Friday, January 31, 2014

Loving the Finisher Video

A finisher video from the Frostbite 15K :) I love it! I was pleasantly surprised when I received this in my email. I am in the pink shirt and visor.

The cold temps remained this week so my streets were still to icy or slushy on the sides to run. I am leery when I feel like I can't stay to side and give cars enough treadmill doomed. That actually turned into rest days because I am still battling the motivation a little.

On my way to work - really VA isn't usually this cold

The sun was shining but it wasn't helping
Wednesday I did 37 minutes of treadmill intervals and 35 minutes of strength training. I pushed that 50 lb. bar up again :) I did intervals at an 8:57 pace. I was exhausted after three at 5 minutes each.  So I did a few more 3 minutes each. Should intervals make you so out of breath you can't talk or a pace like 9:15 you can sustain running??? I alternate, not knowing what I really need. 

Thursday I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and left. I noticed a strange sensation in my sports bra while running. I looked down to an oozing strange brown substance. My hubby had just replaced my heart monitor battery and I guess the battery, although brand new, was bad. The thing exploded...weird!

So I've ordered a new heart monitor strap. Now I anxiously await the mail next week...a new heart rate monitor and new running shoes. I ordered Altra's a brand I have never tried, but come highly recommended. Fingers crossed. 

Saturday It's supposed to be in the 50's - outside run here I come :) 


  1. Wow, that is so cool that the race shared finisher's videos with everyone! That's really awesome!

  2. It made me happy watching it while I was at work feeling grumpy lol

  3. Yikes! I think I would have freaked out if a battery exploded on my chest. :(

  4. I was confused for sure when I looked down and was oozing brown lol

  5. Goodness, I am glad the battery explosion didn't hurt you! Poor sportsbra, hope it survived!

  6. Crazy about the HRM battery! I hope you like the Torins :) My calves are still adjusting to the drop with mine, but I am still a happy camper!!

  7. I have a 10K i am trying to pull off a good time for March 29th. I hope i can adjust quickly enough!


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