Friday, November 22, 2013

Not All Posts Can Be Happy

I had every intention of  a long run today after work. I left a little early so I could have a snack, change, and still have daylight. I wasn't feeling fabulous when I started out, but I kept telling myself it will pass and determination will keep me moving.   

9:53, 9:55, 10:10,10:01, 10:42, 11:06, and .20 in 1:47 

My 10K in 1:03:36 and I couldn't keep going. That's the slowest 6.2 miles I have had since the hot weather. 
I had planned to do at least 8 miles, so I was feeling pretty defeated when I stopped. I ran/walked a mile in 13:19 hoping to recover, but it wasn't enough. One more mile in 9:39 and that was all my body was going to do. 

I wish I knew what was causing all the fatigue I am feeling. It sort of feels like I am dragging a heavy bag, my legs just won't lift. I am having a hard time finding a stride. When I am moving, I am not falling into a rhythm and everything aggravates me. My headphones feel heavy, which they aren't, and my ears feel smothered.  My headband getting sweaty makes me want to rip it off, and my shirt rubbing against my neck was even plucking my nerves. 

It's been long enough and plenty of workouts to be back on track, yet I just seem to be getting weaker each time out. So rest day tomorrow, and back at it again Sunday and hope for better results.

I sure hope whatever this is passes soon! 

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