Monday, August 14, 2017

I Cannot Believe I am 51 🙈

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Last week I rested a lot!

7- Rest day

8- Rest day

9- Bike Ride - 25.08 mi 2:07:38

10- Henrico Warm up - 1.01 mi 0:11:03
      Henrico Moonlight 4 miler - 4.06 mi 0:42:05
11- Rest day

12- Evening Bike Ride - 21.31 mi 1:49:18

13- Back to it - 4.01 mi 0:43:19
      Walking - 1.77 mi 0:31:35
      Strength Training -1:22:52

I've had quite the head cold for the past few weeks and I was feeling a bit run down, and the aches in my left calf were building so I had to let the summer goals go.
My plan was four runs while I was on my summer work schedule.
(Three 40 minute runs and one 10K a week)
I am little hard headed once I set my mind on something so I had a very difficult time breaking that rhythm. However, I am going to start half marathon training this week anyway, so the smart thing for me to do was rest and be ready for whatever Coach HoHo tells me to do!

After I rested Monday and Tuesday, the temptation was lurking to hop back in Wednesday and check off my four runs. The urge was bad, like a dangling dark chocolate bar, but I resisted because my left calf was still feeling just a little tight. That urge to check off the runs is real!
I had to remind myself this:

Muscle absorbs impact, when muscles are fatigued and tight they can't absorb the impact and your bone is compromised and at risk for injury. 
The PT drilled this into me when I was injured a few years ago, but I had to do some self-coaching to make myself chill.
You would think as much as I've been hurt this wouldn't be hard anymore...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The fitness highlight of my week was the Moonlight 4 miler on my birthday.

I talked run buddy into meeting me and we ran in the freaking evening heat. It was no joke…it was about 85 degrees, but we both needed a few miles for the week and it was really fun it was on my actual birthday night 💖
It was hilly, actually a few pretty big hills, and we pushed as hard we could. Mile three, I was starting to feel wonky and a little too hot, I was losing steam I dumped water all over my head and that seemed to help just enough to get me to the end. Run buddy could have finished faster for sure but we stayed together and finished upright!

We laughed when we saw our average, it felt so much harder when what the numbers show…
But considering most of our 10K heat runs were 11:25 – 11:40 average this was a step up!

My other non related fitness highlight was a ride on a boat at sunset - very nice 💗

Surprises are fun and this was 51 :) 

Normally I don't have big birthday celebration or surprises so last week was pretty fun even though I really am 51!

I am excited to get back to training this week! 
Oh and this weeks senior moment, I did some elliptical time but I forgot to start my oh well 😃

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Ever had popsicles after a race?? It was the best!
Gone on a sailboat ride?
Do you have a hard time just chilling for a week?
Ever get a summer cold that took forever to shake?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Don't Let It End ♪♪

Bonus points if you know who sang the song in my title!

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Something happened this week I was not expecting.

10K Friday with my run buddy comes to a close.😢 I thought we had a few more weeks together, but she said this will be her last one. I was bummmmed. My run buddy recently moved to Richmond so we've been exploring new routes and it was fun to run in a new area. We discovered it is much shadier than the running routes around our neighborhood (mine still) and we had fun running and chatting away the miles!

Run buddy's daughter is starting school next week so she'll be busy getting back on a school schedule. She home schools her three and they have a home school co-op on Fridays.

I have four more weeks of ten hour days before I change back to five days. Anyone want to come hang out with me and run!? I only cry a little now in the heat! JK 😂


Public school here doesn't start until September 5th, and teachers come back on August 28th.  We also have Orientation days and other training activities before all that happens! August is going to get #holottabusy for me soon.

Anyway, it was another sweaty 10K and this week we tackled some hills. We didn't mean too LOL We were just exploring new streets ~ wooooza was it challenging. It wasn't 80+ for this one, but it was humid and in the 70's and honestly, 73 -75 doesn't feel that much easier to me, but we keep moving and get 'er done!

