Friday, November 10, 2017


Ideally, after a running marathon I would have given myself two weeks, but since I had the half marathon on the 11th I wanted to test my legs just a bit.

I did two strong sessions on the Arc machine and it felt great to get moving but it was funny, it kind of rearranged what felt sore on me.

Sunday was my first run after a full 7 days off.  I felt so good it was scary.  4 mi @ 10:30 avg

I rode my bike Monday and felt really good, but I was slow and could tell I was still recovering. Overall nothing ached so I felt like I was on my way.  I felt like the run on Sunday really brought the fatigue in my legs to the surface.
I also started started feeling achy with yet another cold on Monday. UGH!

Tuesday I ran four more miles. I am sure the head cold probably did not help my energy levels, but my legs just felt heavy...and I decided rest was needed, even from non impact cardio.  4 mi @10:42 avg

I broke my basic life goal which is work out four times a  week for the second week in a row. Only 3x's  for the past two weeks, but I felt it was necessary.

Thursday I picked up my bib and  enjoyed the expo and then rolled out my legs when I got home.
My beautiful friend Robyn  (in the yellow shirt) made the big poster hanging up at the expo

I also rolled my feet  to loosen up the arches and booom! My left arch puffed odd. No pain at all just puffy, I wondered if I put too much pressure on when I rolled. Stupid feet. I've iced several times on Friday and walked  and it feels fine....but seriously, just something else to make me crazy paranoid!!
I have huge fears of injury as it is, but having something react like makes all the irrational crazies run through my mind.

I sooooo want to have a good race. It is my last event with Coach Holly and I really want to break a 2:15 half marathon...something I have not been able to do all year. My speed work went well, I am feeling well (minus my puffy arch) and it is going to be cold as crud, so I should want to run fast to warm up LOL

Hopefully I will have a happy story to tell as I continue to recover next week!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh, I hope everything cooperates and you have a fabulous race, Karen!

  2. All the best with your race this weekend. Be careful rolling your arches. That's your post. tib. tendon and it's easily irritated.

  3. You are amazing to run a half marathon so soon after a full marathon! I would have needed a whole month off!
    I hope your race goes well and that arch does not give you an issue!

  4. You're a racing machine, Karen! I thought you were running in FL? You said it will be cold?

    1. Florida is Dec.3rd! Maybe by then I’ll be recovered enough to try again! I didn’t have any zip today

  5. The lack of recovery time makes me cringe :) LOL! That just goes to show you how strong you are. Hope you are taking it easy now!

    1. I always struggle trying to get recovery right! I am going to take it easy for a few days :)

  6. You are kicking butt and taking names!! I hope you had an awesome race!

  7. I hope your foot feels ok! Sorry about the puffiness! Great job this week with your active recovery!


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