Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a Short Story Today

Know how I got motivated to start weight training every week again? One picture.

I belonged to a gym for about 11 years and took lots of cardio classes, weight training classes, aerobics, and used machines like crazy. I have battled weight and some unhealthy habits early in my adult life but I'll save that post for another day. I moved in 2001, had to change gyms, and never enjoyed it as much so I eventually quit and started working out at home. All was fine for several years, then I had a few surgeries which required a few extended breaks from working out. Probably pushing too much after one of my surgery breaks, I ended up with frozen shoulder and I spent about a year in therapy. It took several cortisone injections in my left shoulder before I finally started gaining my mobility back. During this time period I was also experiencing a lot of knee pain which ended up requiring injections and therapy as well. This led to my commitment to workout four days a week. I wanted to build strength again but I realized I needed to let my body rest. 

I joined Gold's in 2012 because a lot of unwanted weight attached itself to me and I couldn't get it off. I wanted to be the toner smaller me again. I was pretty timid though...I was all nerves about getting hurt. November/December (2012) is also when I started working at trying to run 3 miles without stopping. That took lots of energy and my resistance training was taking a back seat. 

2013 Monument Ave 10K (April)  I was so happy I actually ran it...but look at those arms. 
Oh....the hang traumatized me!
This picture ignited Operation Replace the Hang and my love of the saying, "Strong is the new skinny." 
I worked at each weight level awhile before adding more weight and it has been slowwww, but I am making a little progress. I try to work my large muscle groups every week. Bench pressing has been one my favorite exercises for a few months now. 
You want to see strength - click and scroll to the last picture- Christy's side crow pose - totally awed me.

I have ganglion cysts in my wrists so I am not sure I will ever be able to nail that move, but I would love to get my arms that ripped! Thanks for the inspiration Christy :) In fact, all of you inspire me everyday in my running journey as well as my journey to be stronger. I see your strength, commitment, dedication, and accomplishments and it inspires me to push on and challenge myself to a little more everyday. 

I need to start working my legs more, but that's a little trickier.  I've ended up down and out several days icing every time I've tried a boot camp class, burpees, or any type of lunges. 

My core is still weaker than it should be too...but hey, this stuff takes time! 
So that's my story of how seeing a picture helped spark a change in my life. Has this happened to you?

Tell me what exercises really improved your running? How do you feel about weight training, core work in general? Are you a believer in planks? 


  1. Oh my goodness this made my day! You are awesome, your arms are looking great, keep up the hard work. I am a huge fan of core work. I think my least favorite is just holding a plank, I like to do things while I plank.

    1. I can't get past a minute on a plank I start shaking lol

  2. Your arms look awesome! From all that benching, no doubt! I have sadly been unable to lift lower body since January. I am having anxiety about it. Doing plyos really improved my running. If I had to pick just a handful of lifts to do, I would pick: pull ups, bench press, and squats. You hit everything with those!

  3. Thanks :) I am trying to get strong enough to do pull ups! Are you going to start working legs again after Boston? You have done a great job being patient and letting yourself heal up :)

  4. You are awesome Karen! Your arms look great. Way to put your mind to something and do it.

    1. Thanks! At least some of the vicious hang is gone :)


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