Sunday, January 19, 2014


The forecast earlier this week promised a clear and decent weekend with highs in the 50's so I decided to sign up for a local 15K on Wednesday, thinking it was close enough so the forecast should be reliable. Friday all of sudden the word "flurries" starts getting tossed around lol.  Saturday was clear and the air was frigid all day with a low hovering about 25 degrees, but no flurries came...crazy weather man trying to make me nervous! 

Needless to say my Sunday race lived up to it's name. It was a chilly start, but the temperature started rising quickly after 9 a.m. and about half way through I had to wrap my jacket around my waist. 

I really wanted to finish in 1:30:00. It was a hilly course and I wasn't sure what to expect because I never run this area. The tricky thing is knowing how much energy to keep in the tank. The course didn't have huge hills, but a lot of gradual inclines. The first half of the last mile was an incline that seemed to last forever! I liked that the race organizers had a clock at the half way point to help you gauge your progress. Some one was also stationed at the 10K point so you could check your time. I was mostly running off feel and just checked my Garmin at those check points. The last mile I started checking it but that gradual climb kept me from picking it up as much as I wanted to. 
The finish line getting packed up

My official time was 1:29:54 and I am grateful for it considering the funky extra piece of bone that's aggravating my right foot. I think I was compensating a bit trying to strike to avoid the burning sensation I've been experiencing and ended up with a big blister on my big toe...ouch! I never get blisters there.  

The event started with a moment of silence for Meg Menzies who was a local runner and a member of the club that sponsored the Frostbite. She was killed this past week during her morning run. It was sad to think about the loss her husband and children ( 3 sweet young ones) are experiencing. Our club asked we donate a dollar for the miles ran in hopes many would join in. I am glad to do that and many folks said they will up it a few dollars a mile. May God bless her family, they have quite a journey ahead trying to adjust and endure without her. 

I love races that turn out the way you hope they would. I can't wait till they post the photos. It's always fun looking through them. I usually look crazy but one day when I am too old to run I will be glad I have it.
Ready to run! You know what I love about this pic- my hubby's work jacket. Now that's some serious reflective power :) 


  1. WOW great job on your time and beating your goal!

    I love your grey jacket, it looks so comfy!

  2. Thank you! My jacket is a Reebok one and I do love it. I have another that's more nylon/spandex like and it's squeezes me lol

  3. Great job! RIght on your goal time! That is excellent that your club is donating to help Meg's family. Such a sad and scary story.

  4. I know I really do wish there were more paved places to run

  5. Way to nail the pace!! It's hard to do on a hilly/ uphill section. I like it too when the race directors put a clock on the course mid-way. Glad your weather cooperated!
    I was sad to learn about Meg - what a tragedy.

  6. Thanks :)
    It really is a tragedy. I am checking out a new path near my house (I have to drive to it) but at least I just have to cross some roads. I may try running that for awhile and see if I can get used to it. It's so much easier just walking out the door though.


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