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I thought I would make the Weekly wrap link up this week, but life got in the way and I knew I wouldn't have time to blog read. I hate to throw up a post when I know I won't have time to read, so I am just getting to it this week.  I have a few more Montana vacation posts to go :)

Monday afternoon I had visitors at work...check out the cuties. I couldn't get a good pic of the kittens, I tried!  Our Vet Science teacher has five she is fostering. They sacked out on my lap for a nap:)

Steps and vacation go hand in hand for me.  I love to stay on the move, that is relaxing to me...

I always knew I walked a lot when I visited my Mom, but this was the first year my watch recorded my steps each day, so I could actually see it :) My older model Garmin did not record steps. I had a few good days before I left to see my Mom. Often, I struggle to get 5,000 a day unless it is a run day.

6-1917,007VA - run day
6-2022,787Bush Gardens day
6-2116,232travel day- Montana at noon 
6-2818,379travel day/ 6 mi run in Whitefish
6-295,550home in VA

Last week I had four days I didn't hit my 15,000 step goal.

I was in step heaven while I was visiting my Mom. The breezes, the view, the clean air, it all encourages being outside as much as possible.

I fell in love with walking all over again. I can walk and not be dripping in is a dream 💜

I walked to get a morning cup of coffee! 

I walked all around town and I walked to eat. 

 Spinach and egg crepe....mmmmmm

I will always be thankful for the race experience I had in East Glacier, MT., but the one thing about running a Saturday race, was I felt like I felt like I should rest a few days before the event...I didn't want to burn out my legs totally. I do have a twinge of regret now...(sigh) I knew I wasn't going run the race really hard. Part of me wishes I would have run as much as I wanted and not worried about resting up my legs! I have run as much as 40 miles in a week while visiting my Mom, but this year I walked more. 
I arrived in Montana on a Wednesday afternoon. 
Thursday I only ran 2 miles because my Mom had an early morning appt. and I felt tired. 
Friday I ran 2 more miles and went to the expo, then I hauled to Cut Bank, MT., to find my hotel and walked the town. I had the most pleasant evening walk ever!! 

Check it out... someone had a fire going in the neighborhood in Cut Bank. That nippy air was wonderful. 
I would never ever have a need for fire in VA in June, unless I wanted a s'more LOL 
If you missed my Friday Five post you missed a little story about Cut Bank. 

Saturday I ran the race 
Sunday I was so eager to be out in the awesome weather, I ran 2 miles and then I walked.
Monday I ran a 10K and I walked later. 
Tuesday I ran 2 more miles 
Wednesday (the day I left ) I ran 6. I could not get enough. I ran 33 miles the week I was there. 💚

...and now I am home struggling to get 5,000 steps on days I don't run. LOL 

One more awesome thing is the sunlight lingers until after 10:00 p.m. in the north west. There is a very nice glow of light and folks are out doing yard work at 9:30 in the evening. I loved being able to enjoy an evening walk ...most evenings it was in the mid 50's or low 60's.

These pics were all taken after 10:00 p.m.

My dream life would be 20,000 plus steps a day! Honestly, my active days in Montana were the best I have felt all year.  All the sitting at work is tough!!  

Does your step counts increase on vacation? 
Do you feel more relaxed if you are moving? 
Would you have rested a few days before the race? 

Thanks for stopping by!! 


  1. I try to rest a few days before I race--it doesn't always work out for me. I'm dreading Sunday's half--hoping my RA symptoms calm down before then. Otherwise, who knows how it will go?

    I loved all your pics from Montana. It looks so relaxing!

    1. I hope you feel better. You still have a few days, fingers crossed for you!!
      Montana is like a little piece of heaven to me :)

  2. Oh man! 15K steps a day? I barely squeak 10K steps on days that I don't run.. and that includes a lot of dancing in bathroom!! good job!

    Those crepes look delicious!

    1. I am having a hard time hitting 10 as well on non-run days!! Maybe I set the bar too high lol
      The crepes were crazy good, I went back a second time!

  3. You were really active out west! I can't believe how light it is at 10:00!

    1. The daylight is something! I am not used to it, it fascinates me lol

  4. That's a #holotta steps! I enjoy being active, but I enjoy resting, too (and sometimes I can't get in as much as I want to when I'm with my husband).

    I actually would't like it staying light so late -- I'm an early bird & that would mess with me!

