Saturday, April 12, 2014

Three Races in a Row - Check!

Three race weekends in row all wrapped up!  This morning's 15K wasn't a PR for me but at least I shaved a few seconds off  last years time. The past few weeks my plan was to not set a time goal for this event, since heat is usually the kiss of death for me. Even though it was close to 70 degrees and super sunny, I knew some of the course was shady so I was feeling pretty optimistic after my warm up that I might be able to run my PR pace. 
I did my warm up on the path behind me

I started out feeling more relaxed than usual, but still forgot to start my Garmin until about 30 seconds after I crossed the line. I really wanted it to be cooler, but I tried to focus on my plan, which was run three 5K's sub 30.  Miles one and two I was not able to zone out and my breathing was all over the place, but I finally got it together and the next few miles were really enjoyable. This was the shady part of the course and I had someone a little ahead of me I was pacing off of.

Miles five and six felt great. My first two 5K loops put me right on track and I started getting excited that I would able to match my PR (1:29:54). When I got to mile marker seven the shade was gone, it was feeling very warm, and I was really thirsty, so I stopped at the water table so I could actually swallow a gulp of Gatorade and water. Up to this point I had just been wetting my mouth. I took off from the break sort of slow and relaxed because I didn't want to cramp. Close to mile eight I tried to pick it up and my body wouldn't cooperate...the sun was out full force and there wasn't a shady spot in sight and I started questioning my ability. I knew even if I went slow I would have an okay time so I just succumbed to my slower trot. When I saw mile marker nine I picked it up and ran about an 8:40 pace but it wasn't enough. 

Why didn't I pick it up sooner?! Why did I stop and drink? Why didn't I interval short spurts mile 8 so it would have been a few seconds faster? Why didn't one little cloud float by sometime during that mile? How did I go from feeling great to blah so fast? 
I hate when I blow something that close to the end...

I felt good about finishing strong but overall I am a bit disappointed with my dip after mile seven. My official time  1:30:35  
Avg Pace
I didn't hit start right away...genius lol 

I went to this event alone so I don't have many pictures to share
My sweaty selfie when I finished just so I would have a picture from today

10K pictures were in my mail today

Scraggly and the finish line

I have a month until my next event...a Glow Run 5K at Richmond International Race Track. I am really excited about this because it's all about fun!  
Have you ever done a glow run? How many race weekends in a row have you done? Ever get to the end of a run and just want to kick yourself? 
I am currently reading a book about Racing Dawn..the mom who ran 12 marathons in 12 months  Racing Dawn (blog spot)
12 Marathons in 12 Months it's making me want to run at least one marathon! 


  1. Nice race recap, looks like you did great despite the warm weather! I don't think I've ever done many races back to back weekends; I've always spaced them out so that I would stay motivated between races.

    1. It is good having something to look forward to :)

  2. Congrats- that's a lot of racing! I never raced two weekends in a row but then again I barely ever race... hehe.

    1. But you are doing Boston! What a great one to be part of :)

  3. Wow, three weekends in a row! That's an accomplishment!

    I did my first ever 5K and second 5K in back to back weekends.

    It's a bummer that you didn't get your PR race this weekend, but you said it was still faster than last year and that's awesome!

    1. It would have been really cool to PR the last one :) still kicking my self a little lol

  4. Great job, Karen! You look so happy in all your race photos. I think it's always fun to have a race on the calendar. It gives you something to work towards and look forward to. I've never done a glow race, but I've heard they are lots of fun!

    1. Thanks :) I hope I look happy when I run my half in Nov. lol I am nervous about that distance!

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself! The sun can be killer -even to this sun lover. :-) Love the 3rd pic of you at the finish line. So happy!

    This coming weekend starts a 3-in-a-row race streak for me - a half, a Ragnar, and a 5k. I'm both excited AND exhausted thinking about it. Pretty sure 3 is a record for me.

    1. Thanks :) You have a big three coming up! Lots of distance, I can't wait to hear about it. I was surprised how tired I felt after my last one, I guess it just keeps you keyed up when events are so close. Happy running :)


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