Thursday, May 8, 2014

Logging and Loseit

Hump day may is going to be a turning  point for me. That's what I went into Wednesday thinking and it worked. I managed to eat lots of carrots, yogurt, greens, corn on the cob, and lay off the junk food. 

Last week I had a few days of wine, pizza, and cheesecake...
See all that red...
red is bad lol

This week I started off the week chowing carrot cake and oatmeal raisin cookies for breakfast. My fat grams are out control. I have doubled them already this week. Monday evening (Cinco de mayo)  it was margaritas and Mexican food. 

Time to stop the madness...
Although I had some healthy food in between my delectable indulgences, I still felt pretty sluggish. My run Tuesday night was one of the roughest I've had in awhile. These type of runs aren't bothering me as much as they used to...especially when my food intake has been questionable. 

This sweet girl did her counseling internship with us

And I don't want her to leave me   

See that carrot cake we gobbled up on Courtney's last day with us
I have resolved I just need to fill the rest of my week with lots of greens. It seems the older I get, the more the party days impact how I feel. 

My hump day run wasn't much more fun than Tuesday's run (even though I ate better) so a rest day is probably going to be penciled in today, but you never know, sometimes when I leave work it energizes me. 
Monday - rest
Tuesday 5.03 in 48:55
Wednesday 6.22 in 1:01:20
My times don't look awful - but every step I had to talk to myself to keep moving. I reeeeallly enjoyed my cool down walks! 

Anyone log daily? Do you monitor fat grams, protein, etc...? I love my Loseit app and I've met lots of great people the past few years while logging. 

It's funny after my 10 miler Saturday I did a progression run Sunday, just 3 miles, but I felt so good it was confusing (I expected tired legs). Anyone else ever feel the fatigue a few days out from a hard work out? or do you think it was the margaritas wiping me out??? 

This Saturday I have a fun 8:00 p.m. Glow 5K run!! Looking forward to having some fun glow pictures to share :) 


  1. You and I are having the same kind of week. Great run on Saturday and I've been sluggish since. But I'm with you, let's refocus and get back on track. Plus we both have glow runs on Sat. So let's send each other glow run good vibes and have a great time. I'm going to take tons of pics too.

  2. We can do it! yayyyy for glow run pictures! always so fun :) I am going to do a good stretch session later even if I decide to rest from running...

  3. I never used to pay attention to how food affects my runs, but lately I have noticed a strong correlation between the two. I say it was probably the margaritas, but life wouldn't be worth living without a margarita on Cinco!

    Can't wait to see your Glow Run pics! I've never done one, but I do love color runs!

    1. So we need to figure out a way to schedule Margarita night right before a rest day!

  4. This one speaks to me. I've definitely noticed a connection between my diet and how I feel during workouts. I don't log my intake, but more just keep an eye on what it consists of. I think when I consistently eat well, it is more noticeable in my workouts when I don't eat well. Most of the time I eat fairly well, but I have a soft spot for donuts and cocktails.

    Have fun at the glow run! It looks like so much fun.

    1. Thanks! I try to eat healthy most of the time, but we have have similar soft spots lol

  5. I logged my calories religiously on MyNetDiary but I recently got lazy and stopped! I'll start again for a few days and then forget one day... it's pretty time consuming especially since I don't have internet on my phone.

  6. I don't have a smart phone either, but I carry my IPOD everywhere and have the app on the IPOD - it syncs when I open it at home :)

  7. I have been logging all my eats religiously in MyFitnessPal. It sounds a lot like your LoseIt app because I also have a network of friends that help motivate. I have slacked off recently however with the logging and my food choices have begun to reflect it!

    1. The apps are very similar and a great motivational tool :) I started logging religiously to share w/doctor and now I am hooked.

  8. so hard to turn down cake!! I rarely do :) I don't log my foods, although if I did I might have a lot of red on there.

  9. Everyone needs to live in the red a little lol


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