Monday, February 12, 2018

The Wrap That Won't End

So much happened this past week I am not sure where to begin.
Maybe I should try to stay in order by day! 😅
Here are some tidbits...
I decided to switch my training sessions to one upper and one lower session each week, I do some core at all of them. We did 13 sessions all body and I was feeling so spent, I stayed sore...some of that was due to the fall I took in January but I needed to see if more recovery time helped me battle the fatigue and sore.
I was much more energetic at each workout, so I am going with it for a few weeks. I will probably switch back to all body in March. 

I still have one spot on my backside that is getting tight and achy when I run and a spot on the outside of my foot continues to burn every so often...these have been present since the day after I fell in early January. Every time I think I am healed up, that burning shows back up.

Okay now I will try to stay in order.

Afternoon Four - 4.31 mi 0:41:58
Training #15 - 0:47:47
Monday, nod to Ice Cube. It was a good day! Sun and lots of working out. I went for a quick run after work, showered and headed to the gym for my upper body work.

I was breathing hard but I nailed it :) 

Wake up - 2.50 mi 0:25:13
Tuesday after work I was scheduled to get a spot on my neck cut off. I had it done before and it grew right back. It is very different characteristically from the Basil cells I had  removed so I am not worried it is cancerous, it is just an eyesore.  The lump sits right where my sports bra goes so it was constantly getting irritated and bleeding. I woke up to freezing...well below freezing temps, but I bundled up and went for a short run because I knew I wouldn't be able to go after the appointment.

2.5 miles was enough to make me smile! I am 100% out of the habit of early morning runs now.

My Doc decided to try zapping it with freezing stuff I think (?)...and then she zapped like 6 more all around my neck. WHY am I growing so many weird lumps!!??! She said I could workout and sweat as long as I didn't feel any stinging.

Feisty Four - 4.01 mi 0:39:42
Wednesday night I covered the bumps and went running in the shorts. Could the weather be anymore back and forth. I was on it :)  My runners high was the best of the week!

The next morning my spots puffed up a bit, so I decided to take Thursday off.  I had a good workout streak going and it was actually hard to take a day and I regret not taking a walk or something to keep my streak going. Oh well...

During my zapping visit I had to face the scale and see I have packed on 8 lbs. since my last visit, which was only a few months ago. My middle is expanding exponentially...even the Doc said all the things she would normally tell someone to do to battle the menopausal muffin top, I already do.  Still in the process of what to do next...
She told me my protruding belly was concerning considering how much I work out and that my calorie intake hasn't really changed much. The girls at work expressed the same concern, especially since I eat a lot of egg whites, carrots, and other healthy things and rarely snack. That led me to see the OB later in the week.

Thursday  - NOTTA!!

Pain in my Side - 4.01 mi 0:45:19
Walking - 2.10 mi 0:36:41
Friday I was in the Doc's office after work and we made a discovery - my PH levels are way off. I've had this issue in the past along with very low Vitamin D and potassium, but I have been making progress with the deficiencies...not sure why I can not get in balance. I have some medication and this is also in the what to do next pile...more tests coming. I could say tons more on this, but I guess I will leave that for another day...

Friday evening I wore a thin shirt with my sports bra over it and that worked wonderfully (to protect my neck bumps) No irritation...the problem was my side. I had a horrible side stitch and it would not let go. I had hopes of getting a long run done, but even with intervals I was in so much discomfort I called it and walked. 
There is a sweet spot to eating and running in the evenings. 
1. Eat just enough so you feel a little hungry, never full. 
2. Wait a full 3 hours between. - I have tried  a few times to go 2 , 2.5 hours out and it never goes well. Live and learn.
TM miles - 3.01 mi 0:32:18
Hill repeats - 0.89 mi 0:27:37
Saturday, it poured rain and I wasn't going out in it!

The treadmill is a total mental battle for me. A few years ago, I got to where I could handle 6 miles or so pretty easy, but right now I have to self talk just so I won't stop the entire time.
Mentally exhausting lol and OMG, my gym is so flipping hot!
After I got my steady 3 mi run done I did a few hill repeats, four to be exact, just a minute each with 6 incline and I was feeling them Sunday morning.
HA! I wonder if I am ever going to get into shape.

Dew point 3 - 3.01 mi 0:31:20
Strides - 1.18 mi 0:13:13
Walking - 1.06 mi 0:20:06
Training #16 - 1:16:04
Walking and Talking - 3.40 mi 0:58:08
Sunday the humidity was tough and I was reminded I have zero desire for summer to show up.

