Sunday, March 2, 2014


The difference a day can make...

Saturday the plan was for Kasey (run buddy) and I to hit our goal of 6.22 in under an hour. My personal goal was to be more consistent with my pace, something I lack ability in. I just wanted to see if it would feel any "easier" if I was more consistent with my lap times. It didn'  Running that speed is working at a non-conversational challenge for me. But I did it!

   Avg Pace
Summary      58:44.4            6.22               9:27
    1 9:37.2 1.00 9:37
2 9:27.2 1.00 9:27
3 9:24.5 1.00 9:25
4 9:37.5 1.00 9:38
5 9:21.2 1.00 9:21
6 9:34.9 1.00 9:35
7 1:42.0 0.22              7:53 

We did it! Kasey did it faster, it was a good day. Nice and cool in the upper 40's and I felt pretty good until the last mile. I did get light headed, not sure why, but I just plopped down when I was done and it cured it. 

Sunday I still needed a long run, but my legs were feeling used up tight, and I debated if I should skip my run. Catherine, who I was with at the Sweetheart 8K recently, is running the Shamrock half so she needed a 10 miler. 

It was about 74 degrees and really sunny and her foot was killing her so we agreed to a very relaxed pace. This was actually a fun run because we stayed right together, chatted, and just enjoyed the fact we weren't trotting around alone. I knew I wouldn't make it 10 miles in the afternoon sun, but I did make it 7. We did a loop in her neighborhood and when we stopped for a quick water break, I hopped in my car and she went for 3 more miles. It's amazing how much the heat kills my pace. 

  Avg Pace
Summary    1:20:02.9           7.18         11:09
1 10:28.6 1.00 10:29
2 10:54.5 1.00 10:55
3 10:48.8 1.00 10:49
4 11:12.7 1.00 11:13
5 11:19.1 1.00 11:19
6 11:47.1 1.00 11:47
7 11:30.1 1.00 11:30
8 2:02.0 0.18  11:28 

Last week I ran 8 miles faster... 
This is why I want my glory moment before summer starts. 

I did stop at a shady path on the way home and braved 2 more miles 11:26 and 11:22, even shade didn't help my pace.

Stormy clouds started rolling in right as I was finishing my two miles and tomorrow it's supposed to snow...again (sigh). 

Hard to believe the sun was full force just 10 minutes before this

This week I did a progression run instead of intervals on the treadmill. It went well...
I ran a 9:34 pace until .8 and bumped to a 9:10 pace until 1.8 miles, and then 8:57 pace until I hit a 5K. I did bump up the pace for a few short paces at the end. I was surprised at how fatigued my legs felt the next day. I couldn't space a rest day in between work outs this week so the next night I hopped on the treadmill to do a short warm up and my legs felt like noodles. I lasted 2 miles and went on to more weight work. 
Speed work is challenging. I plan to do a few strong progression runs (and maybe some hill repeats) the next few weeks before my race. 

Does speed work leave you feeling a little noodled? Is it ever going to stop snowing this winter? 


  1. Awesome job on the 10K in under an hour! That's my dream :)

    Feel free to send a little snow my way! I walked down to the beach today to get some lunch and it was SO HOT out. I think I sweat more in that walk than I do when I run at night!

    My legs usually don't feel like noodles the day after speedwork, which I suspect is because I don't push myself hard enough! oops!

    1. Your heat and humidity would kill me Kristina...I wonder if you will experience a big pace increase if you run somewhere cool and dry (like your marathon). When I went to Montana I PR'd my 5K the first day w/o even trying lol It was just a wonderful break from the humid weather here.

  2. Great job on the 10K. Yeah speed work takes a toll on my legs. BUT it is invaluable in improving your race times.

    1. Thanks! I am going to make myself work on the progression runs. I do think the intervals helped me a great deal, but now I need to push for longer times speedy :)


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