Monday, October 9, 2017

Training Week #8

Training week #8 with Coach Hoho

A few weeks ago I was having such a confidence crisis because I couldn't tell if I was making progress because the heat and humidity were holding strong. I am sooooo thankful I had a few nice days so I could experience my progress!

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Monday - Evening Ride - 10.92 mi 0:49:44
Tuesday - Pocahontas Trail run - 3.51 mi 0:38:58
Walking - 1.05 mi 0:23:09
Wednesday - 800 x 6 - 6.10 mi 1:02:44
Shaking out the legs - 0.51 mi 0:05:10
Thursday - rest
Friday - Free Falling - 3.01 mi 0:29:43

Saturday - 11 Instead of 12 - 11.00 mi 2:01:40
Walking - 1.44 mi 0:28:25
Walking - 1.01 mi 0:22:04
Sunday - lazy - it is so hot I don't want to go outside

This week started off like the week before, me trying to get rid of a nasty cold...

I took my bike out Monday because it was a lovely non humid Fall feeling kind of evening and I hoped it would help me to sleep better. 

Tuesday (3.5 mi easy) 

I took off work because I am over the amount of hours hours I are allowed to carry. I was going to use this time to go hiking, but my cold was making me feel blah. I woke up early planning to head to the Blue Ridge mountains, and within 15 minutes I decided I needed rest. I went back to sleep and snoooozed until 10:00 a.m. I headed to Pocahontas Park mid - day and ran on the trail. It has been about a year since I've been on a trail. I forgot how hard it is! Hilly and very challenging footing, but fairly shady. 

If you see me out mid day you know it is nice out LOL 70's are nice when there is no humidity.

6.5 mi 6 x 800 (500 recovery) 800= 4:40-4:50 
Wednesday morning was still a blissful delight...50 degrees and I got rolling on my 800's feeling strong throughout this session. I can tell my training is starting to have pay off and it feels great. 800's are my jam. 
4:31, 4:34, 4:41, 4:31, 4:30, 4:36
Kenny got my knuckle lights working again! I still ordered a new head lamp is supposed to be really bright. I can't wait till it gets here. 

Friday (3 mi w/ 90 seconds speedy a mile)  I had a very frustrating morning and it resulted in me getting out of the house almost 10 minutes behind schedule for my run. Minutes are like gold in the morning and I don't have even one to squander away. I felt very annoyed during my first mile and I tried to breathe and calm down and the next thing I knew I was down...on the ground. Ouch! 
I had plenty of light, but I still scuffed my shoe on something and down I went. I landed mostly on my knee and I was sore for a few minutes and I walked a little trying to decide if I should run on it. 

According to my Garmin it took me 3 minutes and I was off and running again and I knew I was even more behind schedule so I couldn't even go super easy. It did sting and I knew I was going to feel bruised but I would survive. 

Did I mention Friday morning it was 14 degrees warmer than Wednesday morning. The heat and humidity was predicted to climb and it sure did. 

Saturday (12 mi @10:40-10:50 pace) It was really warm and humid feeling as the dew point continued to rise as I set out for 12 miles.

I had pre- programmed my target paces into my Garmin, but I knew I wasn't going to try too hard to hit them. It was a run at whatever pace you can manage kind of morning.

I did my thing and even though it was warm and my knee was definitely sore, I felt pretty strong and steady. I tried to eat a few bites of a Luna bar the first few miles. I rarely fuel on training runs and I can't say this was really helped, but I figured I'd try. 

My feet felt great until mile 10 and then at 10.4 miles my right foot started throbbing, especially my toes...which is what always happens the past two years. When things flip, they flip fast, and stopping is the best remedy, but walking will also calm the pain. I was VERY slow once the pain spiked and stopped at mile 11. When things start to feel swollen I am most susceptible to more damage so I have to stop.

My result 11 @ 2:01:40 (11:03 avg)  only 5 miles really in my target pace range, but I still feel good about the effort.

