Junior is the "baby" of our clan, even though technically BooBoo is the youngest cat we have, Junior is tiny and will always seem like the baby. It's hard to describe how cute and helpless Junior was when my hubby found him. 

Junior was a 911 call. Someone called about a screaming female, but when the police arrived they found Junior in a box on the side of a road with a crusty bowl of dried milk. It was very cold that night and he was tiny and shivering, and the officers knew my hubby, who worked with them, would take him. 

This video is under 30 seconds. Totally worth the click to see baby Junior. This was after we had him a few weeks, he was smaller and a lot dirtier when he was found. 

Junior looked like a sheep when he was younger, it's funny how fine his coat is now. 

I like my water on tap. 

Junior has the prettiest blue eyes, with chocolate feet and face. He's a very sweet, quiet, gentle cat.

Six seconds of my pretty blue eyes that are hard to capture with a camera


  1. Ooh junior! He is so lucky you guys rescued him :)

    1. He is quite the Prince at my house lol
      I don't know why this JUST showed up in my comment box :/ Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

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