BooBoo a.k.a Hurricane Sandy cat, a.k.a  Bunny Hunter (our only indoor/outdoor cat)

He was a neighborhood stray who hung around because my hubby kept feeding him and petting him, and I mean hung literally...

I would often open my blinds to this sight, and I fussed and fussed, because clearly we are in cat overload, but when Hurricane Sandy hit, my hubby refused to let BooBoo brave the elements...

and once BooBoo discovered how heavenly inside was, it was all over. Usually we keep all our furry friends captive indoors, but when they spend almost a year outside it's hard to tame that natural urge to roam free, so we don't. BooBoo sticks close to home. 

BooBoo and Tweek 

I recently ran across this picture of a sweet cat we fed for a long time that we believe is BooBoo's daddy...
This kitty loved my hubby

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