Friday, January 19, 2018

Tacky Light Run 2017

I have a ton of posts I write and then it will sit in my drafts and I eventually delete, but I decided it is go time. I am going to post this one and hopefully that will start a good trend. If I write it, post it!

Every year I try to participate in the Tacky Light Run. Organizers set up a little village area with lot of lights, hot chocolate, a  few food trucks, and fun little selfie stands. Tons of folks come in fun costumes. It is a very festive event and my employer gives me a good discount!

        The swag is great, a different color hat each year!
Decorated village area
Another hat! 
I've done this fun run in torrential downpour, bitter cold (it killed my phone), and very warm, short sleeve weather. Now I can add snow to the conditions!!

It is a 6K (3.7 mi)  Santa is there to high five you at the finish but this one is all about fun, it is not even timed officially. Yet, I usually try to push myself and run with the front folks and use it as a little speed work out. Most years I have run, then go back and walked a section of the course to enjoy the lights.
2013 - 35:22 (3.6 mi)
2014 -  I didn't record it
2015 - 36:42 (3.85 mi)
2016 - 37:08  (3.9 mi)
2017 - 59:36 (4 mi)

This was the first time I had the true intention to walk.
Snow and sleet were falling fairly steady all afternoon and it was something silly like 26 degrees and I was leery of slipping and falling, so walk it was.

Maybe I should walk with a nice hot cup of coffee :) I joke, but folks actually did that! UGH...That meant they were walking really slow.  LOL

The slushy stuff was falling from the sky as we lined up and it was tough getting wet in that kind of cold.
I lined up way in the back this year, not on purpose, but I ran to use the P.O.P. and when I came out people had packed in solid at the start area. My decision to walk was sealed.
OMG! It is so flipping crowded back there...never again. 🙈😜 It is supposed to be just for fun, but I still wanted to walk fast and I was blocked by hoards of people walking with huge wagons, strollers, in lines, in groups...
After the first mile I was able to run a little here and there and get my heart rate up. Snowflakes stopped falling about half way through and it was nice not getting much more fun!
People in the neighborhood share cheer at their houses and I had a small cup of beer and three jello shots along the way lol

I never wear glasses and run, but since I was walking I wore them and seeing really rocks. They did fog up towards the end when I was actually running more, so I'm not sure how a real run would go. In summer when I tried I sweat so much they slip off my vision is getting so bad though, I really need to work on way to run with glasses.
I wore hubby's hat to keep the snow of my face :) 

This years hat was red and white! 

I enjoyed seeing house after house all decorated, but it was cold! If you are in the Richmond area, this is super holiday fun for the whole family and maybe next year it'll be awesome short sleeve weather!

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  1. My glasses fog when I run too!! but I need them to see. I have two pairs, and I wear the ones that have the nose grips, those stay on my face easier.

    Those views are pretty cool!! We don't have any races like this around here, but if we did, I would so do one!!

    1. Hey Ana :) I guess I am going to have to try to get used to running in something! I'll remember to get nose grips.

  2. How fun and this year you had snow!

    I have a lot of unfinished posts in my drafts and if you saw what's in there--you'd start to wonder about me!

    1. LOL same with my drafts! Some are random rambling thoughts :)
      Snow is the theme this year....bahaha

  3. This looks so fun!! I would totally do a race like this. You know me, I love Christmas lights.

    1. Yes, this would be right up your alley! I think you would have a ball :)

  4. I love running when there are Christmas lights. So fun!

  5. This looks like such a fun and festive race! What a fun way to see all the Christmas lights.

    1. It is a good one :) I love lights even when it is way tooo cold to be outside lol

  6. This sounds like such a great race and how fun that a ton of people participate (even though it made it crowded)!
    My mom has contacts for when she runs. Maybe that would work for you too.

  7. What a fun race! Good decision to walk with the snowy conditions, but sucks about the slow-moving groups. Better use the POP earlier next year. LOL

  8. That sounds like the most awesome race! But not in slush. Sounds like my Last run! Which was even slower, LOL! Ya know, walking with some hot chocolate in a snowy race sounds really appealing (but I bet it wouldn't stay hot long).

    I write oodles of drafts I never post, too.

  9. This sounds like so much fun! That's great that you get a discount too :)

  10. What a fun and festive race! I think the snow adds to the ambiance!

  11. Wow! Such a fun race and it's so great you got a discount, Karen! Is this race an annual event?


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