    Maybe you need to save up so you can visit your mom more often. :)

    1. I thought it would mess with me sleeping, but I really did okay...I stayed out a few nights just because it a novelty to me :)
      It takes me about a year to save for the next trip and I don't want to work two jobs again, I did that for years, i am way too burnt out to do it anymore.

  5. If I don't run, my steps are so low....

    And yes, I wish I had more money to travel (and race.)

    Montana looks like such a beautiful place. You are lucky that your mom lives there so no hotel expense.

    1. I can't find a way to be active here hardly on days i don't run, it is way to muggy to want to walk.
      Montana is a wonderful place, it is nice not having the hotel $$. The market is small so the flights and car rental are not a bargain.

  6. I don't see the walking instead of running as rest- walking is a lot of work! And you got to use different muscles AND it is low impact. I know we love running, but I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves that walking is REALLY good for us too, and you got to do it as just part of your day in Montana! I definitely walk a TON more on vacation, even if we don't go for a hike.

    1. I do love walking it makes me feel really good, but it is so sticky here I have been avoiding it all summer!
      All that activity on vacation is the best!

  7. Holy cow! That town your mom lives in is so MONTANA! It looks like it's from a tv show or movie set. I can't believe it's real! Those shops!

    I can only imagine what it must be like to be able to walk around and not sweat. I walk to my car from the store and I am ...dewy!

    1. Isn't the town cute! There are five blocks that look like that with shops and bars. It is really growing right now though. It kinda makes me sad, they are building houses everywhere!
      I can't walk to my car here either w/o cracking a sweat lol ...I am so over it LOL

  8. I didn't know you were in Montana to visit your mom. So awesome she lives there so you can visit. I think I told you that I absolutely love that part of the country! I have dreams of moving there someday. What Garmin do you have that tracks steps?

    1. Yes! I would have never been able to run the race if my Mom didn't live there. I love it too, I am dying to move there but I don't think it'll happen.
      I have the forerunner 225 with heart rate technology...I really like it, I can also program workouts in it!

  9. That town in Montana looks so cute!
    I love that spinach and egg crepe - looks so good!

    1. It is a great place!
      The crepe place is soooooo good :)

  10. I have to admit it is hard for me get steps in when I'm not running. I rarely get to 10K on days I don't run. I try to be better about getting up and moving, walking to the bus stops and to get lunch, but it just doesn't add up to much. When we were hiking in Zion I had a few 20,000+ days in a row and I felt like a beast.

    Over the past year or so, I've started to realize that while running is great, having an overall active lifestyle is more important, and healthier in the long run, than intense exercise. Running a crap ton of miles for marathon training but then not doing much else isn't necessarily great for me or my fitness. This is why I'm a big advocate of fitness trackers. Step count is certainly not the be all end all of fitness (hello, biking and swimming!), but it at least helps you be more active in general.

    1. Isn't it funny how your step count makes you feel like a beast :) That is how I felt the week I was on vacation lol
      I agree about step tracking, while not the end all be all, it certainly is really healthy to be moving more. My gentle walks to get food and coffee in Montana reminded me how amazing it makes me feel. I can not walk anywhere here without being drenched so I've barely walked since I got home.
      I bet Zion was flipping amazing!

  11. I am so glad you mentioned they were kittens because I was trying to figure out what it was (I didn't see that there were two). I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me

    I have not wore my fitness tracker to track steps since like April or May. I should probably wear it when we go to Disney because I'll be curious to see how many steps I get in.

    1. I had three kittens LOL all piled on :) I never got a pic pf all five!
      Disney is fun to track the steps you will see some crazy high number :)
      I remember after the princess race we walked 13 miles all over the park!

  12. Wow, that's a ton of steps! I do walk more on vacation but not that much! I'm not very good at resting before a race. Even for the NYC Half we walked all over the city the day before. And for the Denver 10 Miler we did some (easy) hiking. I guess I care more about seizing the day than a specific race. :-)

    1. I really kind of wished I would have been a little more into seizing the moments before the race. I was active but I could have done more lol it was just so pretty every day I was there, I didn't want to waste a minute.

  13. We don't live in a walk around town but I love it when we visit places that are

    1. Mine place down here isn't walk around at all!
      I love being able to walk like I did in Montana :)

  14. Wow! You really moved on vacation! :) Montana sure is beautiful!


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