Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slowly Moving Forward

You know what stinks? Not feeling well, especially when it drags on for almost a month. 

Tuesday I got a flu shot and I had a reaction to it. My arm was tender and sore, then the chills started, and later nausea. I went to see the doctor Wednesday and was still feeling awful. After he felt the large lump in my arm the decision was no more flu shots for me.

It has been a month now that I haven't been able to exercise regularly and I am starting to feel a little panicked. I need to be back on a regular routine. 

I decided since it had been a week since my last run I would ease into it yesterday. A quick 2.40 miles on the treadmill and I skipped my usual intervals. I did bump pace between 9:50 and 9:22 and then did some upper body weight lifting. It felt good to accomplish something even if it wasn't a long effort. 

Today I woke up feeling fatigued again so I set an easy goal of 5 miles. Once I started moving I decided if I am going to get all sweaty it should be for at least an hour workout. 
I can't seem to keep from pushing myself. I got rolling and wanted to try to knock out a decent 10K time. 
Mile 5 always seems to be where I need a short recovery. I considered trying to push out a few more miles, but realized it would be better to build up to a longer distance. 
9:36, 9:15, 9:39, 9:47, 10:13, 10:09 and .20 in 1:38 for a total of 1:00:18 

The Richmond Marathon was today. Whenever I know there's a race close by that I missed, I get a little case of the blues. I should probably try to run it next year. 

A case of the blues usually leads to this...a little pampering for my running feet. 


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  1. A little pampering is well deserved! Us runners HAVE to treat our feet, where would we be without them?! :)

    Sorry to hear about the reaction to the flu shot, hope you're feeling better today!


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