The biggest annoyance is..I can get THAT close, but when my foot goes, it goes. I walked a mile and started feeling much better. It's not like I can just switch to intervals and keep going, I need time for the foot to calm down.

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I've been experimenting trying to manage the pain several different ways. I tried during marathon training to only run three days a week, tried running no long distance for months, tried a few different types of inserts, tried to rest the feet ( and they hurt more). That two hour mark for me is very hard to get past with out intervals. Using isn't a magical fix where I feel 100%, but if I start them early in a run it does seem to build in enough recovery so I can make it to the end. The question I have wrestled with and continue to wrestle is, should I just let the distance go. I do enjoy the challenge of finishing a half marathon, but the most important thing is being able to run several times a week for my sanity. My feet issues are much more manageable if I keep a run under two hours. I am going to finish out my race plans this year and think on it.

The only other fitness related thing I did last week was see a chiropractor for an evaluation (for the first time), and their massage expert. They felt they could help with most of those niggles I feel in my hammie and glute, and the numbness in my hand, but the hardest thing to treat was my feet. Neither of them wanted to give me false hope that I would see much improvement with the condition I have. It is not an injury that will just heal is degenerative in nature.  I knew this because I've heard it from a few different doctors who have examined me, but each time it reminds me I should just be thankful I am running, and I just need to continue to manage it the best I can.

Even though I had a few setbacks, like falling and cutting my long run a mile short, I still feel like I had a strong week of training and I am sure I am making progress with my overall fitness level. What I can do with that is still in question, but that is okay, in many ways I feel the journey and the process hold more value and importance to my overall health than the outcome of one event. 

Do you see a chiropractor? Have they helped you? Tell me about it! 
Anyone else experience numbness and tingling in your hands when you run?? My weakness seems to be my neck. 
Do you love 800's?? 
Anyone have a Diamond sprinter head lamp? 
Is it still summer at your house?

Thanks for stopping by!! 
Happy running, 


  1. I'm so sorry you fell, Karen. Even when it's not bad, it's still not good!

    Do your feet bother you at the 2 hour mark if you start with intervals from the get-go? Just wondering.

    I do see a chiropractor regularly for maintenance (every other month or so, but I didn't see her from before UT to just before Wineglass -- 4 months! Thankfully everything worked out but I do think that seeing her on a regular basis helps me.

    1. I am thankful this time the knee wasn't nearly as deep, last time I got an infection and I have a big scar now.
      I do have pain even with intervals, but starting them early seems to keep the pressure from building in the front of my foot. I think I got lucky because of the trail surface during my last half, my foot held up so well :)
      I am hoping the chiropractor can help me clear up the numb hand problem for sure, if she helps with other things I'll be thrilled :) At this point i am not willing to do any kind of fusion in the neck, so hopefully adjusting will work.

  2. Ugh, sorry about the set backs this week :( It does sound like you had a strong wee in spite of them and in spite of the heat coming back. It sounds like starting intervals early in your runs has helped in the past. Would that be an option instead of stopping the distance completely if you still enjoy half marathons?

    1. Even with intervals I still have some pain and tenderness. Some races have gone better than others...sometimes I have minimal pain and others I needed extra walk breaks because my foot was throbbing at the end which always annoys me lol
      I do still enjoy them though!!

  3. I have a Petzl headlamp and I love it. It really illuminates well. I've been eyeing those knuckle lights, but I don't run enough in the dark to justify the cost.

    I am not a fan of chiropractors--they are usually non-vaccinators, which causes major problems in my world. But I would consider seeing one if they could help my RA.

    1. I understand about the non-vaccinators.
      I had a massage that helped my hand issue last year so I am hoping a little adjusting on the upper-back and neck can help my hand from going numb. I was looking for a non-surgical option to try :)

  4. That's a tough dilemma! I know you love your morning runs as a sanity saver, and the good news is you won't have to give those up. You also don't have to make a decision right now. Maybe next year you can focus on shorter distances or just running for fun and see how you like it. That's actually what I'm going to do next year--just run for fun and no big races. I'm looking forward to it!

