Sunday, October 9, 2016

You DO What You have To Do!

Congrats to Holly @ hohoruns and all those who raced this weekend! 

Since I did my long run last Sunday, my legs were tired, a very happy tired, so that meant I got to start the week sleeping in on a Monday morning. 

I am sorry this is so lengthy, but I have lots to squeeze in!
35.8 miles of running this week :)

Walkish - 3.01 mi 0:40:05
Stretching - 0.19 mi 0:05:05
Warm Up - 0.15 mi 0:02:25
Appreciate My Eight - 8.00 mi 1:23:53
Uh Oh Gotta Go - 0.80 mi 0:08:34
Cool Down - 0.06 mi 0:03:31
Warm up - 0.00 mi 0:10:02
Upper Body - 0.34 mi 0:32:48
Trail 18 - 18.01 mi 3:33:53

Cool Down - 0.51 mi 0:18:05
Arc Machine - 2.00 mi 0:33:08

Upper Body Work 1:05:04
Warm Up - 0.33 mi 0:05:13
Windy Eight - 8.01 mi 1:23:31
Walking - 0.31 mi 0:04:43
One More - 1.01 mi 0:10:23
Stretching - 0.11 mi 0:04:24

Monday evening I took a walk/jog to enjoy the cool air and loosen up the legs. I was extremely happy to finally have a fall feeling day!

 I love peeps that go all out for Halloween

Check out the beast of a salad I had Monday night- yummmy! 

Tuesday I did my own little version of speed work. My legs felt a bit fatigued at times, I but I pushed through, AND miscounted my beeps so I had to run an almost extra mile (.80) home ¯\_()_/¯

You do what you have to do…

Tuesday night a weird pain occurred when I was trying to weight lift. It felt like a breathe in breathe out pain but much higher…right at my bra line on my right side. 

It became more intense, so I gave up trying to do weights and went home. You do what you have to do. I runfess I drank wine because I was so annoyed. You do what you have to do.

I couldn't take a deep breath or bend over all night without sharp pain, but I could drink wine  :D  

Did I tear something? is it a spasm? too many greens??       LOL I've been eating a lot of salad...

Wednesday I just felt tired. I slept eight hours and my body was just wiped out.  Is cumulative fatigue catching up to me? Am I coming down with something? Not sure, but sleep cures most things…
The pain was still there but improved, so I told myself I  just need to chill and go to bed early again. 8:30 p.m. I was snoozing… you do what you got to do.

Thursday the pain was better. Deep breathing – check.  Ready to run.

Since no one could predict if the hurricane would impact us, and weather with rain, was coming our way no matter what, for the weekend; I decided I needed to get my long run done early.

I was SO bummed to miss the 20 mile race on Saturday, but I really don’t want to run that long in the rain if it could be avoided! I have done plenty of rain runs this training cycle.

So Thursday after work, I went and ran the trail a bunch of times until I hit 18 miles. You do what you have to do. It was gray and cloudy, which was good, because the humidity was climbing, as a new weather front moved in, and at 70 degrees, it felt like a summer run to me. 
whole place to myself
My shirt was dripping... 

Running after work felt so hard for this vampire runner who is used to mornings! But you do what you have to do.
  • 18 felt so much harder than 16 
  • My shirt was drenched - literally dripping - ewwwwww
  • My legs had no zip 
  • Mentally I was done at 12 miles, but I refused to give in 
  • I did pause and dump all the rocks out of my shoes at the halfway point 
  • Tried to find positive thoughts and mantras - Very. Challenged. Thank God for music!
  • My tummy felt funky for the first two hours of the run - then it calmed down
  • I ate one pack of sport beans, I couldn't get anything down the first two hours (except Nuun)
  • I had to walk twice during the last few miles about 2 minutes each to calm my feet 
  • I felt so tight at the end
  • I stretched my calves and did some squats and walked a half mile trying to loosen up
  • I woke up sore - this is the first run I really felt like a bus ran over me
  • My feet are so tender, more sore than they have ever been after a run
  • Wore compression socks to work on Friday
  • Feeling SO scared thinking about 8 more miles

No working out on Friday, all about taking it easy.  I even wore a pair of shoes to work I run in. I hate to wear my running shoes for everyday wear! They are more supportive feeling than the little black shoes I normally kick around in, and they seemed to really help my feet. Maybe I neeed to keep a pair as an everyday pair.

As soon as I got home from work I took a nap until it was time to go out. How much sleep does one need?! Hubby and I went out Friday night to see Hannibal Burris (comic), anytime I stay up past 9:30 p.m. I feel naughty :) 
My leg muscles felt much improved by the time we got home. For as rough as I felt after my long run, I bounced back pretty quick.

I was so lazy all day! I finally drug myself to the gym, and  tried to not aggravate "the spot" ~ that little area hurts when I twist wrong- so annoying! 

