Monday, October 16, 2017

Training Week #9

I took last Sunday and Monday totally off.  Not even a walk. After my fall last Friday and my 11 mile run on my road rash knee, I just wanted to let it heal up.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - Swampfest Four - 4.00 mi 0:44:05
Cool Down - 0:14:39
Wednesday - Swamp Stomp - 3.56 mi 0:38:21
Thursday - Wog - 3.09 mi 0:45:29
Arc - 2.00 mi 0:33:31
Upper and Core - 1:02:59
Friday - Cotton Mouthed 800's - 6.85 mi 1:11:45
Cool Down - 0:09:50
Saturday - rest
Sunday - Sticky Eight - 8.00 mi 1:25:18
Walking - 0.89 mi 0:18:58

Training week #9 with Coach Hoho

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Monday it was so humid it was easy to stay in bed a little later.

Tuesday I ran in very hot humid conditions...when will it end??! 🎃 maybe by 🎅🎄

same oppressive conditions, except something weird happened…

My tree trunks were not feeling as heavy as they typically do in the humidity and I had a decent run. After 7 months of 70’s and 80’s maybe this elusive heat acclimation is happening?? Maybe it was because it was such a short run lol 😀maybe it was the lightning?! Right before mile three I saw a big flash of lightning in the sky and it started raining...I did run a bit faster that last half mile or so because I thought I better get my butt home 🏃 🏃 but the rain stopped before I even got there. However, in ode to my Coach’s Roll Tide, the cheer Swamp Stomp 🎉went up...seriously for me to be under an 11 minute pace - even if it is 10 seconds is a victory.  

Thursday morning I took a walk before work...whatttt?! I call it a Wog, because I will do a stride a mile just to get my heart rate up and make it the most effective walk I can. Those tiny 25 seconds of running are some happy endorphins…
I actually made enough endorphins flow to get my buttt to the gym after work. I have struggled the past few weeks making myself do any strength work and I needed to break the funk.

The past month or so I have been plagued with waking up and tossing and turning which makes me miserable…Thursday night going to the gym helped me to fall asleep much easier and I slept like a rock...till about 3:00 a.m. ugh...then it was touch and go, that lack of sound sleep is tough.

Friday morning, I was so thankful it wasn’t 75 flipping degrees anymore! 63 degrees and an actual breeze blew from time to time...HaaaaaEeeeeYY!

The problem was as soon as I started moving I was so freaking thirsty I could hardly stand it. Which is really odd! I drink a lot of water everyday and I didn't feel like I’ve been slacking and I haven't even enjoyed any cocktails lately lol I have a 24 oz water bottle I put a tablet of Nuun in every time I run. I emptied it by my 3rd 800...I had already decided I would be walking more of recoveries than usual so I could get my workout done. I nailed my 800’s but I was feeling thirsty the whole time. Walking more in between helped a whole bunch and I made sure to refill my water bottle several times throughout the day. I think I refilled at least  5 times. Someone at work said to me it was probably my blood pressure medication...hmmmm, I’ve been on it several months at this point and it hasn’t been an issue, does that happen?!

I was dripping sweat from everywhere.
4:25, 4:35, 4:35, 4:29, 4:23, 4:32
6.85 miles @10:29 avg I felt like I crushed it :)

Friday evening I got a very weird wave of nausea and a cramp that last about an hour. I was super fearful it was food poisoning, I was right on the edge, but I went to sleep and nothing else manifested from it, and I was so thankful. My kick butt work out was the highlight of my day. LOL

I did not sleep well though and I turned off my run alarm about 4 a.m.

I did contemplate going for my run but I felt sluggish and the muscles in legs felt fatigued AND I was still thirsty. Arghhhhh, so I relaxed...all day. 🍷

I ran my last long run before my race next week. It was super sticky...warm, and my son had another mishap and texted me, which resulted in a few pauses to talk. It was a tough run...hard to absorb all that was going on and run and try to hit my paces.
I flubbed it....but even with that I still feel like it was pretty solid training. I wanted to lay face down on the pavement and cry...for real... but I kept plugging away. My heavy feeling was back in the humidity so I guess my great run earlier in the week was a fluke lol
Attempted 2w/u 2c/d 4@10:20
Actual 10:28, 11:23, 10:13, 10:20, 10:47, 10:37, 10:13, 11:07

Mentionables -
My massage (40 min) and chiropractor adjustment this week felt really good. Friday during my higher intensity work my hand was not numb like it normally is. Tingling is still there but I'll take any improvement I can get.

My hubby has been sick over a week now and ran a fever all day Saturday. I have battled off a few colds already but it makes me nervous because it is taper week. I am still stuffy now, I can't seem to get all the way well.

