Sunday, November 10, 2013

Slowly Getting Better

This recent bout of illness really kicked my tush. Saturday I went out for my first run in a week. I felt pretty stiff, but determined to get at least an hour done. VA weather has been beautiful, it was about 59 degrees, and once I got through the first mile I was happy to be outside and moving again. 

Mile 5 I started to feel wiped out. My chest felt like someone was sitting on it. I slowed, recovered, and felt ready to knock out two more miles. 

9:51, 9:31, 9:41, 10:13, 10:29, 9:54, & 9:37. 

7.10 miles in 1:10:02  I was exhausted when I got home but thrilled to have some exercise accomplished.

Sunday I woke up and my legs were extremely sore, so I set my goal at 3.1 miles and worked on stretching my legs throughout the day. My first mile out it was taking everything I had to keep running, my legs felt used up. My thighs felt like someone was pressing them down each time I tried to pick up my leg. 
I got my 5K done and walked a mile trying to loosen up. I stretched quite a bit when I got home and fingers crossed I'll be back on track this week. My time was okay considering how rough it was to keep myself moving today.

I wore my Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset (pictured) tonight. Once you run without wires you can't go back. However, I wouldn't recommend this particular model to anyone.
The ear caps make my ear ache even in the smallest size. The ear buds feel very heavy and the sound quality isn't as good as my old set. 
I keep looking for a more sweat resistant option but my old set (below) is much more comfortable. I guess I will just have to replace headsets every year. Lasting through a year of workouts really isn't that bad when I average about four times a week. That's a lot of hours sweating. 
Can't beat the comfort, but I keep sweating off the speaker covers off and have to tape (electrical) them to hold them in place. The change songs button also stops working eventually from sweat corrosion - gross. I have gone through two sets, each lasted about a year. I haven't found a better option yet though. 

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