My foot that was injured is doing good, it is my right foot that makes all the noise lately. I feel pain in my forefoot when I push off in my stride. I waited until Sunday to run. Feet cooperated :) 

Sunday was sooooooo windy! It was a novelty to run in it, the tail end of the hurricane - the biggest gusts were 25-30 miles an hour. It was (55 degrees)  nippy- soooooooooo great! I got to run mid morning and didn't roast! My legs were so heavy, but I didn't care, I just enjoyed the run. I was either almost standing still against the wind, or being pushed forward. Hilarious!! I wish this weather would hang around, I don't want it to end. I even ran an extra mile after my run just because...

I took this pic, but I didn't feel it captured the wind well. 

This one seemed about right! 

After my run my legs felt great. I went shopping and the legs felt all zippy lol I sure wish that happened during my run!!  Is it just me or does that happen to you?? 

...and now you are caught up with what is happening in my world... ツ I hope all those impacted by the hurricane are okay!!


I am linking up with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin 
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Would you have skipped the race if you knew it was going to pour rain? 
Relate to to my long run challenges?
Ever have pain in the spot I highlighted? 
What's going on in your world? 


  1. Great job getting in all those miles! We finally have a rainy day here (major draught) and I skipped running today--I didn't want to be cold and wet!
    I think having a pair of running shoes for everyday shoes is a good idea!

    1. Cheryl, I miss you blogging!! Thank you :) I think that pair may have just become my every day pair. They do help!

  2. Wow! Look at all those miles! Your training is going great!

    1. Those miles are killing me! LOL but I did it :) I am so scared - chatted with a bloggy buddy tonight trying to reassure myself!

  3. That is quite a week. You will do great. I can feel it!

    Wine heals all. Just sayin.

    1. I hope that is so. I am trying to believe! Red or white for you?

  4. LOL on your legs finding energy for shopping! I wandered aimlessly around Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target yesterday. That wind was COLD today! I hope your mystery pain goes away!

    1. That wind was something! LOL I think it is weird my legs need an 8 mile warm up lol

  5. Wow...18 miles!!! That's great! Ok, I must have missed something (something major, none the less)...are you training for a marathon? Which one? I don't know how I do not already know this crucial info LOL (????)

    1. Yes, Richmond, November 12th :) I just pray I can get though it with these feet. There are a lot of blogger buddies to keep up with!! Route 66 is your next target right?

  6. Congrats on those big miles! No easy task for sure. I can totally relate to your feeling during that 18 miler. Definitely a character builder that will make you stronger mentally and physically come race day. I hope that twinge you feel is nothing more than a pinched nerve.

    1. Thanks Marcia :) It is amazing to me how much can on when you are doing a three hour plus run! It has made me very nervous about 20 lol
      That pain is weird - it is coming and going now. Please go lol

  7. Wine is my answer to everything and the cure-all.....yes, you do what you have to do! Love this!

  8. Great job on your 18!!! You had a high mileage week. Are you going to do a 20? Just wondered what your strategy is!

    1. Thanks, I am so torn about the 20! 18 felt so hard is was scary, that made me feel like I should...but there is the saving the feet issue. so i don't know.

  9. Sounds like a pretty good week despite some (minor ??) aches & niggles. Congrats on your long run, and for doing it during the week ! I find it mentally easier if I break things down. I usually start with "you can have a snack after 10K" then each 5 K I have a small snack. Gives me something to look forward to.
    Love the photo with the wind !

    1. It was a pretty good week, I gueess it is not all going to be easy. I think I may back off my weights for a few weeks and just give myself a pass until I get this race done.
      I like that - breaking it down does help. It was good for me to run the loop for that reason. The wind was so fun!

  10. Way to go, Karen! You rock, girl. I know what you mean about wearing running shoes. I keep the pair I run in strictly for running but right now I have to wear running shoes every day because of my brace :( I am just wearing old ones, but I really miss my cutie shoes! LOL. Keep up the great are almost there!

    1. Thank you :)
      I may just keep that pair for everyday. They really made a difference for me. That is not an expensive shoe luckily lol
      I know how you feel! I miss cute shoes all the time now lol

  11. I hope that pain in your side is feeling better, that sort of thing is so annoying, I would drink wine too! Great job getting a tough 18 mile run done, long runs can be so mental, especially when your legs aren't into it. I wear my old running shoes at work, they aren't worn out for walking, just running. I joke that work is where my running shoes go to die. Of course I am on my feet all day at work in surgery.

    1. haha, it is good you put your old shoes to use :)
      A lot of my old ones are such bright colors, I can not wear them to work - hot pink doesn't blend in well lol
      Thanks, my pain is better to day, hope it stays away!