Even though training has been up and down so far, I've had a few breakthrough moments and I do believe I can have a decent day...pending the weather cooperates.
I feel like this in heat and humidity🐂🐄🐌
It is not that I won't have rough days when the weather cools, because I know I will, but at least I have a shot at pushing myself if the heaviness lifts.

My race is Saturday and while it is a very fun event, the course is notoriously short. Even though they made a few minor adjustments to fix it in 2016, it was just shy of 13 miles.
It bugs me!! I would rather run longer, but I am still going to count it as #18 💖
Thanks for stopping by! 
How much water do you drink everyday? 
Ever felt strangely dehydrated but you weren't sure why?
How nuts does make it you to be shorted on a run?? 
Ever suffer from sleep deprivation? 
What do you normally do during taper?? 



  1. Sounds like a tough week, Karen! Hopefully those couple days of rest will help you feel better.

  2. Sorry your training this week was tough. I'm about to head out now and you will love these conditions... 40 degrees! Eeek! I don't wannaaaaaaaaa! I think the cooler weather, at least in the mornings, is pretty much a guarantee now. I hope Kenny feels better. I felt crappy all last week too. I also don't like when a course is short... or long. THEY HAVE ONE JOB!

    1. Serious - get the distance right!!
      I think it may be about the same temp here tomorrow! I can't run much this week though LOL life is cruel sometimes.

  3. I hope you have an awesome Race!! This time of year is so challenging, and I hope it stays cool for you.

    1. Thank you :) Things are looking good if I can get this old body to cooperate

  4. Sounds like a tough week! But way to go with those 800s :)

  5. Have so much fun at your race! Sorry this week was so tough but sounds like you made the best of it! :)

    1. Thank you!! I hope I feel good race day :)
      I try to keep on going.

  6. Karen, I think if you get some decent weather you will really rock your race. I know I get really tired toward the end of a training cycle and often it seems like I slow done . . . but race day is a different story.

    Sleep problems . . . don't even. Most of the time I do ok, but I often have to get up once a night to use the bathroom (not always, thankfully), and then I just can't get back to sleep. That happened the other day I was up from 2 am; the next day I felt like I was coming down with something only I think it was just being exhausted!

    I also hope that you stay well! I swear it always seems like everyone is sick in my taper and I don't even want them near me.

    1. The weather is cooperating! now if i can get my old body to do its thing at that right time lol
      I do the middle of the night thing too...a few times a night quite often, and it is very hard to get back to sleep.
      I have my fingers and toes crossed for a happy race...toes without even trying LOL

  7. Oh my goodness, I can so relate to getting phone calls during runs from one of the kids ...grown kids that is. My oldest (21 yrs) always seems to have some sort of "I have a problem that only Mom can fix" right in the middle of a run. Yes, I love him to death ...but seriously, the timing! *sigh*

    Sleep issues? Oh my goodness, something else I can totally relate to. Since menopause took over my life, I've had little problems falling asleep ...but staying that way is a totally different animal. My doctor said it's hormones. No shit Sherlock, isn't every single one of my problems related to hormones??? Girl, we need to get together and vent over wine ...lot's of wine! Lol

    You'll do great this weekend ...after all, you've got Coach HoHo training you! (Hugs)

    1. I find it hard to relax, it seems like every time I run something breaks lose...the Mom job is much harder now than wen they were younger.
      Menopause has been challenging...I had went along time with out hot flashes, and now they seem to be the norm and sleep issues. I could use a wine buddy LOL
      I've have been on hormones before and went off because of side effects, but maybe I do neeed them.
      Thanks! I hope I can break my 2:20 stronghold finally!

  8. I have really gotten bad about drinking water -- I need to focus on that. I hope your husb is better soon - and that you don't catch whatever he had!

  9. I love all the creative names to each of your runs LOL I'm not sure how much total water I have each day, but I have at least 40-oz. in the mornings when I'm at work. Then, there are the extra chai's on especially cold afternoons....

    1. Thanks! I have been trying to refill the water bottle was much as possible this week.

  10. So sorry the humidity is still an issue for you. It's still unseasonably warm here but much less humid, which as you know makes all the difference. Maybe you're extra thirsty from all the humidity. All the best with your race!

    1. Thanks!! The humidity finally gave way some and I hope I am feeling ready to run string this weekend :) Maybe it is the humidity...I am trying to drink as much as I can this week.

  11. I haven't been sleeping well. If you find the magic cure, let me know. You are going to have a great race! You've done all the hard work -- now it's time to reap the benefits. I'm excited to see what you do. It will not be humid. I won't let it! LOL. Thanks for linking.

    1. No magic cure yet, I am feeling worn out today. I'll need to try to get to bed early tonight.
      I think I dodged the humidity bullet, it has warmed up again this week but it still feels nice out ;)
      If I break 2:15 it will feel like a win!

  12. Replies
    1. As we should!! and I was happy the course was not short this time lol but i did have to deal with dicey traffic!


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