Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rain and My Wrists

After the race we were on a mission to go home shower, grab some lunch, and see Divergent.
Run buddy is so cute- she is 30ish - I'm jealous :)
Totally fun!  By the time I sat in the movie for a few hours though I was feeling pretty stiff. On a normal day I would have spent at least a few minutes stretching but I skipped it because of the rain. Not a smart move. Note to self....always stretch. 

When hubby and I arrived home after the movie I was ready for my jammies and stretched out on the sofa. 

Around 8 p.m."it" started...
The ganglion cysts in my wrists were swelling up bigger than I have seen them.
My hands were feeling numb. I started popping ibuprofen and decided Taco Bell was it for dinner.

Story background: 
I have been caught in the rain twice before and both times something similar happened to me. Good thing I blog :)  July 31st I was caught in a downpour and went from hot to freezing. That night a few hours later I got to feeling pretty sick with chills and sweats.The next day my wrists were were hurting all day and I remember I couldn't do any weights at the gym. I thought it was a fluke. The second time was this past December at the Tacky Light Run 6K, it was a drench run from the start. I didn't get as sick, but my wrists blew up and I wondered what the heck kind of connection there was between the rain and my cysts.

The only thing I can figure is when nerves take over I am squeezing my hands super tight.

Anyway back to present, I am laying on the sofa stiff and my hands are killing me. Time to give up and go to bed. I got up and the sweats, chills, and nausea started...I was getting fuzzy and light headed.  I tried again a few minutes later and I couldn't do it, getting up made me nauseous and I ended up getting sick to my stomach. Seriously, I sprawled across the sink splashing water all me, I was feeling pretty funky...
Hubby was upset and thought I was dehydrated, but I drank about 50 oz. after the race.

Waking up Sunday the difference was night and day. Luckily my stiffness went away with a good night's sleep, but my wrists were still swollen, so common sense won out and I took a rest day. 

Monday after work I went for a four mile run so all is well now. Thank goodness this episode didn't last long. 

Anyone have these cysts in their wrists? or have any experiences getting sick after you run? or see something I am missing? or think it's weird I get sick so many hours later? 

Do you think the real problem was Taco Bell for dinner? (seriously the food was fine :) 
Till next time, 


  1. Huh, how interesting. I've never heard of this happening and I find it really curious. I have gotten sick after runs before, but it's usually related to poor fueling and hydrating and it's never involved my wrists. Have you talked to a doctor about it? I find it interesting that it only occurs on rainy days. Do you think it's something with your salts?

    1. I really don't know. Since it goes away fairly easy I haven't worried much, but I guess I need to make an appt. and try to explain to the doc. Summer if I try to push I over heat and get to feeling sick, but very shortly after I stop symptoms subside.

  2. Sorry about the cysts swelling up. I don't really know, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from hands clenching..
    Taco bell is a totally acceptable meal after a hard run!

  3. Argh, that stinks about your wrists. At least it sounds like the problem goes away pretty quickly as long as you rest up?

    Taco Bell is a great dinner ever once in a while! I really enjoy those steak nachos that are XXL <---ooph, not good but yet so good!

  4. Congrats for your finishing time. The next step will be 10K in 55:00.
    Sorry about the cysts, I hope you solve this problem very soon.

  5. This is very interesting, I've never heard of something like that. Hope it doesn't give you challenges in the future.


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