Friday, March 14, 2014

Ouch! Ice Please

Anti inflammatory and ice - currently happening. I've done more of this the past few weeks than I would like to admit. 
The little arrow is to show you where I experience the pain 

Speed work is rough stuff. A lot of folks warned me speed work is how runners get injured. I only half believed it, until now. In the past I've accomplished some decent runs (fast for me lol) and recovered fairly quick, but I've never pushed training this much. 

Overall I have cut my mileage back and I guess I thought it would balance out, but not so much. I am making gains trying to break new thresholds each week, but I am also experiencing a little nauseous wave each time I bend my knee tonight.
I've done physical therapy for several months (in the past) for this band on the inside of my knee and made little progress. I have been fortunate I've been able to adjust to running.

The last time I blogged (last weekend) I had just finished my slow nine mile run. I woke up Sunday surprisingly sore. Over the past five months I have rarely experienced real soreness or pain after a run. I have had bouts of tired legs, lead legs, feeling fatigued, but rarely actual pain. Sunday I had enough to make me wince. I stretched and tried to go run a slow mile. It hurt, so I walked and started to feel loosened up. I tried more mile...right knee hurting all the I bagged it. Home to ice. 

Monday no pain at all, but I still felt a little tired. Run buddy and I are doing the 10K together so we wanted to do a four mile progression run outside after I got off work because it was such a nice day. 
So off we went. I was struggling to keep pace so I stopped at a 5K, 28:26 one of my speediest, but I still felt like a flop because I couldn't make it to 4 miles. I just kind of melted down and stopped. This really messed with my head and I started feeling discouraged, worrying that cutting back my mileage I was losing my endurance, etc...
Avg Pace
I really just started off way to fast because I wasn't glancing at my pace enough. An 8:54 is truly an all out effort for me. Trying to pace outside is a whole different ballgame than a treadmill. I decided for a true progression run I better stick to inside. 

Tuesday I rested...but those little nagging worries about endurance, failure, etc... kept at me.

So Wednesday I ran outside and decided I needed to run my best effort without completely exhausting myself. It worked thankfully :) and it's funny what a difference 20 seconds makes! 
Avg Pace

I walked for a minute and ran two miles home more relaxed.

Avg Pace

My doubt faded after I got this done and Thursday I was back at the gym doing a 5K progression run (maybe I should have skipped this).
9:22 x 2  8:57 bumped to 8:34 for .30 

I felt SO good I did one more mile and knocked out about an hour of strength training. I was all excited Thursday night thinking I am adjusting and getting stronger.

Fast forward to Friday morning, I woke up feeling stiff and shortly after I arrived at work I started aching...bad...on my left knee this time and I couldn't bend it at all. 
So here I sit - icing hoping to be able to long run this weekend. 

I am not a fan of feeling pain, stiffness, or icing. Truthfully after I run this 10K (heaven help me if I don't PR) I will be glad to go back to running a more relaxed pace and feeling great (hopefully :/) after a run. 
I have run a few events where I totally had runner's first 10K 1:22:41 all I could think was, "How did folks get this done in under an hour."

A year later, 1:01:40 but I still want to be in that under an hour group (just once). I do feel really good about hitting some PR's that I believed were unattainable for me a few short months ago, but truthfully after this experience I think I will be okay to just enjoy the run. I am 47 and really need to take care of my joints. My life goal is to be running when I am really old :) 

After this event, I do not plan to set a time goal for any more races this year. I made my 15K goal...just barely...but I did shave 2 minutes off my best recorded time. 

My running schedule: 
Jan. 19th - 15K 1:29:54
March 29th - 10K
April 6th - 5K  Team Soup Run (Campbell's run) 
April 12th - 15K 
May 10th - Glow Run
June 1st - 4 mi Trail Run
Nov. 15th - Richmond Half 

Changing from intervals (once a week) to progression runs took me to a whole new level of fatigued.

How important are PR's to you? Thoughts on speed running causing injury? Am I just adjusting to a new threshold? I keep wondering if I will eventually start to feel more comfortable at this pace or should I bag it (after my race) before I get hurt?
Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing Tweek (orange) and BooBoo 


  1. Augh! Sorry your knee is acting up. When you went to physical therapy, did they tell you what is causing the pain?

    1. the therapists said my knee caps are unusually tight and they are "slid" out a bit. He said this commonly happens to older women who are inactive so he thinks it's more about that's just how I am made because I always worked out. Anyway we worked for months and he tried to worked on the mobility in my knee caps but it never improved. He said because it's so tight the inside spot where it hurts has a lot pressure and the tissue and tendons or what ever is there get inflamed because the knee doesn't rotate like it should. I was also having some pain in my shoulders, hands and they said I have a little arthritis, but staying active helps that. I had some shots that helped and usually I can ice and get it back okay for use in a day or two.

  2. Speed work is brutal but it is vital to improving your run times. I use to run speed work on the track and I think that is waht cause all my ITB pain. I've stopped doing that and I havent had those tpes of issues.

    1. I tried a track and it was smaller then standard but it was rough on the ankles turning so much! Hopefully your IT band is feeling better now??

  3. Hope your knee feels better soon, injuries are so discouraging! Love the pic of your cats :) I am a big fan of getting PRs and like to really push myself, which is no doubt why I had to deal with an injury most of last year.

  4. I think we all love a good PR, but I don't ever stress about them. My goals are all about distance since I'm aiming for a 50-miler at some point, and my running coach says as I get better at distance my pace will naturally increase on shorter runs. I'm hoping during marathon training this year to get a half marathon PR, but we'll see :)

    Hope the rest and ice is helping and that you're feeling better today!!

    1. I'll be rooting for you for the marathon and the 50 miler when you get there :) I always think about doing a marathon just once!

  5. PRs are fun, but I rather be able to run on a consistent basis. I probably could PR a lot more races without this philosophy, but then I would be injured a whole lot more. One thing I've noticed about myself in the past was that my stride would change a bit during speedwork leading to injuries. Make sure to focus on your stride and consistency during speedwork. I tend to incorporate more tempo runs.

    1. Hurting isn't any fun for sure! I am going to work on stride this week and just try to go on feel and not overdrive :) I want to go quick, but I really don't like being down. Hoping to find a happy medium :)


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