Saturday, November 2, 2013

Training Team Run

This morning I tagged along with running buddy to run 12 miles with her training team. This was the team's final long run before the Richmond Half. I've been in bed for the past two days taking antibiotics for strep. Last night I almost pulled the plug because I wasn't sure  if I was well enough to make it. 

I decided to go because seriously, how many opportunities will there be to have a group to run 12 miles with. I figured if I felt really awful I would walk back to the van. Mile three I did feel a little tired, but by the time we got to Bryan Park I felt revived. It was a pretty routine run and we stayed together until the last water stop. It was set up at mile 10 and it was crowded. Before I had a cup I saw my group leaving. Uh oh, I downed my water and took off thinking I could catch up. We are running downtown though and I got caught at a light. I didn't have the route and I couldn't see them, but I did find a man who pointed me in the right direction. I tried to run a 9:25 pace or so to catch up, usually I can sustain that, but today my body wasn't ready for that kind of pace so I had to back it down. I didn't catch them until the last mile and I was glad I did because I was tired and it helped me to get to the end. 

I haven't decided if I am going to do training team next year, but it does make me wish I could find a running club to tackle longer runs with. 
Group things I love:

  • Having someone to pace with
  • Listening to others chit chat (passes the time)
  • Water stops (with gummie bears & chomps)
  • Accountability - seems to be the motivation I need to keep going
  • The route is planned
  • Planning - eat right, drink enough, sleep because you know you are going

Group things I don't need:

  • I seem to have a little claustrophobic bout if I stay boxed in too long. I need to spread out by a mile or so or I just freak out a bit.
  • Wake up and drive so I can run 6 miles-naaaahhh. I can do that alone, but I really need it for 9 miles and above.  

 downtown - I had no idea where I was 
Bryan Park was really pretty with the Fall colors at peak, but I forgot to snap a few shots.

I am thrilled to have a 12 mile run done again. I keep thinking maybe I will figure out a way to break through that barrier (I hit at 10) alone eventually.   

Since I lack pictures to share today - here's one of Junior in his hiding spot.
I honestly believe he doesn't realize we can see him lol

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