Thursday, June 1, 2017

Park to Park Half Marathon

In my last link up post I told you about the Petersburg Half I ran April 22nd, which is south of Richmond, VA. The next weekend I headed west in VA...

April 29th, I headed west to run the Park to Park Half Marathon half marathon ~ #15 for me :) 

This course takes you from Stuarts Draft Park to Waynesboro’s, Ridgeview Park. All the parking is at the finish line area, so you hop a bus and ride to the start line in Stuarts Draft.

The last bus leaves for the start line at 6:30 a.m. and I needed to get my bib, so I decided to ride up Friday night and stay in a cheap room :)
This is about two hours from home...I was nervous about driving at 4 a.m. since I really don't know the area. I am always nervous. Am I going to have a hard time finding it, ? parking, ? year if I do it I will drive in the morning, it was super easy access and had plenty of parking! Yay! 

I ended up at Day's Inn and it was nice.

I actually had a friend to meet at this one! I met Mary on Instagram and we hung out briefly at the Richmond Marathon. 
#Throwback to Richmond

I was super excited to see her again and have time to chat on the bus ride. Mary is pretty speedy, so once the race race starts I am in her dust, but anytime I actually have a friend at an event it is a treat for me. 

Back to Waynesboro now!
Riding in style to the start line! 
It took awhile to get to the start line, I was reminded how far 13 miles is! 
The start line 

...and remember I said in my May Runfessions I didn't even get in a picture...well, I lied. I was flipping through pics and noticed Mary and I chatting at the start line 💙Where's Waldo??!

It was a bit congested the first mile! 

It eventually thinned out, but it did take a few miles. 

The course had rolling hills and really tranquil views...but it was HAAAWT!!! 80 degrees, hot and sticky. 

The water stops were spread out every few miles and I didn't carry hydration. It was hot, I knew I couldn't go fast, so I just trotted along, enjoying the day, wishing it was cooler. 
Random person running by the same horses I saw. I passed a bunch of cows as well. Lots and lots of country roads made up this course. 

Eventually I ran up the last big hill and into the park finish line area.

I did not finish feeling like the gal pictured below 😅😉 I WISH I did!! 
That is Mary in the peach shirt and plaid skirt. This was the sub 2 crowd. 

It would take me another 20 minutes to finish. I was so drenched, I was dumping water over my head the last few water stops trying to cool off. Seriously, I am already over summer running. 

Mary snapped this for me as I was coming to the line! 

Mary and I hung out at the after party for awhile talking, then I drove back to the hotel, showered and headed home. 
Even though I was about 10 minutes slower than my A goal, I never regret running an event. Had I been at home, I would have never run that far! A goal, B goal, or C goal, 13 miles still feels like an accomplishment and it is a good feeling! 

Mary's co -worker with us 

Originally, I had planned to run another half the weekend after this event...buuuuuut, I had struck out with hot races three weekends in April and my legs were feeling the wear and tear, so for now, my half count sits at #15 (I am still a newbie compared to some of you!) 

I plan to run one more half in June before I take the summer off. 

This was my second finish line of the month on grass. Oddly, grass feels a bit tough, maybe it is the transition after being in gravel and pavement?? Have you run much on grass? 

Have you been on a school bus lately? 
What is you half number? Have you lost count yet!? 

Thanks for stopping by!! 



  1. Great job! I want to know why the race planners always put a hill at the end? Wouldn't it be nice to run downhill to the finish?

    You're no newbie. I'm at 18--I'd like to hit 20 by the end of the year.

    1. Thanks Wendy :) Richmond finishes with downhill, come on out and run it!
      I'd like to hit 20 as well, but I am a little behind, but I still have time.

  2. Awesome job!!This looks like a fun race and I love all of your photos.

    I also do not like running, or finishing a race, on grass.

    1. Thank you :) I wanted to get enough pics so you could see what the course was like.
      Grass is strange feeling right!

  3. I'm completed 26. Even if there is a net downhill, it never feels like a a downhill esp at the end.

    My last race had a school bus to get everyone back to their cars - it was weird.

    I am tempted by 2 more halfs but I hesitate because I don't want to train in the heat. So far my next one is Oct 1.

    1. Downhill can be very deceiving, my morning runs are hilly and I can't feel the relief downhill most of the time lol
      I have one in November after my June race. I am only doing a June race because it is not in VA - too hot here lol I am not a fan of heat training either.

  4. I think a grass finish is very tough. Not sure why race directors do that. Congrats on a strong race in the heat. Those are so tough! Any point to point race I've ever done, including Boston, has shuttled us in a school bus.

    1. I am glad it isn't just me with the grass!
      Good ole' bumpy school buses lol

  5. That's great that you had a friend there at the race, I feel like that always makes it more fun even if you don't run together :) Great job with a hot race! I stick with shorter distances in the Summer so usually no halfs for me after April until October :)

    1. It really does make it more fun for sure!
      I had really hoped April would be a little kinder temperature wise...maybe next year LOL

  6. You are amazing! Truly!!!
    I love that finish line in the grassy area!
    I HATEEEEE bus rides on a race morning -I get so car sick & by the time I get to a start line, I'm ready to puke. Mercy

    1. I really wasn't impressive LOL but thank you :)
      The grass is really pretty, but it slowed me down for sure.
      This would not be a great event for you getting car sick! Yikes lol

  7. Every time I've taken a shuttle to a HM start, I think the same thing: It's so far! You're right that a HM is an accomplishment no matter your time. Looks like a really scenic course! Congrats on doing great on such a hit & humid morning 👍👏

    1. That is funny we forget how far it really is until we ride or drive it lol
      Thank you! I did the best I could that day :) and it was super pretty to run in that area!

  8. Congrats to you and Mary!!! I have not run many half marathons. If I count ones on the road, I think I only ran 3!! School buses are HELL. Last time I was on one was a field trip this past fall.

    1. Thanks! I've discovered I CAN run that far but usually WON'T unless I am running a race lol
      Buses are sooooo bumpy!

  9. Grass is tricky to run on because it's usually NOT level and can be slippery. I think every finish line is a victory, no matter how fast (or long) it takes to get there. Going 13 miles is a major distance!

    1. Grass is tricky for sure!
      13 is big and sometimes I feel like I forget how big of accomplishment it is.

  10. Oh yeah, grass feels so weird after having run on pavement. I've run a few races the finished on grass...very odd feeling. Also, used to run some gravel trails a lot that would come out on pavement ...that felt really weird too. Guess it's any change in terrain.

    This looked like some really pretty countryside for a race. I am so over the humidity already and we are barely into June! Ugh.

    1. I always have a hard time transitioning too, I think we get a rhythm going and it disrupts it changing terrain.
      It was a very pretty area! I wish it had been a tick cooler, but it isn't going away now until Fall...maybe not even then lol

  11. I've only complete 12 halfs, and that's over the course of FIFTEEN years. :) My first was in April 2002. lol.

    I always think grassy will be too slippery, so I tend to avoid it.


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