bright! I think you will enjoy them. I've been told the battery ones aren't nearly as bright...
      Thanks, I hope these crazy feet cooperate now :)

  12. I hope it is better for you painwise for sure! The last two days have been so wet and windy here, I didn't even run yesterday.
    I love fall weather overall though, sunshine will be back tomorrow I hope!

    1. Thanks Christy :) I had a Fall feeling run this morning for the first time so things are looking up! and nothing hurt :)
      i hope your fall weather holds out for awhile!

  13. You are doing fantastic. I'm glad to hear your feet are manageable. That's a great adjective for us, yes? I'm LOL about Eight Made Me Late. They always get me! Why can't I time that run start correctly? I think October will be the best month ever. Your splits are looking awesome. It's going to all come back. Oh, I'm also worried about my marathon start time. I'm used to a dark 5. I have to wait until after 8! Ugh. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. Thank you :) Yes, manageable is about right LOL These longer runs before work are very challenging! I don't know if I get nine that early - we'll see.
      I hope i can get to a place where things at least feel a little smoother, I am struggling with the pace, I sure hope a little comes back.
      That later time is a bit scary! I hope the atmosphere passes the time for you :) I know you are going to have a great run!

  14. Quite a month for you lady!! Now the rechargable lights would be great! I've been testing out my vest that's a lot like yours but they do take batteries you have to replace Halloween OMG I love Halloween, I'm already getting excited about going to the haunted houses, it's just my thing!
    I do hope your weather gets better I can relate I just feel awful when it goes days without some sun!

    1. Thanks!
      The rechargeable is a nice option. My vest takes batteries too, but they seem to last a pretty longtime. It dead right now...but I like for biking as well.
      Haunted houses are fun :)

  15. You had a great month overall!! 100+ miles is such an accomplishment. I wish September being over would mean things are ready to cool down but I feel like it's not about to happen anytime soon.

    1. Thank you! SOmetimes I think it'll never be cool lol the humidity is back here...I hope you are doing in okay down there in FL with the hurricane and all!


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