Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

Shower and put your pj's back on...that's the best kind of day. Mother Nature is unleashing an unusual amount of snow and cold in VA this season so I am receiving the gift of a long weekend. Thursday and Friday my office is closed. The temperature is supposed to climb into the 40's and low 50's over the weekend so it should mostly melt away, which is nice because I still want to get my runs in Saturday and Sunday. 
The snow fall started Wednesday late afternoon
and in about 15 min. a light covering started

Thursday evening - I think there's about 4 inches out there

Today I ventured out and went to the gym since it's only about two miles away. I did the treadmill and then about 40 minutes of back, abs, and legs. I am really trying to stick to my four work outs a week. 

I did 3 minute intervals at 8:57 pace x 3 then ran it out at a 6.0 on the treadmill until the last 3 minutes I bumped to a 9:20 pace. I have been slacking on the interval work for quite a while now so I needed to accomplish something. Even though it was just a little, it did make me feel better. Back in October, which seems like ages ago now, I had worked my way up to 7 minute intervals, but my body has been rebelling lately so here I am back at three. 

Tuesday after work I knew I had to get a decent run in since the snow was coming. My goal was to come home and run to a cul-de-sac that's .25 miles long and try some speedwork. My plan was run it four times speedy with a recovery lap in between, however when I actually got there I just wasn't feeling it so I picked up my lap times for the next two miles and ended up with a 5K at a quicker than normal pace. I reset and ran a more relaxed pace so I could get 8 miles done before dark. 
My first run: 
Distance: 3.18 mi 
Mile 1 9:56 
Mile 2 9:22
Mile 3 9:17 
.18 in 1:31 30:06 average pace 9:29  min/mi

My second run:
Distance: 5.08 mi 

Time: 50:04
Avg Pace: 9:51 min/mi
I felt like a popsicle when I took this picture. I headed in for a steamy shower. 

I started reading You, Only Faster and the first thing that struck me he says to run your speed laps just slightly above what your goal pace is. My goal pace is 9:39  (or better) for my upcoming 10K. My issue is I have a very hard time establishing a pace and sticking to it. I tend to mix up my laps. I run hard when I feel like I can then I recover a little, then push again...

How much faster do you think an interval should be? 
Are you able to pick a pace and run it? 
Share your secrets about how you get your feet to cooperate :)


  1. Nice job on the intervals, and also on the speedy practice 5k! Both were very strong runs!
    I bet with race excitement you will be able to match that 10k goal.. just be sure not to start way in the back because that might add some time to your race.
    Tips for fast feet? I try to think of keeping my feet moving like I am whisking an egg.. egg beaters... when I am doing fast workouts! But I have a problem going out too fast for intervals and then maintaining.
    Keep warm out there!

  2. I am hopeful I can do it! Nerves always get me for races, but I was able to calm down in the Frostbite event I ran so I am telling myself I CAN! Hope this I like the visual of whisking :) Visuals help me, I'll be thinking about that!

  3. I'm jealous of your snow days! :)

    The only way I can keep a truly consistent pace is on the treadmill. Otherwise I can usually keep my miles within 20 seconds of each other, but I can hardly ever hit even splits.

    How is your foot feeling? Did you ever get the bump figured out? I hope your foot is feeling better!

  4. Yeah. I'm pretty bad about sticking to a pace. Great job with the intervals and running in the snow!

  5. I am glad it's not just me about sticking to a pace. My foot aches and it hasn't really hurt till I run over 6 miles or so. It does seem to feel better if I rest a day after a run, so for now I am controlling it but I guess I will have to go the doctor sometime. I am just afraid of what they might tell me I guess


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