Tweek was jittery and anxious...the name suited him. 

My hubby was a police officer for 24 years and encountered Tweek on a call that involved an eviction.  He was so starving, dirty, and tiny my hubby wouldn't leave him. He drove Tweeky home and I sat in the garage and picked bugs off him. Poor kitty kept getting sick while trying to eat. He was frantically hungry. 

A vet visit got him cleaned up, and keeping food down.  He was so cute! He would prance back and forth in front of the food bowls and try to keep my other cats from eating. They didn't take him serious, ...he could fit in our hand at the time. 

Tweek decided Otto was mommy.  It took him five years before he was comfortable letting us touch him, but he always snuggled with Otto. 

Tweek's always been very aware of everything around him. If I even moved a chair or a picture, he would walk in a room and wail. Tweek is extremely vocal, very gentle, and always stuffing himself into any box we have. 

 He is way too big to do that now! He even has hard time getting on the sofa. 

He's been very different the past two years with us, he finally snuggles. He is my toothless wonder. He has lost all but a few nubs of teeth, but continues to gain weight. I don't think he ever got over being hungry. 

Tweeky at 13 years old with BooBoo
Tweek's a lot larger these days, and seems to growing more and more affectionate with each passing month now, it is is interesting how his personality continues to evolve as he ages. 


  1. Aw your hubby was Tweek's guardian angel! How old was he, do you know? How did you come up with the name Tweek? I am so happy he gets to live with such a loving family of humans and cats. :)

    1. Hubby loved him as soon as saw him. Animals really attach to my hubby :) Tweek was about three months, maybe just a little younger...
      Remember the South park character- his parents had the coffee house? lol The name seemed just right for him, he was a jittery mess for weeks until he calmed down.
      He is about 13 now. I was worried he would struggle w/o Otto but he has done very well.

    2. I don't remember that SP character but that's funny. :) My brother calls his youngest daughter Butters because... she kind of looks like Butters. :)

    3. LOL, Butters is cutey...hubby is a SP fan all the way!


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