Monday, January 27, 2014

Trying to be Carefree

I try to just roll with it most days. I have limited options; I have to get up earlier than I want, show up at work dressed presentably, smile through a thousand interruptions, field phone calls and listen to a lot of grumbling that I do not contribute to or have the power the fix. Time is a precious treasure and I often wish I had more to do with as I choose. 

Lately, my routine has been wearing on me. Honestly, I feel a little drained and that leads to the poor use of the free time I do have. So here I sit while I am supposed to be working out. 
Maybe I need a pedicure or something "/

Last week's work outs:
Monday 5 miles on a hilly path (my legs were tired from my race Sunday)  1 mile cool down walk

Tuesday 2 quick miles on the treadmill to warm up 
An hour of weight training - did bench pressing, back, legs... and 15 minutes of stretching. I have to be careful doing legs I can't lunge at all it leaves my knees in a lot of pain. (my knees are fickle)

Wednesday - Thursday - Friday 
Wednesday was my son's birthday (which made me really happy) and we were supposed to go out, he ended not being able to make his own dinner because he had to stay to cover for someone at work. Thursday we went out. Friday I went to see him play a gig. It was a fun show and as much as I love seeing him get "older" it makes me miss the "younger" him. I know I am full of issues today. 
That's my 24 year old baby-I can't believe how the years have flown 

All three of the guys are Andrew - "Bandrew" 

Saturday Treadmill 10K then I walked for about 20 minutes, did 20 minutes of alternating leg lifts and bench pressing. I finally pushed up the 50 lb. bar ;-) Trying to build up my strength! 

Sunday 8.6 miles and a 15 minute cool down walk 

I actually like to work out, rest a day, work out, rest a day and even though it sounds easy I don't seem to be able to pull that off most weeks. 

Not sure what this week will hold but I am still trying to talk myself out the door to the gym...

Tell me what's your favorite go to exercise that makes you feel like a superhero. What do you do when you have a little case of the blues? 


  1. Ever since going back to work after the holidays I've been dragging a bit too. I keep thinking about taking a personal day off to just do whatever, but ironically whenever I've done this in the past I've just spent the day wondering what to do and wishing I hadn't wasted a vacation day.

    Usually a new outfit or a haircut can get me out of the blues. I am due for both :) The green top with claw holes is just not doing it for me, haha. Hope you are able to get out of your funk soon! A manicure sounds good to me!

  2. I did go buy a new shirt tonight and no cat claws on it yet lol It has snowed here again and it's cold about 16 degrees cold so I do have a day off tomorrow. I can't go for a long run though, but maybe I will be able to get my pedicure :)

  3. I've been felling worn down lately too. I don't know if it's the weather, work being bananas, or training. I've kept training a little lighter this week to help! How fun that you go to your son's gigs!

  4. I guess I am not alone, it is hard to keep the pace sometimes. It's good to listen your body and adjust so you don't end up sick or injured. At least we're at hump day :)

  5. Love their band name, that cracks me up. Great week of working out! My favorite go to exercise is burpees :)

  6. I should have known it was burpees ;) They are a great work out!


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