3 very warm miles - I couldn't hang on for 3 more - I knew the heat would drain me.
I did a mile of strides on the way home for 4 miles total.  I love strides :)
Those quick bursts will make you feel super hero like and I find them to be very effective at fighting off the stiff feeling. You engage different muscle fibers during those speedy  25-30 seconds and it always seems to leave me feeling more energetic....and 90% of the time I walk my recovery. I have done them at the end of the run, but for me, there seems to be more benefit after I give my self a few cool down minutes and then begin.
There is no exact science or timed recoveries it is just off feel.
I could not wait to shower! It was a sweat fest!
Then I put more workout clothes on and went to the gym
After my hour session I showered and put on more fresh clothes and went to meet my run buddy for a walk in the park.
3 more (walking) miles and another laundry is out of control. 

I get A for showering this week!

6 runs - 22.9 miles

I had 3 pretty amazing runs in a row...Mon, Tues, Wednes, but all short in miles, so it surprised me how used up my legs felt from it.

I fell short getting my long run done (65 minutes) but it really doesn't bother me much. I am not trying to hit paces, just increase my overall fitness. Hopefully I can get my long run in this upcoming week :)  I haven't had a week this strong since December.
Actually there is more to tell but I don't want to drag this any longer. Thanks for stopping by!
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Tell me how your week went.
Did you get your cross-training done?
All your runs?
Ever have a PH balance problem?
Do you break up strength sessions or do all body work each time?
Do you know your sweet spot for eating and running?
Have you done any strides lately?
Take care,

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Letting Go

I worked out last week but I didn’t get done all I planned, but at this point I am okay with it. I have formulated a plan to help me increase my fitness so I can hopefully enjoy my half marathon in April, but I have no plans to officially train.  Little by little I am letting go of even trying to run a certain time at the half marathon distance.  I am trying to adapt to having zero expectations and just run.

My plan to increase my fitness includes varying workouts, like hill repeats, steady runs, and intervals, but no paces. It is all about mixing things up, but I have no target paces at all when I got out for a run, I am going completely off feel.

Last week I never got to my hill work out and I actually used 4 x 1 intervals for both my evening runs on Tuesday and Thursday. Hills have been the hardest thing for me about a year now and the one workout I will scratch off the list in a heartbeat! I have good hills in neighborhood to run and I am becoming a pro at avoiding them. LOL It is hard to describe how weak I feel going uphill, but I am going to try in very small chucks and see if I can make any progress.

Last year the heat and humidity came in early April and never left until November… so time is of the essence. I have a few months to work on things, once the heat starts I run in one slow survival gear only. 💫

Last year I only used intervals if I was going over double digits, but I decided to use them more often for now. Intervals end up being a fartlek type workout for me. I flip intensity based on how I am feeling and that has made for some happy endorphin filled runs. 

The breakdown last week: 
Mon - Evening Walk - 3.16 mi 0:53:33
Tues - Moonlight Seven - 7.20 mi 1:15:49
            Randomness core and weights - 1:05:11
Wednes - Training #13 - 1:13:02
Thurs - Moonlight Eight - 8.60 mi 1:34:03
Fri - wake up run - 1.55 mi 0:15:37
Sat - Training #14 - 1:19:53
Sun - TM (treadmill) 5K - 3.12 mi 0:33:41
         TM walk - 0.72 mi 0:32:19

I love my evening runs now, and sometimes my tummy still protests more than mornings but having options is so nice!

That moooon! I was all bundled up last Tuesday night...brrrrrrr! 

Two evenings later it was 55 degrees and still a gorgeous moon. I wore a long sleeve shirt and I was so overdressed lol but it was a good test for my pjuractive anti - chafe gel...and yes it worked perfectly!
My pictures don't do the evenings justice, but that did not stop me from snapping away LOL
Do you ever do that hoping you'll get that one great shot??!
I am in there, can you see me?

I got 20 miles done last week which was about 4 miles of short of what I planned for, but at this point in my journey I am just running for general fitness anyway.  

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Do you love hill workouts? 
The one type of workout you avoid if possible? 
Have you adjusted your workout times this winter? 
Did you see that mooon!? 

Till next time! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

2skin pjuractive Review

One  of the fun things about being a BibRave Pro is testing out new products!

