Baby's name at the pound was Bulldozer, that should have been my hubby's first clue, the fact that they kept her caged all by herself probably should have been the second clue she had issues, but he wanted to bring her home anyway. Softie...

Baby has moments where she is peaceful, but it never lasts long. She marches to her own beat. 

Otto, Tweek, Baby

Baby is fairly neurotic, she is constantly snarling and whacking at her own tail, and she seems to see stuff that isn't there, and will randomly bolt like a lunatic, sometimes taking out everything in her path. In truth, Baby should probably be in a house as the only pet. One of the cats looking at her can set her into a tizzy fit, but she has a sweet side, when she is peaceful. She can be with the other cats, but that mood can flip on a dime...

Baby is a biter and she has got me twice, but she loves hubby, she never gets that moody with him. Luckily, she has been better with the biting as she has aged. 
Catnip seems to have a chill effect on everyone in my house, except her...figures, right?!
She makes my house very loud at times, but we still love her, even though she is high maintenance and scares the crap out of me. 

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