  12. GREAT job on running 18 miles after WORKING. Inconceivable. I think the fact that you bounced back so quickly is a good sign.

    My last half had crazy wind like that -- with no hurricane!

    And that salad looks really yummy. :)

    1. Thanks Judy! It was so hard to run after work that long lol and no banana at the end!
      I hope that bouncing back is a good sign, I am nervous about 20!
      It would be crazy hard to run a race in all that wind!!

  13. Great job with running 18 miles. I don't think I would been able to pull that off, so you should be very proud of yourself.

    1. Thank you! It feels good to be this far along in training :) but i admit the idea of a few more steps scare me, let alone 8 more miles.

  14. Sounds like a great week except for that back pain. It's in almost the same area as mine, though mine is on my left side. Hopefully your back feels better soon too.

    1. Thanks!! I seem to be getting better this week. I hope you are as well :)

  15. Gosh I think I may have ditched the race if I knew it was going to rain! :( So relate to this on the long run! I hate when the skirt drips! I was glad to have a cut back week but I'll be pounding the pavement come this weekend, longest run before my first half of Fall.
    No idea what that pain is, I hope you figure it out.

    1. It has been nice this week to run and not drip LOL
      CUt back week sare nice :) I have not been taking them like I should but i have just a few more weeks!
      I hope you have a good long run!

  16. Great job on on all those miles despite a few pains!
    I often wonder if I should keep a pair of running shoes just as "wear around shoes" because I always have a problem with wearing my running shoes for every day use. I Wonder if regular "just walking around" miles impact your shoes as much as "running miles"? Of course they can't be treated equally right?

    1. Thank you! This higher mileage (for me) is making my legs very tired lol
      I think I may make that pair my every day wear, it really is helping my feet.
      I always feel like walking around miles ruin them, but that is probably silly, right lol

  17. I drink wine almost every night whether it's been a good day or bad day. Is that wrong?

    You're doing a great job on your training!

    1. No! Wine is good LOL It just makes me tired, so i am trying to abstain while training a few days a week lol

  18. Oh no, I hope that spot on your side goes away with some TLC!

    I love when you put this little guy in your posts, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it cracks me up!

    Congrats on your 18 miler! That's big, huge. You've got this marathon in the bag physically. Now it's time to give yourself lots of pep talks everyday to make sure you go in mentally strong and confident!

    1. My spot seems to be getting better this week.
      My shrug is how I feel about 90% of life LOL What are you going do??
      I am trying to picture myself finishing all the time now :) I have to believe right.
      My legs are so stinking tired lol

  19. I really loved your instagram posts this week! They were so motivating.

    You know, pushing to 18 when you were done at 12 is like...what training is ALL about. You made yourself SO mentally strong by finishing that run. Now that you've done 18 you KNOW you can do 26.2. You've GOT THIS!

    1. Awww, well thanks!!
      18 was so hard on me mentally, I guess that is what training is all about, right :) I really wanted to quit and told myself no all those miles and i needed to practice that!
      I really am trying to visualize in mind all the time- my finish! Thanks for the encouragement :)

  20. How is your rib pain? Did you figure out what it was? I am with you, it's probably the greens!

    18 miles is amazing! Yes, you can absolutely do 8 more! You got this!

    1. I did not figure it out, but it seems to be getting better this week. I do blame the healthy food LOL
      8 more still scares me, but I am trying to keep the image of me finishing in my head :)

  21. Thats so strange about the pain you had! Im glad it got better. Great job this week!

  22. Way to push through on that 18-miler and all of your training this week despite all the challenges!!! When I was training for the Chicago Marathon, the 18-miler was my hardest long run. My 20-miler and the actual marathon felt easier, believe it or not. =) Hopefully it'll be the same for you. I am sorry to hear about the pain, but glad that it seems to have improved. Here is hoping it behaves itself! Your salads look so healthy and so delicious!

    1. That gives me some hope! I am nervous about 20 - if it feels like the 18, I am afraid it'll mess with my mind lol I hope i do 20 and feel better.
      I feel like lots of little aches are popping up now - i am glad I am getting close to taper.

  23. OMG. I had that SAME high under rib pain during my race miles 23-24. I almost went into full on panic mode because I could NOT catch my breath. After about two miles, it went away. I assumed something in there had cramped. It was so weird. You said something important - "I bounced back pretty quick." Bingo. There is your measure of fitness. There is your strength, your confidence. We all feel horrible during/after a long run. But, it's the bouncing back that truly matters! You are almost there. You will be awesome. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. Ohhh that is weird you got the pain!! That is an awful feeling to not be able to suck in deep. Thank goodness it went away. It is such an odd sensation because it is high, but i still feel like it must a spams or diaphragm issue.
      I did feel good about how I bounced back! It helped because the run itself was a tough one lol Thanks for the encouragement :)


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