Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tacky Light Run

Rarely have I set out to run a race with my biggest worry being that I may drown. It was raining unbelievably hard, thankfully it was about 39 degrees so at least it wasn't totally freezing. The park where we started was set up with lovely lights galore! I met up with Catherine who is married to a co-worker of mine. We have only met briefly a few times so I was glad she was willing to run with me. It was extremely crowded even though the weather was dreadful. I think all 5,000 participants showed up. We placed ourselves in the runners group and waited while we got soaked. 

It was so crowded when we started you could hardly move. The event was actually a 6K - 3.7 miles but we ran 3.6 because we had no choice to walk the first .10th. The start/finish lane was roped in with lights, super sparkly pretty but you couldn't spread out. I didn't start my Garmin till we could actually run some. It wasn't a timed event. Obviously folks paid no attention to the groups: Runners, joggers, joggers/walkers, walkers, etc. We had people in front of us walking from the go, which wouldn't have been so bad but several were groups making lines and families were all holding hands and you couldn't get around. That really irritated us both. 

Since it was raining so hard we had decided our goal was to get it over with as fast as possible.  Our first mile was 10:45 because of the crowds. 
10:45, 9:37, 9:34, and .60 at 9:03 pace we finished strong even though our feet weighed about 50 lbs. My shoes were actually filling up with water. I couldn't see clearly enough with my hood up to dodge folks, so I ended really soaked all down my back. 
Overall we had a good time talking and running and the light displays were great! There was a great amount of neighborhood groups cheering everyone on. I am so thankful Catherine ran it with me, she kept me moving and motivated. I think if the weather was better I truthfully would have slowed down and just enjoyed all the sights. The organizers did a great job with the shuttles and lots of fun booths and extras. It's sad it ended up being on the one rainy day this week. Of course tomorrow there's supposed to be lots of sunshine!

Love the race bling 
Wore an old pair of trail shoes and blinged them up 
Thanks to Freda, a twitter runner I follow, I checked Wal-Mart and found my shirt. 
My only time tonight I was dry 


  1. love your hair color ;)
    bummer it rained but it sounds like you still had a great time.

  2. awww, thanks:) My gingernish takes maintenance now since my gray hairs seem to out number the red ones....darn it.


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