Sunday, April 6, 2014

Team Soup PR

Team Soup's 5K run couldn't have happened on a better day! I woke to a crisp 38 degrees, which made me really ♫ ♫ happy When I left for the race in was in the 40s ")  That means I had a shot to go fast...and I did!

27:28  official time 

 (lft to rt) Me, Chris, Chris, Kasey 

It wasn't a chip timed event so we started close to the front. Chris with the blue trim is run buddy's brother. It was his first race :) He did amazing! We all finished very close together today. 

At the end it seemed everyone with a Garmin or app was a little short, but I'll just go with it..sub 28 is a great time for me.

This was a fundraiser for a sweet little girl that has been battling cancer. The event had 262 participants! A very nice turn out and the course was only a 15 minute walk from home. Love it! 
Did you ever get one of these pictures - where both feet are off the ground! The timing folks had this pic on their website :) 

Run buddy coming in....

Guess what happened when we were done...
See me on the right end...I placed second in the female age group 40-49 and won a $20 gift certificateThe gal that placed first in my age group is 42 and ran a 22:01 - kick butt! 
This was a really super fantabulous day! 
I would have never believed a few short months ago I could run close to 9:00 mi. for any length of time. 

I arrived home: sweaty, happy, goosebump covered, ready for a hot shower...ooooh, let me count the ways I love you hot steamy shower after a chilly run. 
You know there's a reason I am bringing this up right...
...hubby had run every drop of hot water out of the shower getting ready for work. My cool shower wasn't nearly as satisfying. LOL 

I went out for some lunch and a ginormous protein shake for my own little quiet celebration. Who cooks on a PR day, right? 
I actually walked an hour while I drank this because I got to thinking about how many calories

 might be in this (it wasn't like I ran a half) 

- but it tasted so so good

Anyone as addicted to hot showers after running as I am? I wish I had a hot tub! Share your PR 5K if you'd like :) 

Hope your week is filled with ♫ ♫ happy ♫ ♫ moments and some running!  


  1. CONGRATS!!! What a great day!

    I love hot showers after a run ... although during the summer I have to sit in the a/c for a few minutes and cool down before I can get in a hot shower :)

    1. I am with you I might actually save a few nickles mid-summer :)

  2. Congrats, a great day, a good finishing time, beautiful pictures and .... on the podium!

  3. Great job on the PR. Chip tuned or not still a PR. I absolutely love hot showers after any run lol.

    1. My tip - your fiance will love you more if you leave her a drop of hot water ;) lol

    2. Ha...she is the one who always takes the hot water.

  4. Congrats on a great race! I love the pictures! You look so happy!

  5. Congrats!!!! Hot showers after a chilly but sweaty run - always!

  6. What an outstanding performance, Karen!! You had some great weather and were due for a speedy 5k. I hope you are thrilled :)
    The shower....LOL I have been there. Too many times to count in this house!
    nicely done, lady :)


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