I was gifted 2skin anti-chafing gel in exchange for my review.
All opinions are my own  :)

January was a bust as far as long runs go for me but I did get ONE long done! I made an impulsive decision (because it was going to be a nice day) to sign up for my local Frostbite 15K.
I know I wouldn’t have run that far if I stayed home alone so I am glad I went for it.

I had a dual motive going... enjoy the sunshine and test out pjuractive 2skin.  I did not want to review a product without doing a long run!

I had tried pjuractive on several shorter runs that were under an hour and it passed with flying colors.

I was also able to test it on a few 7 milers, which is about 75 minutes for me. I was anxious to see how this the clear, slippery feeling gel would hold up for the 15K distance, which would put me over the 90 minute mark, it took me 1:39:34 ( my official time 😇 ) to be exact. 

I applied a liberal amount, about a nickel size on my forefinger, and put a coat of  purjactive 2skin all around my sports bra line and under my arms. I waited 10 seconds and put my clothes on per the directions. I actually applied an extra dab under my sports bra clasp for good measure. I opted for a short sleeve shirt. I tend to chafe under my arms especially when I wear any kind of sleeve that will rub back and forth, so this was a great test run.

The temperature was climbing past 50 degrees the first hour and it was abundantly sunny. This is a hilly route so I was working hard! I was a super salty mess by the end, but not one tender spot under my arms or along my sports bra seam.

The sunshine was glorious after all the snow and deep freeze!
Sweaty, salty, and even a little sunburned but not a raw spot on  me!

I am quite impressed with this product. I walked after the race (another mile and half or so) before I headed home and I still had a 100% sting free shower! It is really important to note that one application held up for about 4.5 hours.  I got dressed, drove to the start line, did a quick warm up, ran the event, walked, and drove a half hour home before I showered. Usually no matter what I apply it wears away and I have a few yelps when the water hits me due to stinging raw spots, but not this day! 😊  It is exciting to try something that actually works!

Also important to note, it is a clear slippery gel and it has been safe with all my clothing light and dark colors. 
My initial impression was the bottle is small, but after using it for several applications, I realize the 3.4 oz. bottle will last a long time!  You do not have to use a ton of product to get protection.

It is available in a few sizes.

I even recruited an awesome co-worker who applied a sample application pack and had pristine results after running 8 miles in the warm rain.  No irritated chafe spots on him, and we all know running in the rain can be one of the worst times ever for chafe. 

The bottom works! I think I've finally found a way to enjoy my showers after my humid summer runs!

You can purchase Pjuractive 2skin here: 
If you are going to be suiting up for a TRI this year I think it could really benefit your race day! You can feel confident that this product will not clog pores, is dermatologically tested, and is free from skin weakening emulsifiers.

If you have a specific question click here.  Lots of things are answered in depth on their fact page! 

You can read other Pro's reviews here 

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Thanks for stopping by and reading!
Happy runs to you 💗

Monday, January 29, 2018


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I don't really make resolutions, but I do resolve myself to try to make changes in areas I need to work on. Work in small chunks at something until it becomes a habit is how I roll.

Some things I am continuing to work on from 2017. SO far, I have made some positive progress just a month into the new year.

Make the diet Pepsi fountain drink a very occasional thing.
Change up my strength work.
Get my weight under control once and for all (LOL) who am I kidding?
Get more sleep

I love a flipping fountain drink, diet Pepsi or diet coke with lime.  It's one of those things that make me happy, I love the fizz, a bottle or can is not the same, so often in the morning it has been my preference even over a cup of coffee. I confess, I've even had mornings where I felt so rough I would roll through the drive thru and ask for two large diet sodas...the fatigue thing for me is real. Some people wrestle with sugar, chocolate, ice diet soda.

After my stress fracture, my endocrinologists told me diet soda could impact my recovery and I needed to reduce my intake. Since I still feel that spot on my tibia years later, I know I need to try to be as healthy as  possible.
I started trying green tea again. In the past I never really enjoyed it, but finally this past month I have made the switch. I am enjoying (unsweetened) green tea by the gallon, and a diet soda maybe once a week.  This is a big change for me 😇

Change up my strength sessions and getting my weight under control go together...
I have a trainer for a few months! If you saw my Instagram post a while ago, we didn't do Christmas at my house and put the $$ to a trainer and I have been loving every minute of this decision. We work at a pace I would not push myself to do and I do a bunch of things I don't like. 😄 The things I don't like are really good for me though! Right now, I am not doing much heavy weight, but enough to challenge me, yet I feel sore all the time. LOL Typically in the past, I would tend to weed out things that impacted my runs and just not do them...but no more, I made a commitment to try whatever the trainer set up for me to do. I work hard when I am there. I am going to be really sad when my sessions end. More to come about training, I love it!

