Monday, October 2, 2017

Feeling the Love of Fall!

Training week #7 with Coach Hoho
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On the Mend - 3.00 mi 0:32:56
Cool Down - 0:15:04
Treadmill warm up - 1.20 mi 0:19:32
Upper and Core - 1:21:01
Summer 800's - 6.04 mi 1:04:05
Cool Down - 0:19:12
Thursday – rest!
Walking - 2.72 mi 0:51:40
Feeling Fall for Ten - 10.00 mi 1:43:21
Walking - 1.85 mi 0:36:35
Cool 3 - 3.01 mi 0:31:30
Cool Down - 0:09:28

First let me say, this is not a forum where I have chosen not to discuss current events much, but I do feel deeply for those impacted just as I do in every tragic event of which there seems to be an endless string of lately.  I am deeply disturbed that so many among the human race seem to be hell bent on death, chaos, and causing of destruction of innocent lives. It is deplorable.
To make a long post short, I had THAT week, that breakthrough I needed and it once again confirms I may be the most weather dependent person on the planet.
Wednesday it was still summer, it was a hot 72 and humid and I knocked out my speed work. While I felt pretty darn strong for my 800’s I just slogged through the recovery periods, but I really believed it was the heat. Here is the thing though; when you are slogging and feeling drained, you always have to wonder if the conditions were better could I have nailed it??!
Fortunately I did not have to wait long this week to find out!  
Friday was a beautiful day in Central VA finalllllly….after months of boiling, I was whistling and happy to take an evening walk and feeling excited to run the next morning.
Saturday I could not believe how amazing it felt, I haven’t felt anything this pleasant since Montana in June. In VA it has been since April. I did my warm up and off I went.  I had pre-programmed my pace miles into my Garmin so I had my cues. After a few warm up miles, my legs were feeling better than they have felt in a very long time. I decided to ignore my pace cues and push out a few miles and see what I could do before I felt fatigued.
It was such a good feeling to push again!!
I completely crushed this run, it felt a race day!
Planned 2 w/u 2 c/d 6@10:30
10:42, 10:35 10:25, 10:31, 10:21, 10:26, 9:54 9:52 10:17, 10:16
I know in the world of speedy, this isn’t breaking any records, but for me it is the fastest and strongest feeling effort I've had in a long time. To be truthful the pace isn’t what mattered so much, it was more the fact I felt capable and my body was meeting the challenge when I pushed myself and I could recover without stopping, completely different from how I feel in the heat. I am so weather dependent it is annoying, but I don't have much control over it. 
I wish I could have held this pace for my last race in early September, but I just wasn’t there yet.  A race day like this in a few weeks would sure be nice, but who knows, the heat and humidity could be back in an instant here and I could struggle just trying to maintain 11 minute miles! 
At least I do feel I am getting myself prepared to be ready to seize the opportunity of a great weather day!
You know what else was really strange, my legs felt pretty used up the rest of Saturday, but I woke up Sunday and they were surprisingly ready to run.  I went out to do a recovery run and kept expecting any minute to feel heavy legs, but I actually felt great.  My biggest issue was I started sneezing incessantly, and another cold quickly came on. UGH!! The hubs and I went to Bush Gardens and I sneezed all though the day. I took Allegra, cold medicine, and used nose spray several times, I was so dried up my lips were cracking LOL but I was still sneezing. I can’t stand being sick, but I still had a great time. I live for roller coasters days!

I started last Monday trying to get over being sick all last weekend, and I ended up sick again. Booo! Oh well, I am trying to shake it off. 
Scenes from my week.

After my Monday run I came home to a hurt BooBoo

 He is on the mend!! His bite is healing and I can tell (after a $$$ vet visit)  he feels much better!  He stays in our yard and very close to home when he goes out, but that is the risk of an outdoor cat. All my other cats stay inside but Boo was an adoptee from the neighborhood because of Hurricane Sandy. My hubby insisted on bringing him indoors to keep him safe during the storm and he never left :) 

               Dang heat!! I rocked my 800's anyway! I may have said  a few curse words though! 
Saturday was an amazing long run, amazing breakfast made by my hubby, and a beer and wine festival for the day!! 

Sunday recovery run! I love Fall and this cute shirt from Sara Marie Designs from Holly 💗💗 Thank you for the gift Coach!!  
 and then I was off to ride rollercoasters for the day! 

Had any breakthroughs lately? 
Have you been able to avoid the cold season?! 
When was your last strong endorphin flowing run? Tell me about it! 
Anyone want to challenge my title as the most weather dependent person on the planet?! LOL  maybe I can share it ;) 

Take care everyone!


  1. Aw,baby Boo Boo has a booboo!!! Kiss that baby for me! Love your Monday shirt.

    1. Poor Boo is the nicest kitty, makes me feel bad.
      Ha, that is an old shirt from Wal-mart lol Thanks!

  2. Glad BooBoo is on the mend!
    Last night I actually had my best run since May at least! I know it was because it wasn't as hot and humid!

    1. Thank you!!
      Yay for happy runs! It feels good after such a long wait right :)

  3. I'm a bit weather dependent....

    You continue to amaze me with your workouts!

    1. Weather can make or break or me too easy.
      Thank you :) I'm pushing on!

  4. Well, great job!! Do you think all of those hard runs in miserable weather could have (maybe?) made you kick such buttocks when the weather broke? YOU are a lot stronger runner than you give yourself credit for ;-) (And I'd love a day of roller coasters!)

    1. Thank you :)
      I hoped slogging through the summer helped, but it always hard to tell when I am running 12 minutes for months lol

  5. I feel like with running it's always a surprise, some days are unexpectedly tired from an easy work out another day is a hard workout seems to pump you up more than next day

  6. I've been loving the cooler weather too, it really makes the running feel so much more fun. I hope you fight off that cold and the kitty continues to get better.

  7. Weather absolutely makes all the difference! There's a sweet spot -- we didn't get it Sunday, but I'd still rather be cold!

    There is just something so great about a long run that FEELS great & I'm really happy that you had one. And never forget -- to me you're still definitely speedy!

    1. I heard it was rather shivery for your half!! I'd rather be cold too.
      I feel thankful that I have turned a corner now, but of course I know the heat could be back anytime...trying to make the most of it while it lasts!

  8. Yay for some awesome runs and weather FINALLY! Woot woot! I hope that continues! And I hope you feel better, and Boo Boo too! :)

    1. BooBoo is doing good!!
      Thanks, the weather is seriously life changing LOL so dramatic but true :)

  9. Hooray for great runs in Fall weather! Now I just hope that the Fall temps stick around :)

  10. Yay for fall weather! And an amazing long run. :-) You're gonna be ready for race day!!

  11. Hooray for a breakthrough! Yeah weather will do that to me as well. It's been all over the place lately. Oh no sorry to hear about your kitty. Glad he's on the mend!

    1. Thanks, BooBo is fine now :) and staying inside mostly!
      I needed the breakthrough!

  12. I'll share that title with you! I think curse words are allowed for 800s. I'm convinced they help with speed. :) Great week, lady. A day at the amusement park sounds like the perfect way to let loose and have fun! (I love that kind of adrenaline!) Thanks for linking.

    1. I am liking the 800's more each time I do them!
      I think you are still pretty speedy even in the heat but I'll share :)
      Rollercoaster day was very fun.


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