Otto crossed the bridge on February 3, 2016.  I was with him when he took his last breath. I loved this crazy little cat so much and always marveled at his intuitiveness. He was always the first to greet me when I came in the door and always answered me when I spoke to him. I will miss him like crazy. 

Otto -  the "what?!" look, accompanied by the clump of hair in his mouth, is him in a nutshell

Otto always ruled the house. As he aged and became thinner he seemed challenged a little, but he never, ever lost his spunky spirit. If he was human he would have tested gifted. The vet tells me cats have the reasoning ability of a toddler, well Otto is probably closer to a five year old.  His wheels were always turning. 

Otto was abandoned at an animal hospital when he was about two years old, and eventually he ended up in cage at Pet Smart. Our dog, Dinky had just passed in 2002 and my son and I went in search of a new friend. I was drawn to an older cat named Peanut who was nine, and my heart broke that Peanut had been owned for several years and was now in cage; but Otto was in full charm mode and loved all over Andrew, so we took him home. 

As soon as Otto was in the house, he flew up the steps and seized the upper level of the house. He ran up and down the hallway upstairs, and would charge anyone whom tried to pass. In his mind, he had strapped on a sword and was like Captain Jack Sparrow...
This went on until he got hungry, then he figured out he was going to have to learn to live with his new captors. 

Otto and Baby
Otto requires a lot of attention and it's always on his terms. He used to lay in my sink in the morning when I was trying to brush my teeth, and I would shoo him away so I could turn on the water.  One morning he glared at me, clamped down on my toothbrush with his teeth, and took off running...evil genius I tell you. 

I love all my animals for different reasons, but this one knew how to push my buttons and melt my heart. I am glad you aren't going to feel bad anymore Otto, but I will miss you more than words can say. 


  1. This is a beautiful tribute. I crack up when cats have hair in their mouths. That is so interesting that you say cats have the reasoning abilities of a toddler! I think toddlers are super smart but very egocentric and live in the NOW.... which TOTALLY describes most cats!!!! <3

    1. Thank you Megan :)
      Otto usually had Tweek's hair in his mouth, and I just realized I never loaded Tweeks tab. I need to get busy!
      Yes! I would say after working in elementary for so many years Otto was more intuitive than a lot of five year olds I met. Very sensitive and very aware of everyone around him. My mom has always said he the biggest personality of any cat she ever met lol


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