    1. I need to give that a try and see how long I can tough out the FOMO lol that is what usually gets me...I see someone having a fun race and I start missing it!
      I do feel like I just want to take some time and not race and see how i do.

  5. You did have a strong week despite the challenges! Sorry you have to work around that foot but you're doing it. Without my sports chiropractor, I'd have been out of the running game years ago. He's been amazing in getting me to the start line on numerous occasions.

    1. Thank you :) I was nervous about going to the chiropractor but I feel like it could have some value for me. I am tired of my hand getting numb and I really hope I can get past that with help.

  6. I have so many scars on my knee. I am such a klutz.

    Glad you're ok.

    The foot thing sucks.

    Mine will always be a problem (which is why I may NEVER run 26.2) but lately with my NIKEs, they are only uncomfortable. Knock on wood.

    Running shorter races is still tons of fun. Much less pressure.

    I have never gone to a chiropractor. They make me nervous. I have stenosis c3-4 and my arm went numb a few years back. Lots of PT to move it again.

    1. Thanks, I relate to being a klutz.
      The foot thing does suck, but as long as i can move I avoiding surgery...that type of procedure isn't very successful and has a long recovery period.
      I wish I loved shorter races but I have almost no just fun runs like the holiday run. Maybe that will change one day.
      That is interesting about your arm! I am tired of it...hoping it gets fixed.

  7. Sorry about your fall, but it sounds like you recovered fairly well. :)

  8. Yay for that weather hitting on speedwork day!

    I am said to hear your feet are bugging you again and the chiro didn't think they could help. I hope you can continue to run several times a week like you want!

    Why don't you eat during long runs? Does it bother your stomach? I can't remember.

    1. I am saving my speed work this week until I at least get under 70 degrees lol
      Eating will often give me a very low cramp and if it is warm at all it makes me nauseous. I have discovered bananas are great fuel for me - just not as easy to carry. I usually do honey stinger chews when I eat but I can't say they make a huge difference lol

  9. We've had plenty of those "run at whatever pace you can manage" kind of days! I can't even imagine trying to hit paces and doing speed work. Surely it will all come together when Fall actually feel like Fall! That's what I keep telling myself anyway!
    I haven't' seen a chiro either but I have shoulder issues I have been told I should visit and see if one could help with it.

    1. At first I was floundering in the heat but at least I am feeling a tad stronger now :)
      I know my shoulder/hand issue is coming from discs in my neck that need work, maybe you need a little adjusting too :)

  10. Looks like you had a pretty solid week of workouts. I am not the biggest fan of chiropractors myself but if you are having numbness in your hands I would have a checkup with a reg DR. Hope you have a better week

  11. I love how you find the positive despite falling!

    1. Thank you LoL Sadly, it is not my first fall lol I am always happy of it doesn't hold me back.

    2. Your comment profile doesn't link back to a your link if you have one :)

  12. I have had a lot of success with chiropractors! Especially when they offer several types of treatment like adjustments, ART, dry needling, etc. Im sorry you are struggling so much with your feet but hopefully the chiro can help with some of your issues!

    1. That is good to hear!! I am not sure if the adjustments are helping as much with the massage, but I do feel better :)
      I know you get the feet thing!

  13. I know some women who swear by intervals. Personally, I would focus on shorter distances since I prefer that anyway, and daily sanity is so important! I hope you figure things out. It's always more complicated than it seems. I've been battling PF and don't know the root cause, so it's hard to know how to get well for good.

    1. It is very hard with the PF to cure it. I have had bouts of that when my tissue gets too stressed, luckily I have been able to manage it the last year or so.
      It is complicated, I wish it was easier!


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