Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Week Mostly in Pictures

I work as a data steward in a high counseling office. We have two semesters a year, so it's like starting a new school year...while finalizing the other. Senior grades, failed classes, reschedules, new kids, enroll, key grades, fix data errors, enter the state codes needed for all the programs we house...(GED, overage middle school students, night school and a day school).etc... So a few times a year I sit at my desk from 7:00 a.m. until whenever and get very little exercise. 

Monday - Tuesday -Wednesday - Thursday - just  few walks up and down the halls. :( 

I did get one nice break this week...mandatory training in the morning so I got an extra half hour to eat breakfast at Panera and relax :)

I am starting to feel a little crazy from lack of activity.

That's p.m. - my arrival time at work is 7:00 a.m. 

My sad car in the dark 

My usually neat desk is piled with stuff I need to pick through
I did have a surprise bag Wednesday - cutest bag ever 
Pink sparkle slippers from our super sweet intern 

When I stay at work that long my cats always look like they
don't know who I am when I come in 

My new running gear arrived I ordered 

New Altra Torin's 

The box had instructions :) 

I was so excited I tried them on with my work clothes and they feel heavenly...I hope I love them when I run in them:) 

Then I had to try the socks...I was leery of the toe socks but they feel super awesome too. 
So as I write this on Thursday my last run was Sunday the 2nd. Sounds like forever ago! Sunday it was hot, 70 degrees hot, and I am not sure if it's because I was sweating so much my sports bra rubbed or if the sun blistered me because I missed spots with the sunscreen...
You can't imagine how bad these burned in the shower...ouch!  I have more spots on the other side. Ginger problems :( 

Got my new heart monitor this week too. That was my big heart rate spike for the week. 
So I guess I better do some kind of incredible working out this weekend! 

Is it possible to make up for missing a whole week in two days? 


  1. Looks like some pretty fun new gear! Hope you get to use it soon.

  2. I have the same problem at work lately too! We are in our 'peak' season, which means I don't get to move a whole lot during the day and my schedule is a bit wacky. But I try to squeeze in short runs when I can. I'm jealous of all your new gear. I'm curious to hear how the altras work for you. I've been thinking of moving to low/no drop shoes.

  3. Again I just gave up and no work out. I need to get a rhythm back ASAP I will review the Altra after I do a few runs. They are so comfortable but I need to get out on the pavement and try them's coming!

  4. WOW 7am - 8pm ... that's way too many hours to work! I hope you are getting a lot of relaxation + good running in this weekend! So many fun new gadgets and gear to play with :)

    Such cute kitties! If they are anything like my cat, they remember who you are and just wonder why you weren't home earlier to serve dinner on time :)

  5. ha! that's it exactly the kitties head straight to the bowl and glare at me lol I am planning on just doing what I can do in an 8 day next week and go home ...hopefully it'll work out like that


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