Sunday, February 23, 2014

March Madness

March 29th is the 10K I am currently training for. I actually qualified into a seeded wave this year and I really want to record a PR. The basic plan is to train hard until the week before and then taper. I'd like to take up the intensity the next few weeks. Ideas or thoughts anyone? Do I focus more on short fast runs - keep running the 10K distance - or try something new and start running hill repeats?

My usual week goes - short treadmill run (usually 3 miles - intervals)
one 10K run and one longer run 8 - 10 miles.
Most of February I threw in an extra treadmill (because of the cold) run 3 - 4 miles
I always do some weight training throughout the week.

February almost over...time flies as I get older.

I am glad to leave behind the crazy polar vortex temps we experienced this winter, but honestly I am really not looking forward to the warmer months. I do want it to be warmer than the teens, but once it gets over 80 it's such a challenge for me to run. The humidity causes me a great deal of nausea. I may have to stop blogging for summer because I don't want to record my whining. 

My Saturday run was a good example of what strong sun (as bright and clear as it can get) (67 degrees) and a mid day run does to me...meltdown. I started out okay, warmed up a mile, then planned to do four speedier miles, then relaxed pace until I hit 8 miles. 
10:05, 9:10, 9:26, 9:24, 10:02, 10:38, 10:11, 10:34  
Total 8 miler 1:19 

After three speedier miles I was warm, so I slowed up a bit and recovered for a mile, then tried to pick it again and I was done...I went from being uncomfortable to feeling completely overheated and light headed very quickly. Very really wasn't that hot, but I guess I am not used to it. 

I was running with my run buddy and she was ahead of me at that point and all I could think was home...I didn't even want to run after her to tell her I was done. I just wanted out of the sun (no shade on our route).

Basically from mid - May last year until September I just had to accept a 10:30 to 11:45 mi and often I would have to take short walk breaks to get a longer run done. The only way to stop that light headed feeling is to stop and walk. Usually I feel fine in about 10 to 15 minutes, but it gets me down. 

I am not quite the sun worship-purr Misty is

I've had Basil Cells removed from my eye lid, nose, and back so I have to limit my time in the sun all summer. Here comes 5 a.m. runs...can I do that again?

Update: BooBoo my kitty that had the big bite 
is doing much better :-)
I have been running in Brooks Ghosts, a great shoe but I can't run on the treadmill in them. So I purchased a pair of Altra Torin's which are zero drop and I am so much happier with the feel. I love the way my foot sits in Altra's. I started wearing them for pavement runs. They are a great 6 mile and under shoe and a perfect treadmill (very light) but I need more cushioning for a longer pavement run. Finding the perfect shoes is an expensive search...I admire those who are ambassadors for running companies. 

I decided right before dark to go out (in Brooks Ghosts 6) and run a few quick miles. 

29:03 5K  walked 30 seconds...reset
30:34 5K  
My legs were feeling used up when I started again and my first mile was 10:30 but I ended up getting a decent rhythm going again. I keep wondering if I am doing the right kind of training to hit my 10K goal. 
Almost a night run - I just didn't want to run
in the sun after yesterday

Send me those speedy tips :) Do I focus more on short fast runs - keep running the 10K distance - or try something new and start running hill repeats?


  1. I've never ran a 10K so I dont know how much help I can be. But all the research I have done on getting faster for 5K is that you need to combine tempo runs, long runs, and speed work. Looks like you have the tempo and long runs down. For speed work I do 400 intervals at a pretty quick pace. Lately I have been doing trail runs and the climbing has been doing wonders for my stamina. Hope some of this helps.

  2. I have taken a long break from trails this winter, but I agree the ones I run are hilly and would help me a lot. I need to get back to to it :) I am going to try to increase my intervals the next few weeks and see if I can hang.

  3. I vote for adding some hill repeats, since you still have some time before your race. I'm not all that fast myself, though, and usually skip the hills as much as possible. :) I need to work on speed this year, so I look forward to following your training to see what works for you.

    1. I am reading You, Only Faster :) Hopefully I will find something that sparks a break through for me.

  4. I say mix it up! Run some hill repeats! Hey your cats are so cute. :)

    1. Hills are supposed to make me stronger right :) Thanks, my cats are my entertainment now that my son is 24 lol

  5. I am still adjusting to my Altras. It's not an overnight thing, so don't feel bad that you need to mix it up a bit with the shoes. I think there are some models that have more cushion, but it will still be hard on your calves to drop down from brooks 12mm to zero. Take your time there.
    For 10k, I would not go wild on hills, but maybe 4 short hills in one workout, building up to maybe 8 short hills. Or skip them and just work on some longer tempo and 3k-5k paced intervals.A good plan will have you run 1.5-2 hours max for a long run for 10k training. I have a calculator on my site now for training paces :)
    Looks like you are sitting good to PR!

    1. I wish I had somewhere close to me I could try on Altra's. I think I want the Olympus or Repetitions. My Torin's are feeling amazing now that I am more use to them, but I do like a little more cushioning for a long run. I am trying to make sure I am running a 15K a few times a month for a long run. It sure does make 6 feel easier ;) I am trying to work on my speed on shorter runs and it wears me out! I need more recovery time, but I am hoping it will pay off.

  6. I agree, February has flown by! I melt down in the sun too, especially the first few warm days after winter. Stick with it though. You will be heading into spring with a great base!

  7. I signed up for a half Nov. (seems really far away) so I don't want to lose my base over the summer although I do expect to lose my pace, but I am going to try :)


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