Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Must Need a New Plug

The past few days I haven't been bubbling over with enthusiasm so I rested. I told myself it was to give my finicky hip time to rest because it's been very achy, but in truth my motivation has been on break. Tonight I knew I had to move myself out the door to the gym. 

The plan for the treadmill is usually intervals and I tried to accommodate my motivation level. 
8:49 x 4 with 10:54 x 2 recovery.

I warmed up for about ten minutes and knocked out one at an 8:49 pace. 
The next three I ran at 8:57 (sigh). I ran it out until I hit four miles at an 9:40 pace. My headphones died about 15 minutes in so that wigged me out a bit. I was seriously tempted to just hop off the treadmill, so just staying on it was an accomplishment.  

I stretched out a long time and did some crunches and a few planks. Why are planks so challenging? I try to hold them a minute and I am always talking myself into the last 15 seconds. 

I have a chord to charge up everything in my house: IPOD, computer, phone, camera, Garmin, but what I really need is one for me. 


  1. I think a lack of motivation is really just the body's way of saying it needs a little rest. Just go with the flow and I bet it will come back soon!

    I know what you mean about planking. I have no idea how people hold them for 3 minutes+!

  2. I hope I pep up soon :) I can't even imagine planking for three minutes lol


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