Monday, March 3, 2014

My Abc's and Monday Sleep

The best way to start my week- not to start it at all. Makes me throw my hands up!! 
Getting the automated call that our offices were closed at 5:00 a.m. was okay with me. I went back to sleep until 9:30 a.m.  Heaven to my tired legs. :) There is no doubt in my mind sleep is huge to muscle recovery. 
They just don't have enough street plows here to get things cleared
It looks like outdoor running will be extinct for me this week - hello treadmill 
Yes, it was sunny and 74 degrees yesterday...

This one is for Kristina - my yearly goal tracking - just one more reason to love my Garmin and the Garmin Connect page.

Kristina's Blog link

I set my yearly goal at 835 miles for 2014...
I am 22% complete for now :)

Meg of Meg Go Run shared her Abc's so we could get to know her a little better. Here's mine...
Meg's blog link

Have a great week everyone! 
Till next time,


  1. You're right on track to meet your yearly goal! Since I know you're tracking, I will check in at the end of every month to make sure you stay the course :D

  2. :-) I will need that in the summer when I want to give up lol I need to figure how how you lasted 12 miles on the treadmill!

  3. That is a great goal and you are right on track, keep up the great work. I just set my first monthly goal for March, hope I can stick to it.

  4. Great job on your year goal! Right on track! I like the ABCs idea. I might have to do it!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Meg's list was cuter, but I kind of got on a roll with whatever came to mind :) I'd like to read yours! My last comment had a typo lol always a typo!

  5. I love you ABCs!! As you know I am a cat lover as well. :) Oh, and my G could have totally been generic. No Lulu running gear for me... I'm all about the cheap!

    1. Sorry for all the typos, my computer is lagging so bad at the moment!

    2. Thanks Meg :) cats are good entertainment. Love my wal-mart running bras and tops lol All the $$ go to shoes!


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