Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bacon Day

Bacon Day is bigger than Christmas at my house. One of hubby's friends started an annual celebration of bacon six years ago. Bacon in/with everything from turkey to cheesecake.
I am always the only non - eater, this vegetarian goes as bacon day support.

I headed out of the house at 7:30 a.m. to meet up with a co-worker so I could get my run in before the afternoon event. We ran downtown - seven miles. Urban running is quite different from what I am use to around my neighborhood. We ran in the bike lane when we could, ran some old brick sidewalks, some cobblestone, and there's lots of traffic even that early. It was a fun change of pace and I needed the distraction today.
My legs have felt a little tight on each of my runs this week.  

Monday - 3.14 mi. average pace 9:50 (legs felt heavy) so I walked 1.35 miles and then ran a 9:15 mile

Wednesday - 3.12 mi. average pace 9:37 It was very warm out so I walked a mile. After the sun went down I felt a lot better and ran 2 mi. 8:48 and 9:08
(confession: my speed miles were on a nice down hill stretch)
I love my Altra's - nice and light for speed work

Friday - I ran a treadmill mile and then hit the weights and stretching for about 45 minutes

Saturday - 7 mi. average pace 9:57 I worked for my miles today, it was just one of those runs where I could have stopped at any moment and been perfectly happy

Sunday - Team Soup Run 5K (Campbell's run)
That will wrap up the week right at 20 miles.

March wrapped up at 92 miles. My goal each month is 70 miles. Sometimes I just make it and some months I accomplish a little more : )

Hopefully my legs will be more cooperative next week. I have a 15K to run April 12th and then I am taking a racing break!

Do you take a walk break and start again when your legs aren't 100%? Are you a bacon lover? 
It was a bit windy today 

Look how happy hubby is
A little creative engineering trying to block the wind

Even my son comes to chow at bacon day 
The county reservoir -Someone should have put a giant running path here  

My two favorite peeps 
Yep, a real bacon medal :) 


  1. Funny, I had real bacon yesterday for the first time in ages! Happy Bacon Day!

    1. Thanks! The smell is lingering in my house lol

  2. Yum! Now, I really want bacon. :)

    Great job on your running last month. You blew your 70-mile goal out of the water!

    1. I was trying to enjoy the last cool month of the season :)

  3. HAH! That bacon medal is so funny! Congrats to your hubby!

    My legs were feeling a little tight/sore this week too. Hopefully we both are back to normal this coming week :)

    1. Bacon medals are a pretty great idea lol I loosened up today, I did some extra stretching before I ran today! Hopefully you will get a good groove going too!

  4. Atlanta has a Bacon Fest that just occured a few weeks ago. I'm sure your husband would love it!

    Hope your legs loosen up. Do you foam roll or stretch in between runs to help? I think warming them up before a run (walking works) helps to get the blood flowing and loosen them up a bit!


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