Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hiking Day

Sooo, the logical thing to do when you have a not so great run in the morning is to go run again at night, right??

After my Saturday morning trail run my legs were feeling tight all afternoon, so about 7 p.m. I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 5K progression run. I spent about 20 minutes really holding my stretches.

I actually felt loosened up and ready to hike...
Sunday I woke up and filled my three liter pack, eager to tackle some elevation. 

It's been a year and month since my last hike with my friend Debbie. Last April this was the scene from the top of the same mountain we hiked today.  See the "view" behind us last year, a complete white out lol

Debbie and Karen hiking in the snow

When it first started it seemed like a good idea to just roll with it

I had frozen hair when we were done lol 
The experience was different today ") 
VA temps were perfect...(a rare thing)  80 degrees with a wonderful breeze, humidity below 60%...a picturesque day for a hike.
We climbed to the tip of this mountain 
appropriately named Sharp Top

We started out with Russ and Debbie's dog Cassie
Russ and Cassie never made it to the top

The trail is rock covered so a few spots are pretty uneven but overall this is a pretty easy hike up with a 1450 ft. elevation gain

Shady and pretty stuff blooming every where

We made it to the top
 I had to take my pack off a few minutes - it really is heavy 
We enjoyed the views today ")

We could look down and see where we left the car
The Blue Ridge range looked beautiful 
It was a peachy day! I hope I will be able to visit Debbie and enjoy some longer hikes this summer. I wish it wasn't so far...about two and half hours, just far enough to keep me from being able to go every weekend. We enjoyed a cool down walk around the lake, ate at Ruby Tuesday's and I headed home...wishing I lived closer so I could enjoy the trails in Blue Ridge more often. 
The loop around the lake would be a nice running spot 

How close are amazing trails to you? Do you have any favorite trail or hiking spots? How was your weekend?


  1. Looks beautiful! What a great spot for a great day hiking. I miss hiking, hope to get some in during our caravan trip around China soon.

    Glad your legs were recovered from the run to be able to hike! :)

  2. Thanks! Hiking is a great way to take a break from running :) I look forward to seeing the views from your trip.

  3. How gorgeous is THAT!? Wow. Did you see any snakes?

  4. No snakes, but a ton of big queen bees all over. They made me a little nervous at first, but I got over it. Lots of people and pets on the trail yesterday, so I guess all the foot noise kept the snakes hiding. Thankfully!!

  5. wow, what a difference a year makes :) although i love hiking in the snow, it's so pretty!

    so jealous of the elevation! we don't get any of that here in florida. i need to start planning a vacation that takes me away from this silly pancake!

  6. Elevation sure is a different kind of challenge I wish I could enjoy more and you deserve a break from the humidity in Florida :) The humid would do me in.

  7. Beautiful pictures! Isn't it amazing how drastically the weather can change in just a few months?!

  8. Wow what a gorgeous trail! I can't believe your frozen hair from last year, how crazy!! The only mountain I've hiked is Mt Si in Seattle. I wish we had mountains near us, I think I would go hiking every single weekend.

    By the way, love that top on you! Such a pretty color :)

  9. The frozen hair made us laugh all the way up the mountain lol crazy day for sure. I wish mts were closer, I would be hiking as much as I run I bet :) Thanks, the orange reminded me of sherbet :)

  10. What gorgeous photos! I've been through the Blue Ridge Mountains once (I think), while helping my mother in law move back up to the Northeast from Georgia. Now I want to go hiking there!

  11. There's so many choices of trails in Blue Ridge you would love it :)

  12. What a beautiful hike! I north GA we have the start of the AT and it's only about 1.5 hours. Lots of good options to explore up there!

  13. Oh that's wonderful! The AT is full of great adventures ;) I wish I was just 1.5 I would be able to go more!


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