Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Already?

Saturday a.m. was defying the norm for December weather again. I got together with my run buddy and we ran a 10K. It wasn't a fast one for me, but Kasey busted out a new PR. I actually started to feel overheated (weird in Dec.) about 4 miles in or so and had to keep an easy pace. I started thinking about how the past few days at work had gone and how I broke from my normal habits.  Not only did I pick at some goodies I would normally pass up, but I didn't take my 52 oz. jug I usually fill with tea. I had extra stuff to take with me in the morning and left my jug behind. I also usually drink at least 20 oz. of water during the day and I neglected that. Both days I ended drinking a fountain diet soda at lunch and Friday for dinner I had wine, which contributed to my Saturday morning easy pace (no choice really). Lesson learned = you can't skip hydrating!
I finished about a minute off my target pace. It's funny how a minute or two can make you feel like you are having a good run or a bad run. It's a minute! That's what I keep telling myself and I am learning to relax about it because in the end what really matters is that I completed the distance. Every run can't be a PR and I have to be sensitive to how a few simple choices through out the day can impact my running.

1:01:28 is still an okay 10K -  9:41, 9:26, 10:06, 9:47, 10:32, 9:47, and .23 in 2:09
Kasey gave me a new 32 oz. water jug & I need to commit to drinking it everyday

I just realized it's Monday and I haven't worked out since Saturday. Time to get busy. The heavy rain we've had the past two days is supposed to clear up, Christmas or not, no excuses. 

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