Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PR Tuesday

My struggle with speediness or lack of and my overall energy levels have been a challenge for me lately. 

A few short months ago I seemed to be hitting a really good stride, most of my runs felt pretty good and I was getting speedier...then all of a sudden boom. No real big diet or supplement changes to speak of. 
The stress in my life has increased the past few months because of a tense situation at work and I am person who doesn't do well in those circumstances. I don't want to babble, but I will say I am working at a crazy pace everyday and I feel that's what is affecting me the most.

My other issue is I have a bunch of rescue animals I love dearly but they are getting older and starting to make big messes and I spend the rest of my energy trying to keep my house together.

Sunday I got out and ran 9.3 miles. I have a 10K March 29th and a 15K April 12th so I need to stay conditioned for both. 

Sunday was kind of my typical run lately - I wanted to get a few fast miles in and I just couldn't sustain a speedier pace at all. 
10:10, 9:59, 9:23, 10:15, 10:13, 10:01, 9:36, 10:03, 9:52 and .31 in 2:44 

Every time I tried to pick it up I could feel the drain, but overall it was a decent long run. 1:32:17 

Sunday one of my cats kept me up most of the night. He was not feeling well at all.  My hubby took him to the vet Monday afternoon. Antibiotics and a shot for pain helped him on his path to recovery.

BooBoo got bit by something 

Poor sweet boy - but the meds are helping already
Tonight when I came home I was already feeling a little crazy and Otto decided to make a big mess so I was scrambling to clean up so I could get a run in before dark. 
Otto - I love him dearly but he is a very moody soul 
I left the house and just kept thinking push. I felt like I was releasing all the yuck stuff from today
I ended with a PR and honestly I had to look several times because I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I am still questioning if my Garmin broke. I have never ever ever been able able to string together 9:00 mi ever....weird. Usually stress drains me but today somehow it fueled my feet. 
9:36, 8:55, 8:56, 9:20, 8:46, 9:00 and .25 in 2:15

If only I could figure out how this happened. I'll never reproduce it so I had to share it lol 

VA weather weirdness lol - last week snow and today I needed shorts. It felt delightful.
The front of my house doesn't get enough sun so I am the only one left with a patch of snow on a 60 degree day. 
Did you ever get a time and instantly think you timer was broke? Can shoes make that big of a difference? 
Ran in Altra Torin's tonight


  1. Congrats on the awesome run! I find that if I think about whatever I'm stressed about during a run I will run fast and angry. But if I use the run to calm my mind from stress I will usually run slower than normal. Maybe part of that is true for you too. Those angry runs never feel as good to me though as the stress free ones, although I love seeing a faster time, haha.

    Poor Booboo. Glad he is feeling better!

    Cecil is incredibly moody like Otto. Some days he's a cuddly lap cat and some days he's a moody biter. I think it has to do with the sun ... if it's cloudy out and he can't lay in the sun he gets into such a bad mood and meows at the window all day.

  2. Great job at the surprise PR! Even if your Garmin broke, just go with it. :-)

  3. Different things motivate you on different days. Running fast is about running smooth and feeling comfortable, so I believe 100% shoes have everything to do with that. I say a PR is a PR, doesnt matter how it happened, its there and now we are all witnesses to that so CONGRATS!!



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