Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a Wrap

Since my Lose it app measures the week Monday to Monday that tends to be how I think of a week now.
In my yearly wrap up Running Over the Hill: Wrapping Up 2013: I forgot to mention my most important tip - never forget to wash your heart monitor strap after every workout. Seriously, it will give you a yucky rash. I forgot once...but I have never done it again!

3-30 Monday  Ran 10 miles average pace 10:08 

3-31 Tuesday  Treadmill intervals 5 minutes @ 9:22 pace x 4 then ran varied paces until I hit 3.5 miles. Tackled 38 minutes of upper body weight training and leg lifts after the treadmill. 

1-1 Wednesday Ran a quick 5K New Year's day before dark in 29:11 average pace 9:20 

Usually I try not to work out several days in a row and give myself time to rest but since I was off work it was hard to resist. 

1-2 Thursday Tired! and my pesky hip had a twang of pain.

1-3 Friday A very brisk (28 degrees) 15K average pace 10:03 and a very long hot addicted to hot showers after freezing runs, my water bill is scary lol

1-4 Saturday Ate a big brunch and shopped :) ate some more, drank some least I did make sure to drink about 40 oz. of water lol

1-5 Sunday Ran 7.10 miles average 9:45 pace and felt pretty good for once. Worked on a few short speed bursts and ran (in a tank top) it with my run buddy and she PR'd her 10K time :) Temperature changes are so crazy this winter, freezing rain in the forecast but it was about 57 degrees and fairly humid. 
Got my Sunday run in before the rain came 
My mood has been downhill this week, the thought of going to work Monday has me grumpy already. The thought of real clothes...ugh! Running attire and jammies, that's what I really want to live in. However, my Sunday run was a good boost. I love runs where I can just feel the stress leaving and enjoyment replacing it. I haven't experienced a good high on a lot of my runs lately, so this one felt like a treat :) 

Hope all my running buddies have a super week! 


  1. Yay! Great job out there today getting in a good runner's high run. Wooo!

  2. Great job! Looks like a very solid week of training!

  3. Thanks! It makes it so much easier when I am off work :)


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