I sucked my pack dry. Almost 2 liters with Nuun. When I got home I was still thirsty, sometimes I am amazed at how much I can drink. I chug a lot of water and unsweetened ice tea, it seems like the more I chug the more I need. Do you ever feel that way?!

I feel a bit of self imposed pressure to pick up the pace when there is a temperature or humidity break. Sunday we had a random cooler low humidity morning. I love those! It feels so good to push myself and not be overheating, but I did wonder to myself, "Why can't I slow down, just relax and enjoy not sweating buckets???!"
I really think it is my pay off for all the months of hot humid miles. I need to feel like there is a reward for all the hard work, or else I'd just be crazy right?! So I feel like I must run faster...
Do you ever feel like this?!

Seriously, my 10:22 avg felt like I was flying 💫 and it made me tired 🙌

I continued on with Clarinda's fitness challenge 

The challenge ends on the 10th! I have done all the exercises except one...side lunges, I  just couldn't get my body to move that way, so I bailed on that one.  I figured it would be burpees or mountain climbers I wouldn't be able to handle, but I managed those. In the end, side lunges and single leg deadlifts were the hardest thing ever. Balance is a real issue for me...weakness exposed. Each week I did a mini workout with several things off the calendar. Thanks Clarinda for motivating me to try new things!

This is how my week went...
Monday - rest
Tuesday - Fartlek Six - 6.70 mi 1:12:03 (10:45 avg)
                   Stretch - 0:05:28
Wednesday - Listless Four - 4.30 mi 0:47:45 (11:06)
                         Curl and Press - 0:20:19
Thursday - rest
Friday - Buddy 10K - 6.22 mi 1:12:02 (11:35 avg)
               Buddy Walk - 2.86 mi 0:54:45
Saturday - Arc Machine- 1.25 mi 0:25:40
                    Fitness Challenge Session - 1:35:01
Sunday - Fun Five - 5.51 mi 0:57:03 (10:22 avg)
                  Walking - 3.19 mi 1:03:38
Run - 22.74 mi

These shoes 💓

These are Hoka Hupana's and I am loving them. I only have 30 miles on them, but they have been 30 happy miles for my feet. I think I will still be doing long runs in my Clifton 3's which have more cushion, but I am thrilled to have a lower profile option from Hoka. I had to return my normal size and go a half size smaller because this model does run long, which felt odd but the fit is just right.  It is a win when I can find shoes that work well for me! It has been a long journey. 

My feet update is that things are about the same. I still have pain in the ball of my feet and toes. The right foot continues to be more of a noise maker than my left, even though it was the left foot that had the tear in it. I have good days and bad, so I try to take it day by day and back off when I need to. My orthotics are the key to my running.  I have tested it a few times and the pain comes on sooner and lingers if I don't wear them.  My 👣 are much more manageable when I take longer runs of the mix, so I am a little nervous to start training again for my Fall races, but I won't know unless I try! I will continue to use intervals when I do anything double digit and run a few more half marathons this year and see how I hold up. My last half wasn't really a typical course or run, so it wasn't a good gauge. I think I am finally at a place where I could give up running half marathons if it will help me stay healthy and running longer. Those daily 4 -6 mile runs are my sanity. I am going to take each day as it comes and see how it goes until the end of the year. 
Honestly, I've been getting more miles in than I thought possible, however, every so often I need a little mini break because I can feel the tightness and tenderness creeping up. This week may end up being much lighter to give myself some recovery time. 

Thanks for hanging with me, I know this was wordy! 

Truth...I have no get up and go about celebrating my B-day this year, I am trying to think of something to do. 
Ideas? What do you do for birthdays in your family? 
Random question - I let my hair air dry a few times this week, I just twist it up and go to work. Would you go to work with wet hair? Is that bad etiquette?  
Do you blow dry your hair? 

Questions from my post! 
Do you ever feel the more you drink, the more you need? 
Do you feel pressure to pick up the pace when it cools off? 

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