Get more sleep...
I guess as long as I work full time this will always be a struggle...there are not enough hours...ever. I am going to hit the reset button each month on this one. So many factors impact this so I don't feel like I have much control.

I am linking with Marcia to get this off my chest!  Join'll feel better.


I runfess...
Even though I have changed up my strength work and been pretty careful about my diet...getting enough protein, managing my calories, I have continued to gain weight. I can barely button my dress pants and even my work out clothes are becoming uncomfortable. I have only weighed a few times this month because honestly, it doesn't help me to see the crazy big numbers on the scale and I can feel it...I am at a loss. I runfess it is very hard to keep my motivation up. I keep hoping my body will respond soon to the changes I made, but who knows?!

I runfess my ice sailing bounce down my front steps on January 6th really frustrated me. (and bruised me up too)

I had to modify several strength sessions so I wouldn't aggravate particular areas. My trainer did a good job and I still pushed through and got solid sessions in, but I really want to feel 100% so I can make the most out of this.
Tissue on my backside is still swelling up after I work out, it is getting better, but...geesh, I just want to feel good.

I runfess I am irritated this low mileage month didn't really equate into good recovery time.  January will be about 60 miles when all is said and done. I've been aching more than ever which had a lot to do with falling. At one point, I was feeling panicked about how inconsistent this month has been, but was able to talk myself off the ledge. I was still was active 21 days so far (posting on the 29th) it is really not that bad! Yes, my running mileage is low but life happens. Surely, least I ❤hope, I'll improve next month :)

Okay February, I am ready... I need to get my 2018 party started!

Coffee or soda for you?
Do you enjoy green tea?
How did January go for you?

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tacky Light Run 2017

I have a ton of posts I write and then it will sit in my drafts and I eventually delete, but I decided it is go time. I am going to post this one and hopefully that will start a good trend. If I write it, post it!

Every year I try to participate in the Tacky Light Run. Organizers set up a little village area with lot of lights, hot chocolate, a  few food trucks, and fun little selfie stands. Tons of folks come in fun costumes. It is a very festive event and my employer gives me a good discount!

        The swag is great, a different color hat each year!
Decorated village area
Another hat! 
I've done this fun run in torrential downpour, bitter cold (it killed my phone), and very warm, short sleeve weather. Now I can add snow to the conditions!!

It is a 6K (3.7 mi)  Santa is there to high five you at the finish but this one is all about fun, it is not even timed officially. Yet, I usually try to push myself and run with the front folks and use it as a little speed work out. Most years I have run, then go back and walked a section of the course to enjoy the lights.
2013 - 35:22 (3.6 mi)
2014 -  I didn't record it
2015 - 36:42 (3.85 mi)
2016 - 37:08  (3.9 mi)
2017 - 59:36 (4 mi)

This was the first time I had the true intention to walk.
Snow and sleet were falling fairly steady all afternoon and it was something silly like 26 degrees and I was leery of slipping and falling, so walk it was.

Maybe I should walk with a nice hot cup of coffee :) I joke, but folks actually did that! UGH...That meant they were walking really slow.  LOL

The slushy stuff was falling from the sky as we lined up and it was tough getting wet in that kind of cold.
I lined up way in the back this year, not on purpose, but I ran to use the P.O.P. and when I came out people had packed in solid at the start area. My decision to walk was sealed.
OMG! It is so flipping crowded back there...never again. 🙈😜 It is supposed to be just for fun, but I still wanted to walk fast and I was blocked by hoards of people walking with huge wagons, strollers, in lines, in groups...
After the first mile I was able to run a little here and there and get my heart rate up. Snowflakes stopped falling about half way through and it was nice not getting much more fun!
People in the neighborhood share cheer at their houses and I had a small cup of beer and three jello shots along the way lol

I never wear glasses and run, but since I was walking I wore them and seeing really rocks. They did fog up towards the end when I was actually running more, so I'm not sure how a real run would go. In summer when I tried I sweat so much they slip off my vision is getting so bad though, I really need to work on way to run with glasses.
I wore hubby's hat to keep the snow of my face :) 

This years hat was red and white! 

I enjoyed seeing house after house all decorated, but it was cold! If you are in the Richmond area, this is super holiday fun for the whole family and maybe next year it'll be awesome short sleeve weather!

Thanks for stopping by!