Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Plans

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I have summer plans on my mind!

Summer running started here early in April and I've been having a very hard time finding the will this year to push on. I do okay on shorter runs but my long run game is off. I don't know how I managed to marathon train last year, but I can tell you, this year I wouldn't be able to pull it off.
This past week we had this amazing weather oasis of cooler dry air Tuesday - Friday and I felt like a different, happy, strong human on my runs...even when I fell on my morning run, I still felt happy at the end because it was so flipping gorgeous out LOL

Monday - short core work out
Tuesday - 4.8 mi run (I fell 38 minutes in)
Wednesday - 4 mi run
Thursday - nada
Friday - 4.55 mi run
Saturday - 8 mi run, 3 mi w/intervals, 1 mile walk
Sunday - likely hood high that I will on my sofa watching Nascar

I have grosser pics but I don't want to make anyone queasy! 
My happy Hump Day run! 

Thursday - the knee was getting better

Saturday the usual weather was back and so was my weakness. I frolicked in a few sprinklers and it helped me to push myself a little. I wanted to quit at mile 6, but I was able to get to 8, (planned distance was 12) but my sprinkler dips caused my bandage to start slipping off and flapping. When I stopped to adjust my bandage, I could not find the will to go again without intervals. I picked 4 x 1 on my watch and made it 3 miles...bailed on the last mile - it just isn't in my being to make myself that uncomfortable right now.
Long run Saturday 

I've been very happy I’ve been able to hold my mileage right at 100 miles from March to May, but I don’t anticipate holding onto that in June or for the rest of the summer. 

100 mile months challenge me and I've had a few bumps along the way…I’ve had to string together rest days a few times, four of five in a row, because I feel a little pinch in my calf, or my (PIMA) right glute flares up, or my feet start aching, but so far (KNOCKING) I have been able to bounce back and keep going!  I hope I don’t jinx myself by writing that!

I am tossing some ideas around to keep myself moving July to September, but I haven't quite nailed down my summer plan.
I think I am leaning toward a 10K being my long run each week. I want to give myself a break from running distance in the summer humidity. 

I do know a few things for sure!
I want to run at least four mornings a week 😍
I will pause for any sprinkler I encounter and cool off  💃

A few years ago I did 10K Friday with my run buddy. I work four ten hour days in the summer and it was fun to knock out our long run on Fridays. I stayed in decent shape that summer, I actually set my half PR in November that year!

I like to think in terms of time when setting goals instead of miles in summer, because I slow down so much.  I want to maintain some kind of base for running but I don’t want to feel like I am training.
I’ve considered 3 hours of running a week for my target. That would break down to three runs about 40 minutes each and my 10K.
Four hours...that's three runs about 55 minutes each and my 10K, but that means I have to be on my feet and running right at 5 a.m. and lately I have not been winning with the alarm clock.
I want my goal to feel attainable and also allow some room, so (((hopefully))) I can get motivated to start weight training again. 

I seem to accomplish more when I set some kind of goal for myself.
It gives me motivations, helps me to overcome procrastination, and I like being able to measure my success.
Now I just need to make up my darn mind. ⏰ time's a ticking...

Does three hours a week seem to little? 
Do you set mini goals even when you are not training? 
Are you a wing it kind of person? 
Does a 10K feel like a "long run" to you in summer? 
What are you doing for summer? 

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  1. I've been winging it with my runs lately -- I can't believe I'm saying it, but they are just not my priority right now! Cutting back on mileage during the summer sounds like a smart plan to me.

    1. Well that is a good place to be in, means you are really loving your other activities!!

  2. I always set mini goals--even though I have a half in a month, I'm not doing any "formal" training. I just make sure to get my longish run in once/week. Summer running--we have that love/hate thing with the heat, don't we?

    1. Mini goals really do help me...I am not sure I have any summer love left in me lol

  3. My summer goal (after the marathon) is to maintain most of my distance endurance. I will take a couple weeks to recover (with a few short runs at easy paces), but after that I hope to maybe do a 10-mile long run every other week or so. Nothing further than 10 miles, though, because there's no reason to do so...unless I add a fall marathon....I think for you to cut back a bit will do you good since the heat is such a factor. Shorter "easy" runs that leave you feeling great (and not frustrated) will keep your confidence in check ;-)

    1. I usually like to do the same thing - once or twice a month I'd hit double digits to make sure I don't lose it, but I don't think I can handle that this year LOL
      You are right about the confidence factor for sure :)

  4. Oh no! So sorry that you fell on your run but I hope that the cut is healing and feeling better. Glad you were able to get in some great runs this week. I always set monthly and yearly gals for myself. I'm very Type ! so I like to follow a plan and it helps me active new things every year.

    Thanks for linking up for the Weekly Wrap!

    1. The crazy thing is my knee has hurt more over the weekend than when I first fell, but it healing so hopefully I'll feel better in the next few days :)

  5. I think going by time in the summer is the perfect plan, and 3 hours sounds like a solid base! If there is a week you feel awesome and want to do a little more, go for it! If there is a week your body is like "hell no!" then just do a little less. It will all even out.

    1. Thanks, I was worried three hours wasn't enough, but you are right...i can keep going if I feel good. I feel like I need a cut back I am starting to feel some little aches and I am trying really hard to not have more issues.

  6. I'm right there with you! I had already decided that as soon as this half was done, I'd be backing off my miles and cycling more. I just can't tolerate the heat and humidity and it seems to affect me more the older I get. Six miles definitely is a long run for me in the summer months! Last summer I only did 5k races and maybe a few 5 to 6 mile runs on the weekends. Your plan sounds perfect for a southern runner to survive! :)

    1. The heat really does seem to impact me more now than ever...
      I'll be cycling with you trying to survive :)
      I think 6 will be my limit lol

  7. Ouch! You knew! Hope it looked worse than it felt! Your summer plans sound great. No sense killing yourself to hit high mileage when you can be just as happy focusing on other goals.

    1. The knee is still giving me a fit, little parts of it keep puffing up...I may be at Doc's office soon.

  8. You'll have to sign up for my birthday challenge! It's 30 days from Jul 12-Aug 10. Each day will be a different exercise to do 40 reps plus there will be 10 additional bonus "tasks" to bring the total to 40. One of the bonuses will be to run 40 miles in the 30 days. Anyway, more details to come on that. Hopefully soon!

    I do like your idea of a time goal throughout the summer instead of a mileage goal. I think the 3 hours would be a challenging goal, but I haven't had a 100 mile month in who knows how long. lol. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll kill it. ;-)

    1. Your birthday challenge sounds fun!! Maybe that will keep me going this summer ;)
      I think 3 hours is going to feel like plenty, I really need to get on my bike more.

  9. hope your knee is ok! I do like to set mini goals as well it helps me stay motivated

  10. I love the idea of measuring your runs by time on your feet when it's hot. Heart rate is also a great measure because you'll see just how hard your body needs to work when it's hot. In my "off-season" my long run is 6-8 miles long. That's perfectly reasonable! I'd keep a small running base and focus on strength.

    1. So true, my heart rate will sky rocket in the heat. I have been doing a little better since I have meds now, but I am still amazed at much higher the HR will spike.
      I hope I feel motivated to start strength work again.


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