Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ice to Ten

Friday night icing....

Saturday morning...
Smiling because it was done 

10 miles down :)  I was really slow again, but I did it. Run buddy isn't as bothered by the sun as I am so we started off chatting, but by mile 5 it was all business. We got spread out by mile 7, she was running a 10:15 pace and I stayed more about 10:30. 

I finished 5 minutes slower than my best 10 mile time. It's funny how 5 minutes can make or break how I feel about a run. The good part was the icing did it's job and I was able to do it. I could feel a twinge of soreness in my knee the first few miles, but it worked itself out, and I actually felt really good Saturday afternoon when the run was done.  

I am heading to the gym to do some strength training and rest my legs until Monday.  I planned to do a training run Monday for time, but they are calling for snow...ugh...snow, after being 70 and sunny yesterday. 

I noticed when I came home from shopping today I have a little obsession about Parsley. I have some kind of weird fear about running out of it. I use Parsley and garlic powder on everything I cook. 

Parsley makes my taters look yummy

This week I am going to open this new torture device I purchased

Have a great week everyone :) 


  1. Glad to hear that the icing gave you some relief. Sounds like a day off is needed! You and your running buddy look awesome! We've been having the weather yo-yo here to and I am so over it.

    1. The weather is crazy right!? We were a sweaty mess but happy :)

  2. WHOO! So glad that the icing helped!

    I put garlic powder on everything too :) Yum!

  3. I dont know what I would do without icing, it does wonders for me. Wow that is a lot of parsley lol.

    Over all you knocked out that run, and no injuries is a huge bonus.

  4. Glad that the ice worked. Take care and get well soon.


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